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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Leave Home Without


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If you're working at home or at your office, your laptop plugs straight into the mains and you can carry on without worrying about batteries running flat or different mains voltage systems damaging the laptop. But if you have to travel abroad and still need to use your laptop then an Apple Power Adapter could be one of the most important pieces of equipment that you pack for your trip.

If you're a frequent business flyer, much of your flight time may be taken up working on your laptop. Laptop batteries are notorious for running low after only a short time, so being able to connect to a power supply is essential if you are to work for more than an hour or two. An adapter will enable you to plug into the in-flight power supply (usually supplied on most internal and international flights for business users) and carry on working long after a normal laptop battery would have stopped working.

The mains voltage supplies in international destinations can be completely different to the supply in the UK (the mains supply in the UK is 240v whereas in other countries it can be 110v). A laptop adapter enables you to plug a Wall Charger for Apple MacBook 13 straight into the mains supply in any country without risking damage to your laptop because of a change in the voltage supply. Most Apple Power Adapter come complete with a range of fittings for most makes of laptop and mains supply sources, so you need never worry about being unable to utilize a mains supply wherever you are.

Apple Power Adapter were once large and cumbersome, increasing the weight of your baggage and possibly costing you excess baggage charges. Modern Apple Power Adapter are compact and lightweight, fitting easily into your luggage with minimal additional weight or inconvenience. Slipping a laptop adapter into your bag is as easy as picking up your mobile phone, MP3 player or any other small gadget, but their value is intrinsically greater because it means you can get on with your work without worrying about how you are going to power your laptop.

Apple Wall Charger can also be used in the car by plugging into the cigarette lighter socket. If your job involves traveling around the country by car but you still need to access your laptop whilst away from the office, a laptop adapter that fits into your car is a great way to ensure your laptop is accessible wherever you are.

Apple Power Adapter can also enable you to charge other gadgets while you use your laptop. If you rely on the laptop's battery to do this, you'll find that it drains very quickly and repeatedly running the laptop battery down can eventually damage it, shortening the lifespan of the battery. By plugging your laptop into an adapter, you can charge mobile phones, MP3 players and other equipment without draining the battery, ensuring that all of your equipment is in perfect working order wherever and whenever you need it.

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