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I believe we put on a carrier during TV commercials should be familiar - "xxx phone already has 100,000 applications"! Correspondingly, a recent hot topic on the network - 5G technology maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 10Gbps.

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These two information prompt us to "mobile Internet era" Time really want to come ......

"Mobile Internet era," the phone is even more reason to become a truly "mobile terminal" in the future communication speed is no longer restricted circumstances, what kind of applications by installing the software, the phone can be turned into what kind of terminal . Although the 3G era, the communication rate still far from reaching the bandwidth is not limited, but now the "smart phone" walk in "mobile terminal" transformation of the way, there are already tens of thousands of application software can download and install, the phone becomes the kinds of functions unique "terminal."

Reason is different from a computer or other mobile communication tools, the most prominent advantage lies in its mobility, portability. The use of lithium batteries is its mobility, portability basis, we can say the emergence of the achievements of the mobile phone lithium batteries, but the battery capacity bottlenecks have let the phone standby time is short to become a prominent problem.

 In fact, the original battery capacity has been increased to several hundred mAh now thousands mAh, Standby time becomes shorter and shorter, the root cause of the phone more power than the original large, including cell phones more power Hardware - Bowen before "mobile trends and power consumption characteristics" has been done related to the introduction.

Another prominent change is the phone needs to be installed and run more software needed to run some application software consume a lot of power, such as the previously mentioned micro letter, QQ, microblogging and other.

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Applications need to consume electricity, we are easy to understand, but to find out which software power consumption, which power consumption is small, how to quantitatively assess it? Estimated that this problem has plagued many software developers. Compared to the hardware power consumption is very intuitive, such as the brightness level of the display power consumption is very easy to compare and measure. Software power more abstract and difficult to test, because the software must run on mobile hardware, based on the measured power consumption is integrated software and hardware overlay mobile power combined. For the power to think that we can not exclude the power consumption of hardware testing software alone power.

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So, how to test software power? I suggest that software developers can have the following two methods:

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First, the horizontal comparison method: two-step test, the first step measuring the amount of electricity to run mobile hardware; Step two test phones integrated hardware and software to run the power consumption. Finally, the power consumption of the two comparison, the size of the amount of electricity drawn software;
Second, the vertical comparison method: two phones at the same time, one of the phone does not run the software, another phone running the software; were given the power consumption of the two mobile phones, mobile phone power consumption comparing two different consumption derived software The battery size.

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These two methods in the test has some differences, many software applications are required to support mobile networks, and mobile phone network signal received will change over time.

Therefore, the first error of a method mainly from the phone base station network under different working status changes.

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The second difference is reflected in both the hardware power consumed by the phone itself may be different, so you need to use the same model as far as possible, the same batch of phones. And requires the use of multi-channel power testing instruments, such as the previously mentioned Agilent N6705B can simultaneously support up to four phone parallel test.