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Acer has grown to be one of the most popular brands around the world with its beautiful and powerful collection of laptops. The laptops come with powerful features as well as powerful options. The most important part is, these power sources, i.e. The Acer laptop batteries are good value for money. One of these amazing batteries provided by Acer is the AS07B41. The Acer AS07B41 Battery is a very versatile. Although this is a battery for Acer AS07B41, this one is compatible with many of the other Acer laptops.


Acer AS07B41 Battery comes with various types of power configurations. The following are available at present in the market:

กค 11.1V batteries with 4400mAh

กค 11.1V batteries with 5200mAh

กค 14.8V batteries with 4400mAh

กค 14.8V batteries with 5200mAh

It is prescribed that these batteries are used to keep in mind the basic guidelines of usage. At any time the Acer AS07B41 adapter is to be used for ideal scenario.

Usage Guidelines

Like all other lithium ion batteries, Acer AS07B41 battery can be fast charged within an hour. However, it will have lower levels of charge in that case. Based on the charger, the level of self-discharge sometimes a topping charge may be required at times.

Users need to charge the Acer AS07B41 efficiently and regularly to prolong the battery life. At the very beginning, it has to be charged fully and discarded fully also. It should be done in the first two or three times. Afterwards, this process needs to be repeated once in two or three weeks. That ensures the avoidance of the memory effect. However, a user has to ensure that the battery with the proper voltage is used with the laptop. The laptop has all the specifications provided within itself so that a user can always refer back to it while purchasing batteries. On top of that, the adapter needs to be compatible with the laptop and the battery; otherwise the battery will have an early death. That is why we prescribe you to use adapters with the Acer AS07B41 batteries.

To get better results, always remember to use the laptop along with an Acer adapter for AS07B41 in environments where the temperature is not more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If the laptop is stored in a warm place, always cool it down before turning on the machine. The temperature should be equal to the room temperature when the laptop is being started. One common error that people make is they put the laptop over surfaces that block up ventilation. Such surfaces include laps, blankets or pillows. This not only harms the laptop itself but also affects the battery seriously. The machine always performs better when it is cooler. Therefore, if the laptop is getting heated too much, the user should always use a cooling pad. That will prolong the lives of both the battery and the machine.

On top of the temperature issue, the laptop needs to be kept clean. When we say a laptop, we mean the machine, the battery as well as the adapter. The battery should be cleaned regularly at least each month. The battery should be removed and the metal contacts should be cleaned off with the help of a clean cotton fabric. This will ensure a better power transfer when the battery is connected again. If the battery for Acer AS07B41 is in touch with a dusty surface, the efficiency is supposed to be hampered seriously. On top of that, the power option should be adjusted in such a way so that the battery doesn't get too much pressure. Keeping the laptop in hibernation at times should be very helpful on this regard.

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Capacity : 4400mAh
voltage: 11.1V
Li-ion: Li-ion OEM Battery
Color : blue
Availability: In Stock
Warranty: 1 Year

*Item: 4400mAh Acer AS09A71 battery
*Fast Shipping worldwide( Delivery Complete in 3-10 business days)
*100% quality control assurance.
*It is safe and pass certification
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