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SUV because of its open driver¡¯s field of vision and adapt to different functional road, has recently attracted many consumers, this kind of car sales increased gradually, and even many consumers clear that want to use SUV as the object of the first purchase a car.
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A research team at Stanford University recently developed a new technology that can regulate the use of certain means to ease the pain. This technique relies on genetic means using a specific radiation beam to change the light-sensitive protein genetic code in order to achieve adjustment, Alleviation of pain .

Pain can be said that life in the course. While we certainly do not want to accept , but the pain sometimes it can help our favor. When our body when certain problems occur , there will be some pain to give us warning . So some kind of perspective, and sometimes the pain is actually a good thing necessary .

A research team at Stanford University recently developed a new technology that can regulate the use of certain means to ease the pain. This technique relies on genetic means using a specific radiation beam to change the light-sensitive protein genetic code in order to achieve adjustment, Alleviation of pain .

For the study, the researchers would like to be healthy DNA in cells injected with the virus , and to ensure that this DNA was visualized proteins. These viral DNA is injected into laboratory mice limb nerve , viral DNA after a few weeks of training to achieve the desired results. After that, researchers will mice kept in transparent plexiglass cages , the researchers then irradiated with their claws , then monitoring the changes in the number of viral DNA and changes in pain mice .

If in the future be able to apply this technology to protect the security of the premises to the treatment of human disease , it will maximize alleviate the suffering of patients , and can more effectively help the medical staff for treatment.

flexible led strip led tape led strip light
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In early January, the country's new formulation of "embedded LED lighting performance requirements" and other national standard release, the standard is expected to be implemented in October this year, and for 2014 the LED lighting market for further specification. Currently, because the price is not close to the people, energy and other obvious reasons, LED lighting products have not been home consumer acceptance, production standards are not clear but also to distributors, manufacturers face many confused. The new standard specification for the role of markets in the end how much remains to be seen.

LED lamps are not high consumer acceptance

Will be explicitly requested "Embedded LED lighting performance requirements" national standards each year to engage lamps lighting manufacturers strictly in accordance with the development and production of human life and production in line with quality standards and technical regulations to provide for the current lighting industry norms and guidance.

Standard one, LED lighting lamp replacement tide on the argument heard. According to many years living in Beijing NVC agent Monica house industry trade Co. stores are actually pretty hairy ho introduced in addition to the advantages of LED energy-saving, life is also 2-3 times higher. In this regard, Zheng Zhang Shanghai enterprises an illumination (Beijing), general manager of the company's flagship store, also said LED recognized that although Zheng Zhang LED lamps in the initial purchase relatively expensive, but because of the use for a long time, so the average is actually to save money every day . Because of different light emission principles, LED also has a good perspective of, widely used in public spaces.

However, the performance is so superior LED lighting, consumer acceptance is not high. Two years ago, when Ms. Xu consumers used home decoration LED ceiling lamps, two years later, Ms. Xu insisted in exchange for energy-saving lamps. According to Ms Xu introduced, home LED lights use less than a year is not bright, sale and said it was normal. "Brightness getting lower and lower, the original seems to have not much to say saving the province."

Only use problems, time to market again to buy lamps, LED lamps changes in the price also let Ms. Xu feel very "do not fly." Had spent more than fifty yuan to buy lamps, and now the price is less than thirty yuan. The original ten million energy-saving lamps, it is now more than ten dollars. Compared the two, Ms. Xu decisive choice of energy-saving lamps.

Whether the use of LED lighting in the home energy saving, indeed debatable. For example a room using a 6 watt LED lamps replace 12-watt energy-saving lamps, electricity saved one light year is less than $ 10. However, with an LED light to replace the original energy-saving lamps, they spend tens of dollars.

General Manager Zhang Jing told reporters lighted and decorated the city, because from the market point of view, consumers rarely use LED lights, the price is still not enough close to the people. But because the shape of the color change LED lighting and more at home can be used as an auxiliary light source.

Dealers can "touch stones"

Zhao was a dealer lighted decoration of the city, six years ago to get involved in LED lamps. According to Zhao, the current consumers to buy LED lamps only 20%. For LED lamps, Zhao said dealers are also feeling the stones, "not to mention consumers brightness decay and price volatility issues very angry, and we are very worried."

Because of the promise the sale of products within one year warranty, Zhao encountered in the past few years many times because the situation requires bright enough to replace. "We can only say that LED are explained to consumers of new products, technology is not yet mature." Zhao recalls, manufacturers will be replaced when the purchase again, but whether the new product manufacturers will have problems, only to see the market feedback.

The market price of LED lamps for letting down frequently and more dealers are afraid to purchase. Currently out of the market as fast as the speed of the new companies have joined, although often hear business failures, the market is still no shortage of low-quality products. China Association of Lighting Chen Yansheng said, whether or media hype is to promote policies, LED lighting industry is currently participating companies are too much.

