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"Bad" really inevitable? As competition intensifies and technological levels are increased, LCD manufacturers to improve material standards, strengthening the production and inspection of internal quality control, greatly reduced the frequency of its. Check the pixel method is quite simple, as long as the LCD screen brightness and contrast adjusted to maximum (displayed anti-white shots) or tune into the smallest (show all black screen), you may find, Dell Latitude CPi D300 XT Laptop Battery a few bright or dark spots on the screen. Liquid crystal display manufacturer's explanation for this was just bad in General does not exceed the quantity and distribution of certain criteria, appear one or more pixel LCD monitor is normal, and is consistent with industry standards.

Special attention here isDell Inspiron N7520 Laptop Battery to distinguish between "highlights" and "bad" with no highlights, does not mean that there are no bad points! Many manufacturers will take some significant panels of bright and dark points of recycling is not noticeable gray dots, of course, that pixel is dead, just don't seem obvious.

First of all, in the desktop space click on the right mouse button, select "personalize" option. Transfer from entry to the master computer network
Eyes wide! Detailed notebook screens

Next select "desktop backgrounds", in the "picture position" select "solid color". To black can be detected bright spot, white can check out the bad points.

Eyes wide! Detailed notebook screens

Select a solid color
Check screen pixel is the most simple, users purchasing a screen with the detection screen has no bad points.
Correctly using a laptop to Dell Latitude CPx J650GT Laptop Battery avoid screen pixel
Laptop LCD screen repair, maintenance-related articles more, I will not repeat here, mind you the laptop owner, when using a laptop, be sure to avoid startup work for a long time, let alone displays the same image for a long time, which makes it easy for the accelerated aging of the LCD screen, prompting formation of bad spots.

Daily use is best to avoid Dell Latitude 15 Series Laptop Battery finger-pointing on the screen, wipe the screens do not use corrosive liquids, do not place heavy objects on top of bag containing notebooks, do not force the screen, wipe with clear water, and cloth wrung as much as possible.