Improve Your Car's Mileage Using Two Spoons

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You might have heard of the Hydrogen on Demand Technology in the media or on the Web. Or you might have seen this technology "disproved" on Mythbusters on TV.

You probably thought "That seems pretty complicated, and I'm not an Engineer" or "That must be some scam". Well, you are not entirely wrong. It can be very complicated as there are very advanced systems one can build, and there are a kind of scam in the field of the downloadable manuals one can buy on the Internet.
If you go to my website below, you can see samples of what I have done Launch CReader VIII.

So with a glass jar with a plastic lid, some stainless steel (cutlery is stainless) some wires and pipes, you could save 20 - 50% on you fuel bill. Different cars get different results.
If the amount of money you pay at the pump bothers you or you like to run a cleaner car launch x431 v, you should have a more in depth look at this.

Kent Bengtsson is a swede living in the UK. Sweden has long been a forerunner in energy conservation and alternatives. On his website he gives further evaluation and information on what is available right now in this field. Some advice is contrary to what other promoters of these systems give, but he feels the truth has to be said. Hydrogen Fuel info
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