Many companies also want to do LED pushed the industry, resulting in an overheating situation, while consumer demand has only just begun. Oversupply, giving rise to a relative surplus of production capacity. Plus lamps produce mostly inter-related, and some accessories such as chip brand manufacturers can not even produce, and the quality of the introduction of chip and can not judge, so manufacturers seem to face greater confusion.

The industry voice

Manufacturers should consider the long-term interests

Chen Yansheng, director of China Association of Lighting

LED can develop different styles, different types of products, giving the company offers a lot of room, but no matter what type, should be responsible for the consumer. Because the LED current fierce competition in the industry, a lot of products for the price, once the price cuts, it is possible for manufacturers to drive down costs and improper selection or even cut corners. People bought after a bad product, the LED will produce a feeling of mistrust, but now they do have this situation. Therefore, manufacturers should consider the long-term interests, not to focus on price competition, lower product quality, harm the interests of consumers. The current situation will not last long, the future will certainly Ebb Tide, there will be some companies are eliminated.

All-out energy-saving lamps unrealistic

Shan Ho, general manager of Colliers International Lighting Hong Kong

Now LED and must do more and more, but all-out energy-saving lamps also not realistic, after all, not a country for LED established standards. Now manufacturers, distributors, stores, selling lamps came in a hurry, but anxious to no avail. From the sales point of view in recent years, awareness of consumers to buy LED lamps indeed enhance sales in 2014 will surely be doubled. With the enhancement of self-testing and manufacturers of production technology, product quality is also improved, but this process will take time.

LED lighting performance requirements and more

Zheng Zhang, Shanghai enterprises an illumination (Beijing), general manager of the company's flagship store LED

A good quality LED lighting is not good, long life is not long, light attenuation is worse, is determined by many factors. One chip, the chip is good or bad for the life of the lamp play a decisive role. Some small manufacturers use recycled scrap chips are used as raw materials, the quality is even worse. Second, the heat, the heat is not good, more than 40 degrees will reduce the life of the chip brightness decay occurs. Third, the power supply, turn on the lights when similar "trigger" if instability will affect the life of the lamp. However, when consumers buy more concerned with the product casing, anyone can do this part, but is the least important.

Observer reporter

The limited role of the new standard

Shan Ho, general manager of the Hong Kong International Lighting Colliers said Colliers International in Hong Kong although the establishment of the LED lamps lighting area, the introduction of the brand when to call for qualified materials, but only by ordinary lantern light even some norms to constrain LED lamps. "There is no specification specifically for LED lighting." Ho Shan said.

Because there is no established norms, LED lighting industry, eliminate ineffective. Such competition is bound to induce a price war, prices down frequently, some small businesses to cut costs, product quality can not be guaranteed, indirectly reducing consumer confidence LED lamps.

For the country's new "embedded LED lighting performance requirements," the Beijing News reporter understood by the parties, the standard is still only know the name, I do not know the specific content. According to the Secretary-General of China Association of Lighting Dou Linping introduced new standards published text must be printed by a specified printing after the National Standards Commission announcement. Although you do not see the content, but we can see that the new standards would be more stringent in the past on a range of safety standards for lighting, and then raise the standard of performance, to further regulate the industry. Dou Linping also said that because of different lighting environment requirements are not the same, so the new standard non-mandatory standards, its role is limited and not conclusive. The standards in the implementation and monitoring of the process will increase the cost of natural products, consumers are willing to spend this part of the costs, but also need to wait for the market investigation.

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led strip led strips led strip light
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Advantages and Disadvantages of LED display industry analysis
( 1 ) national industrial policy support

Number of industrial policy of the State Council , the Ministry of Science , Development and Reform Commission and local government proposed to promote the LED industry development and upgrading of industrial structure plays an important role. In the context of industrial policy support , the increasing scale of the industry , becoming a complete industrial chain , to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the industry , to participate in international competition created good conditions for the emergence of a number of the country is expected to have independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness backbone enterprises.

( 2 ) a wide range of product applications , market prospects

LED variety of applications in the ascendant , and gradually formed a domestic LED indication , signal and display backlighting and other LED applications hundreds of products, widely used in decorative landscape lighting , large screen display , traffic lights , home appliances and digital display lights, car lights , mobile phones, digital cameras , computers, LCD TV backlighting , and other fields . With the development of technology , LED also appeared in the direction of new applications , such as aerospace, medical , agriculture and so on. LED market share steady growth of various types of applications and the development of new and emerging application areas , creating a good market space for the development of LED industry .

