Larger 5.5-inch iPhone half dozen Expected To Fac

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Earlier rumors of the larger five.5-inch iPhone half dozen had been reported to be pushed to a unharness in either late 2014 or early 2015. but more moderen rumors had urged that each phones would enter into production at an equivalent time, but the 5.5-inch model would be restricted in offer, however would otherwise would get on track for associate Oct unharness.

However in keeping with the most recent report from KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, he claims that he believes that Apple are going to be delaying the launch of the five.5-inch iPhone half dozen model. this is often apparently as a result of there square measure problems with the in-cell bit panel and coloring of the device, which suggests that the launch of the iPhone half dozen may well be pushed to when Oct and presumably into early 2015.

He notes that these square measure problems that square measure apparently moving the four.7-inch model, however as a result of the device¡¯s smaller stature, it'll apparently be easier to unravel compared to the five.5-inch model, therefore likelihood is that the four.7-inch model are going to be on the right track, but the 5.5-inch model may well be delayed. Kuo conjointly notes that once the larger iPhone half dozen eventually ships, there may well be but 15-20 million units on the market at the beginning, hinting at offer constraints.

Of course none of this is often official, however only if Kuo has accurately expected Apple-related product launches within the past, maybe there's some truth to his claims. Either manner take it with a grain of salt for currently, however hopefully additional info are going to be created on the market within the next few months, therefore check back with U.S.A. then for the small print.

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