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Why I Like Classic Car or truck & Cycle People! by Ray Taylor
While watching the TV news, I was appalled at how many people can't just get along, to quote Rodney King. It is truly a very sad situation. Then I thought about all the different types of people we have at our event and how well they all get along.

In the 18 years we have been doing our events, we have never had any trouble with the participants at our shows. Bikers, Low Riders, Classic Cars, Hot Rodders, Sports Cars types and Tuner owners, they all attend our traditional car & cycle show and all of them have a great time. Don't get me wrong, they all have different likes and dislikes, but they are tolerant of their fellow gear heads.

The world could learn a lot from Gear Heads! Learn to appreciate the other person's point of view. Low Riders always draw a crowd when they put their vehicles through their "dance". Now I'm not at all interested in having a car that hops, but I sure can appreciate the work and engineering that goes into allowing thousands of pounds of Chevy to bounce six feet off the ground. I also don't want a vehicle with 1000 horsepower with a blower sticking out of the hood. but I sure do enjoy checking out those types of cars at the vehicle shows.

The way I see it, we are all different and we should revel in these differences not curse them. Diversity makes the world an interesting and fun place to live in. It's a shame that some people feel its either their way or the highway. Whether its religion, politics or drive trains, we all need to love our neighbors and that which makes them unique.

If the world was made of Traditional Car or truck and Cycle People, what a wonderful place it would be!

See Ya There!

Ray Taylor
Owner of the San Diego Auto Swap and the Traditional Cars Net Free Classifieds

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