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To learn to repair computers, will learn the following:

1, must know how to use computer to your motherboard manual, computer motherboard manual is a good thing, when I was an intern at computer companies, start here. BIOS and motherboard wiring inside, is very important.

2, must learn to assemble computers, assembled into a complete computer accessories, to be familiar with the major parts, such as motherboard, CPU, memory, graphics card, hard drive, power supply, monitor, etc. Transfer from entry to the master computer www.58116.CN

3, we must learn how to reinstall the operating system, installed capacity is now generally have three ways
(1) start DOS, WIN98.
(2) to clone with Ghost Setup, such as XP clone, this simple, put the disk follow the instructions, installed automatically.
(3) fully installed, install version XP,Win7.

4, must learn how to use DOS, basic commands must know, the other in the PE system maintenance, data backup must be familiar with. Transfer from entry to the master computer
It is the Basic, such as a hard disk partition is useful to transfer from entry to the master computer

5, learn the basic setup and use
The complex than the effects, such as network settings, creating users, installing software, etc. Transfer from entry to the master computer

6, learn to set up a local area network, this is actually simpler than the effect, with internship opportunities, hands-on is very fast, if say, complex than efficiency, and now this knowledge is very much, you can go see.

7, more than usual with all commonly used software, and become familiar with them. Office software, optimization software, antivirus software, and so on. Very often people who do not understand computers, they will turn to you for advice.

8, how to look at the online forum Dell Latitude C800 Laptop Battery software, hardware troubleshooting, common troubleshooting methodology, and accumulated in practice.

Learn more than a few, Dell 2M400 Laptop Battery basically it comes very close, such as data recovery, now have specialised software.