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Automobile manufacturers make various models of cars to cater to differing demands of the customers. They give them a brand name so that the customers can distinguish it from other cars and at the same time associate it with the specialty on offer. Honda marketed their luxury cars under the brand name Acura and the first model launched in 1986 was called Acura Integra Launch CReader VIII. It was a two-door or a four-door hatchback with top class engineering and all-round good quality. Its reliability and performance coupled with fuel efficiency made it a popular car.

Some customers on buying a car consider it just a starting point, a sort of frame on which they can lavish aftermarket products of their choice. Their idea is to enhance its looks and make it appear exclusive. Hood is one of the prominently visible parts of a car, and so it has received considerable attention of both the buyers and the manufacturers of automobile parts launch x431 v+. Integra hoods are also employed by the customers to give a new look to the car. New materials like carbon fiber have been used in making hoods.

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