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Just bought a notebook that we should take good care of it, how to maintain the laptop? this paper will introduce some common laptop improper usage.
1 optical drives work uninterrupted
Whether original or compatible drive, uninterrupted work generates considerable heat, time would not only harm the drive laser heads, accelerated aging and also around the optical drive. We like to watch movies with laptop optical drive, this is a very bad way, and we can watch movies saved on the hard disk.

2, hard mouse
Laptops usually come with two mouse: pressure-sensitive and touching. Many people use a pressure-sensitive-when the mouse is pressed very hard, in fact, push hard on not conducive to screen the mouse dexterity, a long time may damage the pressure-sensitive mouse. We should press the nudge, you'll feel a pressure-sensitive mouse is very flexible, and do not damage it. Touch the mouse's surface is usually a special PVC material, often push hard on sliding will damage the touch mouse surface, preferably by the use of the fingers-lubricated, and then gently touch the mouse moves on the surface.

3, pointing out the screen
On the LCD screen to explain the content of others, we all like to point with your finger, you'll find a lot of finger marks on the screen, and fat, while some fingernail scratches, monsters will appear discolored and the LCD screen pixels. We should always use neutral liquid and wipe the screen with a soft cloth and then wiped dry with a soft, dry cloth. Get into the habit of, do not use shake toshiba Portege R500-S8199 Laptop Battery your finger at the screen.

4, battery, power supply and use
95% of people accustomed to using the laptop at the same time inserting the battery and the power cable, this will shorten battery life. If the ball and using the power cord when the power supply, remove the battery, battery life can be extended.

5, use in tilt and Jolt environment
"The laptop is working in a mobile device", so we have a reason to use a laptop for any occasion. But you do not know, laptops--one of the core components of the hard drive, unknowingly damaged by you. Excellent design of it also requires the head to read the disc, tilt and Jolt cases, head are easily Dell Inspiron I15RN5110-7126DBK Laptop Battery damaged data disc. Preferably do not use notebook tilt and Jolt environment and, secondly, at least in notebook hard drive protection software is installed, tilt and jolt it can suspend to disk when working, Dell Inspiron 15RN-5882DBK Laptop Battery thus protect your hard drive.