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Sony Asian country has distended its audio vary with 2 new headphones and a 1 new set of earphones particularly, MDR- XB450, MDR ĘC XB250 and MDR-AS200.

Priced at Rs 790, the AS200 earpiece out there|is out there|is on the market|is obtainable|is accessible|is offered} in bright orange and blue colors and can be available beginning this month. On the opposite hand, the XB450 and XB250 square measure priced at Rs two,190 and Rs one,490, and can hit stores in Sep. whereas the XB250 is on the market in black and white color choices, the XB450 conjointly comes in red, blue and yellow.

The MDR-XB450 earphone supports a frequency response of 5Hz-22000Hz. it's a 30mm dynamic driver unit that guarantees top quality, powerful sound whereas keeping the bass level high. giving a lot of color choices than its forerunner, the MDR-XB450 sports a swivel folding vogue for convenient storage.

The MDR-XB250 earphone conjointly comes with a 30mm dynamic driver unit, swivel folding vogue and pressure relieving earpads for prolonged usage. Lastly, the MDR ĘC AS200 earpiece comes fitted with a thirteen.5mm high sensitivity driver. Sony claims that it offers premium sound and is that the first-of-its-kind product from the corporate at a awfully competitive value. The earpiece conjointly options water and sweat resistant capabilities, associated an adjustable ear loop to suit wide selection of ear sizes.

All 3 audio accessories keep company with a flat saw-toothed twine that enables tangle-free expertise whereas on the go. The new headphones and earpiece are accessible all told Sony Centers and
major electronic stores across Asian country.

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