National infrastructure to further expand the bulk of demand in the future China will accelerate the construction of affordable housing projects , speed up rural infrastructure construction, speed railways, highways and airports and other major infrastructure construction, speed up earthquake reconstruction , the scale of investment will have a more substantial increase . These major investments will generate the bulk of the demand for including displays, special lighting , general lighting , landscape lighting , including a variety of LED application products .

( 3 ) industry technology advances , cost reductions will boost the industry needs

Currently, the core subject in the upstream LED devices and other costs, the higher the price of high-end LED display products , large-scale promotion of a certain product display applications obstacles, but with the decline in the cost of technological progress and the breadth , market demand and depth will be further expanded , while the substitution effect will be a greater degree of market release . LED industry chain will achieve positive interaction between upstream and downstream , new products, new technology application quickly and display applications industry's market will be further subdivided , the industry 's market capacity will be further enhanced.

( 4 ) the downstream industry standards continue to improve, develop into the direction of standardization

With the application of LED display applications more widely, its downstream applications such as outdoor advertising , stadiums and so gradually established a related management practices, such as Beijing and Nanjing, has drawn up a " Beijing electronic display setting norms" and "Nanjing outdoor electronic display regulations" , the State Sports General Administration also issued a " stadium equipment requirements and test methods ( part 1: LED display ) ." In addition , the Ministry of Railways , Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Public Security also established standards corresponding LED display applications. Established above industry standards and specifications , will help to promote the orderly and standardized LED display industry development .

Unfavorable factors

Lack of ( 1 ) technical personnel

LED application products manufacturing involves optical, thermal , materials science , electronics , computers, software , automation, mechanical engineering , decorative arts and other subjects , and the need of the above disciplinary system use , and thus the technical personnel of the knowledge structure , technology and the overall quality made ​​high demands. In addition , the implementation of LED product application solutions highly skilled and experienced personnel requirements , the same LED display products and display will be different because of the level of solution implementation . The current domestic class talent, especially high-end research and development, and technical personnel is also relatively scarce , if hired foreign experts will significantly increase the cost , so the lack of technical personnel have some impact on the development of the domestic LED industry.

( 2 ) serious blind investment and low

Currently many places the semiconductor lighting energy industry as the focus of industrial development , intensify support , but also the existence of blind investment and low-level construction of the phenomenon , some local governments in spite of the economic benefits of road lighting blindly transformation, over- investment landscape lighting leading industry disorderly competition , product quality varies greatly, serious waste of resources , impact on consumer confidence , is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry . Disorderly market competition often leads companies to ignore technological progress and product quality improvement, less investment in research and development .

led strip led strips led strip light
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LED technology is currently in the car has a wide range of applications, including daytime running lights , tail lights , showing the wide lights , LED lights luminosity required to meet the current automotive safety . The technology behind LED lights contain sophisticated electronic control strategy.
Advantages of LED

Compared to halogen and xenon lamp , LED lights have many advantages. Designers can use LED lamp unit layout a more attractive design . In the luminous efficiency and safety , LED lights are superior. LED emits light of a wavelength closer to the sun , the other road users, the LED light is irradiated by the discomfort of much less than a xenon lamp and a halogen . With driver assistance systems , today's LED lights can also adjust the Spotlight prevent glare caused to others .

LED lamp life of about 10,000 hours , which is about 10 times longer than conventional bulbs . Energy consumption , a single LED light unit power is 18 watts , while a xenon lamp , compared with 35 watts .

The importance of the control unit

LED lights with conventional headlamps different , not the use of the vehicle 12-volt electrical system , which has its own unique electronic control unit.

Adaptive headlights in the latest technology , the electronic control system components need to do more collaborative tasks .

Some car daytime running lights to LED lights, and fog lamps using halogen or xenon lamp . The control unit can control LED lights and other types of lamps.

LED lights standard

Front LED headlamps models using the number of species is gradually increasing, and now even the compact class models will be equipped with LED lights.

The next LED light

Future , LED lights not only illuminate the road center , also based driver assistance systems illuminate the edge of the pedestrian road . The navigation system information , auto LED lighting will be in the form of pulses to prompt the driver to direction . With the launch of Matrix LED lamp technology, the future headlight unit will abandon the use of mechanical components, and thermal management and lighting control will also become more complex.

Overall, the future will be more than just a single LED lamp lighting system , which will combine with the automotive safety systems and auxiliary systems for the driver to provide better comfort and driving safety.

led strip led strip light flexible led strip
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Acer Aspire 5517-1216 Battery on our website Undergone comprehensive quality testing,The Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 5517-1216 Uses the highest quality battery cells. All Acer Aspire 5517-1216 laptop batteries on sale have passed the strict quality control tests that ensure they will work well. We offer 30-day money-back refund on every Acer Aspire 5517-1216 battery we sell.
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SONY VGP-BPS20/B Battery on our website Undergone comprehensive quality testing,The Laptop Battery SONY VGP-BPS20/B Uses the highest quality battery cells. All SONY VGP-BPS20/B laptop batteries on sale have passed the strict quality control tests that ensure they will work well. We offer 30-day money-back refund on every SONY VGP-BPS20/B battery we sell.
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Following in Philips footsteps, LG Electronics recently announced on the company¡¯s Korean website plans of launching smart LED bulbs that can be controlled via mobile phones.

