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Lenovo Y50 ¨C nearly, however No smoke


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The following square measure my notes from attempting the Lenovo Y50, Intel Core i7-4700HQ, 15.6¡å 4K Resolution show, Notebook With 16GB Memory, 256GB SSD, Windows 8.1. The intent of this post is to assist others United Nations agency is also thinking of buying this unit. Sadly, when investment many hours into attempting to form this work, primarily as a video written material machine, i'm progressing to come it because it has many problems that build it frustrating to use.

Background: #
I required a laptop that will edit a Sony Vegas thirteen video, including NewBlue Chromakeying and different effects. The addition of the consequences managed to slow my a pair of year-old, Intel-based, i5 lap-top to a crawl; such a lot in order that it absolutely was nearly not possible to edit. A desktop I generally use, that has AN Intel i7, sixteen Gigabytes RAM ANd an AMD Radeon R9 270 Series graphics card, is nice for written material Sony Vegas thirteen, however would systematically crash throughout rendering.

Lightweight, however with a robust processor and graphics card,the Y50 rendered the Sony Vegas thirteen files with the NewBlue Chromakey effects. The graphics card didn¡¯t appear to enhance the rendering time, however it didn¡¯t crash. I did realize that the graphics card had to be organized for either the integrated Intel graphics or the Nvidia card. If it absolutely was organized for ¡°automatic¡±, the ensuing rendered MPEG-4 file would have visible bit errors (almost like snow).
Backlit keyboard makes it simple to ascertain in dark conditions
4K display

4K show ¨C it looks that almost all software package menu things square measure designed for lower resolution displays. There is also a work-around, however i'm not bound what it's (I tried completely different resolutions to no avail). The screenshot provides AN example of however one menu was compressed and troublesome to read).

It doesn¡¯t open AVI files. Again, there's in all probability a work-around or codec that has to be downloaded, however I wasn¡¯t able to figure it out either by looking the assistance files or the web. this is often unbelievable, as AVI files are around forever. sadly, my Sony Vegas project had AN AVI file and it wouldn¡¯t seem inside the timeline (or render).

The trackpad is during a dangerous location. whereas putting this on ink post, I in all probability have accidentally hit the trackpad with the palm of my hand whereas typewriting, mentioning a unique window. this is often very frustrating. I actually have tried numerous ¡°personalization¡± settings to no avail. The pointer looks to leap and, a minimum of once, has diode to undesirable results, like accidentally closing this post whereas i used to be within the middle of writing.


I really needed this lap-top to figure, because it appearance nice on paper and includes a nice feel. I actually have a Lenovo desktop that has worked well. a number of the problems I discovered is also Windows eight.1 connected and will got to do with my naivet¨¦ relating to that package. Regardless, the problems square measure overlarge to ignore, therefore my search a lap-top can|which will|that may} edit Sony Vegas thirteen with effects will continue.

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