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The HP Pavilion DV7 battery is black in color, it has a voltage of 14.4V, a storage capacity of 63360mWh, and has a 12 month replacement warranty if purchased from a legitimate battery provider such as eBay or Amazon. The estimated lifespan of this battery is one of the pertinent queries of every HP laptop customer as well as enthusiasts. There are several factors that not only maximize the battery¡¯s runtime, but also extend its life.

Batteries for HP Pavilion DV7 have 200 to 500 charge cycles before they cease to further hold charge. A charge cycle starts with charging your battery to its maximum, then letting it completely discharge until it goes to sleep, and then recharging it again to its full capacity. The variation on the number of charge cycles practically rests on how you maintain your machine. During one particular taxing DVD drain test, the HP Pavilion DV7 battery was found to last for an impressive 2hrs and 36 minutes ¨C an admirable battery life perfectly fit on a smaller laptop and is downright impressive for a desktop replacement with such a large screen.

The HP Pavilion DV7 power adapter is precision-engineered and has been rigorously tested for its voltage, power capacity safety and compatibility. The company¡¯s quality control team usually tests each of the laptop AC adapters to make sure that they do match your PC perfectly. The adapter features a magnetic DC connector that ensures that your laptop¡¯s adapter¡¯s power cable automatically disconnects if it experiences undue strain. This helps guide the plug into the system resulting into a quicker and more secure connection. The HP Pavilion DV7 adapter offers you freedom, convenience and peace of mind to stay powered up from virtually anywhere by providing your machine with optimal power and helps offset power fluctuations to your device.

Ways to extend your battery for HP Pavilion DV7 Life

1. Cut down on programs running in the background such as Desktop Search, Itunes etc. All these programs when left to run in the background add to the CPU load hence cutting down the battery life. It¡¯s advised that you shut down everything that possibly isn¡¯t in any way crucial when your machine is on the battery.

2. Turn down the brightness of your screen. A low screen brightness will help you save power and give your battery the longest lifespan it can possibly have. Disable all the screen savers since they have the potential to consume a junk amount of power; actually it¡¯s worthless having a screen saver while on a battery.

3. Lay off the multimedia. A little in-flight music is good enough while you work on that PowerPoint presentation, but streaming music directly from your hard drive or playing a CD implies that the disc (or disk) is always spinning.

4. Cut down all external devices. External devices such as Wi-Fi, USB devices and even the mouse drain down HP battery replacement life. Shut them down or remove them when they are not in use. In addition, charging some other devices like your iPod with your laptop when it is on battery is a surefire way of quickly wiping out your battery¡¯s charge.

When using your laptop as a desktop replacement, the HP Pavilion DV7 battery ought not to be left in for extended period of time. The laptop will with time discharge the battery. Do not forget to remove the laptop keyboard, ensuring that it is half-fully charged and store it in a dry, warm place. Ensure you wrap it perfectly and that nothing whatsoever will be dropped on it.

HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop Battery

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