Launch X431 Pro MINI Product Introduction

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Launch X431 Professional MINI is usually a trendy Android-based vehicle issues diagnostic resource.
Launch X431 Pro MINI Product Introduction
Launch X431 Professional MINI[/link] is usually a trendy Android-based vehicle issues diagnostic resource. It inherits from Launch?s state-of-the-art diagnosing technologies and it is characterised by masking a variety of cars, featuring effective functions, and providing precise test final result.

By the easy Bluetooth interaction involving the VCI module and [link=]X-431 Professional MINI[/link], it achieves entire car model and whole program motor vehicle trouble diagnosis, which incorporates Reading DTCs, Clearing DTCs, Reading Info Stream,Actuation Check and Special Features.
Furthermore,it supports Wi-Fi link, which permits you surf the web,update the diagnostic application on line and carry out distant analysis and so forth, having your task mounted quicker and much easier.

one. Diagnostic Tool:
A. Diagnose
?Diagnose the digital control process of prevailing automobile styles covering Asian, European, American and Chinese. Diagnosis capabilities consist of: Examine DTCs, Obvious DTCs, Examine details stream, Distinctive features and so forth.
?Specially suitable for Android platform with apparent and user-friendly interface.
?By using Bluetooth, it truly is basic with the VCI module to speak with X-431 Pro MINI.
?Geared up with the distinctive X-431 Pro MINI protecting sleeve to stop it from getting ruined.
B. One-click Update: allows you update your diagnostic computer software far more successfully.
C. Fix Information: supplies abundant automotive handbook, repair situation and wiring diagrams for reference and retrieval.
D. Distant Analysis: configures X-431 Professional MINI as an I/M(Quick Messaging) software, which permits technicians to exchange repair working experience and perform remote aid far more conveniently.
2. Browser: built-in Wi-Fi module will make browsing online freely.
three. E-mail: allows you to send out and acquire e-mails.Launch X-431 Professional MINI Person Guide
4. Settings: to configure your customized X-431 Professional MINI via it.
five. Apps: other android based mostly programs is usually tailored to put in or uninstall.

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