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WooCommerce Send Invoice and Packing Slip Plugin


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WooCommerce send invoice and packing slips plugin by FMEAddons allows you to automatically create PDF invoices and send directly to the customer's email after an order completed successfully. This extension helps the store owners in saving their time and cost in creating and sending invoices manually to each single client.

Once you installed this plugin on your e-store, this extension generates packing slip on which merchants can attach the product related information i.e. Product name, quantity etc. This is a powerful plugin which improves the user experience of your website through error-free invoicing and packing slips.

Some of the Key Features of WooCommerce PDF Invoices Plugins Include;

1. Handle invoices in more effective way

2. No chances of errors in creating and sending invoices

3. Invoices are easy to view and download

4. Store owners can add business details and watermark as a business recognition

5. Advanced customization options

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