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Dell would love to go away a straightforward message within the mindmail of IT-buying decision-makers: you'll currently attend one location to debate all of your enterprise storage wants. That place would be Dellstorage.com. as a result of holler has been aggregation storage and storage-related corporations like new hats for the last six years, it's been difficult sometimes for potential customers to navigate the merchandise lines.

Each of Dell's storage divisions has its own strengths and specialties, therefore a client extremely must grasp his necessities well before sitting right down to discuss a deal. Otherwise, time and energy is wasted, and nobody desires that.

No matter that iSCSI storage maker EqualLogic, noninheritable in 2008, is predicated in Colorado. ne'er mind that block-level/automated storage supplier Compellent, noninheritable in 2010, is predicated in Gopher State. don't be concerned that backup and disaster recovery software system maker AppAssure, noninheritable in 2012, is in Virginia. Not a giant deal that storage protection maker Credant is in Texas. notwithstanding that Dell's basic PowerVault direct- and network-attached storage takes up residence in spherical Rock, Texas.

They all operate within the rather giant holler corral, though plenty of individuals do not know it. Still, why mixture all of them underneath one name, once they've already been well-established in their original brands?

Customers area unit wanting to unravel business issues," Bob Fine, director of Product selling at holler Compellent, told eWEEK. "They're not wanting such a lot at (specific) merchandise; products area unit a merchandiser language, a merchandiser lexicon. The user lexicon is 'I need to grow my business by X p.c,' or 'I have some business infrastructure that i need to speculate in.' they do not need to grasp regarding X drives or storage or whatever; they simply need a answer to the matter they need.

"This way, holler presents them the portfolio, and admittedly we'll assemble the most effective of all the platforms."
With Dell's giant existing international put in base, there is a heap of interest within the storage roadmap, Fine said.
"This could be a semipermanent set up. We've had plenty of separate (product) announcements, and that we ought to make a case for however all those items match along," Fine aforesaid. "It's not regarding NAND flash within the server; there is conjointly fluid cache for SAN (storage space networks). it is also regarding basic direct-attached and network storage.
"We've created some announcements regarding our software-defined storage strategy; and that we have our core (enterprise) merchandise in Compellent and EqualLogic. All of them along type a family, associate end-to-end strategy, and that they match along."

Long term, this can all mean that holler storage customers--no matter what original hardware maker--will be able to a lot of simply combine and match elements, options and alternative on the market elements to create the proper storage equipment for the enterprise. Thus, holler goes the approach of EMC, IBM and Hewlett-Packard in positioning itself as a one-stop buy all things IT--in this case, storage.

While holler can still support customers World Health Organization area unit accustomed operating closely with their sure EqualLogic and Compellent brands, the company storage people can superintend every dealing and ensure that the most effective answer overall is in situ at every customer's knowledge center. this might mean, Fine said, that new elements for {a answer|an answer} might come back from alternative elements of the corporate so as to form every solution airtight for the client.

Dell is within the method of re-engineering variety of elements and elements in order that they'll be a lot of interchangeabale among numerous systems.
This is a natural progression for a corporation that has more established as several acquisitions as holler has before going non-public a year past. holler has bought nineteen corporations in seven years, several of them storage-related.

Fine aforesaid that whereas each the EqualLogic (generally mid-range-size knowledge centers) and Compellent (mid-range and bigger knowledge centers) still grow in sales on their own, "what's extremely fascinating is that the amount of consumers commencing to purchase each is increasing yet."

Some customers area unit exploitation Compellent at the core and EqualLogic at remote sites, et al. area unit making their own cross-platform systems, Fine said.
Eventually, all the storage merchandise underneath the holler umbrella are dubbed holler Storage. the primary one to possess this variation was Compellent's SC4020, that was modified to holler Storage SC4020 earlier this year. All later new merchandise can follow this convention, Fine said.

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