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IBM hard disk when the previous paragraph, many victims still fresh, lingering fear. Your hard drive, or became the most vulnerable, the most delicate parts of the computer, posted on PCPOP three IBM hard disk corruption makes our hair stand on end. There are users important information because of a hard disk, so that everyone will do their best to save the hard drive. Fujitsu laptop batteries In the BBS, we often see many prawns for help, asking repair methods. While many people are irresponsible, very roughly speaking a bit. Completely unable to solve the problem. Address this imminent problem, we will present the common hard disk failures and their solutions are listed below, aimed at minimizing the loss of the user.

First of all we need to know, where is hard drive bad, what's bad, in order to remedy to achieve a multiplier effect.

Logical bad track 1, commonly known Fujitsu Siemens Squ-809-f01 Laptop Battery as "soft." Is caused by a bad software installation, or use of, the General would not cause too much harm to the hard disk itself.

2, physical bad track: this type of bad road is the common symptoms of IBM hard drive events in the previous paragraph. Gap between head and disk only 0.015~0.025 μ m, the gap is so small, hard drives in transit, if the strong Jolt, makes hard disk physical bad track. In addition, human errors can also make hard scrap. When some careless person on the machine, HDD screws without tightening, for future use planted a hidden danger. Vibration at workFujitsu Siemens Smp-Efs-Ss-22e-06 Laptop Battery can also cause your hard disk physical bad track.

3, zero track faults: it is well known that all hard drive read track 0-based. If the track 0 is damaged, it will cause hard disk unable to read disk, boot cannot find the hard drive.

All three common problematic symptoms is hard. Typhoid, logical bad track is a hard drive failure, there's an easy solution using Windows ScanDisk solve. If you are unable to "sweep to the disease apart from" FORMAT the hard disk, reinstall the system, can also take care of. For physics bad track and zero track failure, we have to spend some time and effort.

Symptoms: you open a file or run a program, and hard drive repeatedly reading errors, or to go through a struggle to succeed. Meanwhile, the hard disk emits strange sounds, and startup unable to boot the system from a hard, after booting to a floppy disk, you can transfer to your hard drive, but cannot enter, conduction systems using the SYS command cannot successfully FORMAT the hard disk, to a standstill of progress, finally being given to complete; to the hard disk when FDISK, a certain progress fall repeatedly Fujitsu Siemens ms2228 Laptop Battery into retreat.

These common symptoms are physical bad track. There is currently no fully repair physical bad medicine. Only through repairing small amounts of bad road or blocking the bad road to alleviate this problem.

1, first of all, from the most simple approach. If we can enter the Win9X system, Win9X with ScanDisk is used, the "scan type" select "full", to complete your partition "medical examinations", discover and fix potential clusters, as far as possible. Above cannot be adopted hard disk boot that can not enter the Win9X, you can use a Win9X boot disk to boot the system, and then type SCANDISK d at the A:> prompt: (where "d" is a specific hard disk drive letter) to scan your hard drive. Bad clusters, the program will use red text on a black background "b" (bad)

2, because Win9X only repair logical bad road against physical bad track is a little bit beyond. So the first step is often not work, but all the repair work, it is the most important. We can illnesses occur in which parts. At these bad track well marked, to drain away, don't mess with, can afford to keep running away from it. Bad track position in mind the first step, and then Format the hard disk, there will be bad track into a separate area, if the road is not continuous, relatively far apart and can be close to bad road is zoned in an area, you can even draw a few more districts. Worth noting is that not to save space on your hard disk contains bad road Division of unduly compact, bad road around there should be a proper "good road" space as a buffer. Will not access files inside these danger zones, because of bad road with diffusion, if used with bad track too close "good road", then it won't be long before, disease will spread!