The Bluetooth controlled bulbs are compatible with Android 4.3 and iOS 4.0 and 6.0 systems. The bulb is designed with a special Android feature that enables the lights to blink in sync with music beats. Other described features of the LED bulbs include working as indicator lights for incoming phone calls.

The bulbs that will be sold at 35,000 Korean Won (US$ 32.41) are 60W equiv. LED bulbs in terms of brightness. The company did not specify the release date for the product.

flexible led strip led tape led strip light
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HP 463953-001 Power Supply and adapter have distinct features that make them efficient Adapters to use on your Laptop. All new Laptops come with their own Adapters that should last them the lifetime of the laptop but some fail to work and break down or even get lost or stolen. That is why a new, efficient working Laptop adapter should be sourced to avoid power shortages in the Laptop. The adapter is the means by which the laptop is charged, meaning that it is a fundamental part of the functionality of the Laptop. If an adapter fails to work or breaks it is best to keep it working efficiently by replacing the adapter.

The HP 463953-001 Adapter has various details which are very critical on which devices it can be used on.

It has an input Voltage of between 100V - 240V 50/60hz

It has an output Voltage of 18.5V

Its output Amperage is 6.5A

The plug size is 7.4mm x 5.0mm (hp Center Pin)

It also has power for laptops branded replacement adapter.

Replacing your power adapter/charger for your laptop enables easy operation and efficient working of the laptop, also avoiding the electrical faults that might be caused by worn out or inefficient adapters. Hp adapter enables you to operate your laptop and charge the battery from the electrical power outlet. The adapter charges the battery and maintains the charge when using AC power. When the laptop is off, the adapter charges the battery and consequently maintains its charge.

The HP 463953-001 charger is among the most effective power supply systems for laptops. It is 1.8 pounds in weight and measures 9.3 x 6.7 x 3.2 inches.

This power supply system has been devised for ultimate portability and it also matches today's notebook PCs being a second unit of reliable power source with its full compatibility to a wide range of laptops. Each model has a high-gloss, piano finish, elegant, worldwide safety, and it is very reliable even to exceeding the original manufacturers power specifications. The power supply is a multipurpose for office, home, cross-model use. It has a soft-case travel bag, a quick-release Velcro cable and a power tip holder. All hp power supply models come with a standard quality assurance program which provides a guaranteed, direct service and performance for a period of one year, with a lead free, Green Product environmental friendly status. This quality with input fuse protection and circuit protection reduces the power consumption once the maximum output of the HP laptop adapter is reached.

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Find high quality and genuine HP Pavilion TX1100 Power Supply at affordable prices. The HP adaptors are compatible with other models for instance HP PPP009L. The HP Pavilion adapters are also 100 percent compatible with OEM.

The HP Pavilion TX1100 is built from high quality materials. They are power saving and will help save on monthly electricity bills. They are built in place with safety measures including and not limited to over voltage protection offering safety to the expensive equipment. They offer overcharge protection and a further short circuit protection.

Product Main Features
Has an input of AC 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz 1.5A
Has an output of DC 18.5V, 65W and 3.5A
Compatible to HP PPP009L and others
US power cable and adaptor

Adapter Maintenance Tips
Do not over tighten the adapter as this may cause contact problem. Just insert it and let it hold tightly enough and not loose. Using the adapter properly is the first step towards making its life span longer. Ensure the cables are not folded at some point or held down by some heavy object.

Always use the right adapter. Using the wrong adaptor other than the intended HP adapter may cause damage to the machine or the adapter itself. For instance the contact points may be larger or smaller hence leading to tear and wear. When not under use, fold lightly and store in the original box or a dry place to void getting moist. Do not repair the adapters since there are quality affordable replacements.

The adapter power supply is the long lasting solution to that broken one. The adapters offer another chance to use the device. At very affordable rates, one can charge their laptops again. No need to borrow an adapter from a friend yet there is a better solution.

Use these tips to increase the HP Pavilion adapter life span.
Where to buy the adapters
The HP Pavilion TX1100 Adapter replacements is a good way to save on some extra coins. They are affordable and offer value for the money spent since they are durable just like the ones that came with the original purchase. With several people dealing on the power supply adapters, it is easy to fall for low quality and un-genuine HP products. Only buy from reputable and well known sellers. The right seller will also provide the products at the best prices in the market without duping the buyer.

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