Jeep Patriot - Still Ok for the School Run

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Let's be honest, the days of the large SUV are beginning to look numbered. Every day now TV reports are saying that fuel prices will continue to rise due to the sheer demand for oil especially from the developing nations. A few minutes on the internet will tell you that even the US motorist is being hit with rising fuel costs (some say not before time) and the new car buyer will have to make some tough decisions before their next purchase launch x431 pro.
Being serious for a minute if I can the government seems to be determined for everyone to whiz around in little electric micro bubbles without making any considerations for the average family with their 2 launch crp129.5 kids and the poor old dog. When we went away for an overnight stay a while back our car was packed to the roof with stuff and knowing that my luggage consisted of a toothbrush and a pair of underpants (well you might need them) I realised that the rest belonged to our 17 month old daughter.
So if you need room to go somewhere and actually take your family with you then the Patriot might be the vehicle you have been looking for and you'll still be able to turn up at the School gates without hanging your head in shame!

Jon Barlow discovers that it is still possible to buy an SUV without needing your own oil field to run it. See your Chrysler Jeep Dealer for more details.
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