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Hybrids Don't Make Sense Financially


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Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular as the cost of gas continues to rise. The problem is, they really are not the best decision financially. Hybrids do provide a benefit to the environment in that they do not use as much gas as a conventional vehicle, but they do not save you money in most cases.

Most people that buy hybrids do so for the gas savings. They assume that because they are using less gas that they are saving money launch crp123. On the surface they are correct. The may be able to stretch a tank of gas out twice as long so they are only going to the gas station half as much but they are still not saving.
I based the on comparison on 20,000 miles a year put on the vehicle at $3.00 for an average gallon of gas. The reason for these numbers is because anyone that buys a Hybrid vehicle probably has a decent commute and does a lot of driving each year. The Prius averages 60 miles per gallon on the highway and the Corolla averages 38 miles per gallon.

Prius: 20,000 miles/ 60 mpg = 333 gallons of gas a year X $3/gallon = $999 in fuel expenses for the year launch x431 v+.

Corolla: 20,000/38 mpg = 526 gallons of gas X $3 = $1578 in fuel expenses for the year.
If you look at things on a bigger scale then the hybrids are the best choice. If hybrids were garaged in the majority of the households across America then the gas prices would eventually get lower because the oil producing countries would suffer financially. It is the old theory of supply and demand at its best. Right now there is a huge demand for oil and the oil producing countries can basically name their price. If the demand was cut in half then they do not have as much power over their price. Technically they could reduce their production and still command a nice price for the oil they do produce but either way they are making less money.

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