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Date Submitted Mon. Jul. 7th, 2014 3:44 AM
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FFC cable, flexible flat cable,ODM FFC cable, custom FFC harness, high-speed transmission

For the moment many electical cable manufacturers have fully launched FFC harness for high-speed transmission working a great variety of electronic products. To be more specific, with greater demand for high-speed and high-capacity transmission in increasingly higher performance instruments, some newly-designed connectors harness provide excellent high-speed serial transmission over connections.

Here below is the basic specifications for the FFC harness: Easy operability with ample mating guides and large side lock buttons; Suitable for the next generation high-speed transmission; EMI control with shield layer on the FFC and metal shell on the connector; Number of contacts: 41, 51 positions; Rated current: AC and DC each rated at 0.3 Amps; Contact resistance: maximum 40 M; Insulation resistance: minimum of 100 M; Dielectric withstanding voltage: AC250 Vrms per minute; Pitch: 0.5 mm etc.

The FFC harness has ground terminal design, impedance-matched shielded FFC ground contacts, and transmission rates to 3.75 Gbps max using differential impedance of 100 ohm 10%. Both 0.5 mm pitch, 2.5 mm above-the-board connectors come with ground terminals, are available for connection with impedance control and shielded FFC, and share common FPC layout. The harness supports high speed of data transfer.

For more information about FFC cables, FPC cables, LVDS screen cables, electrical enclosures, log onto http://www.globalcablesource.com/
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Tags "Implementacija pomocu polja" | flexible | led | light | Strip | tape
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It is an era of emphasis on experience , a perfect dining experience , the first important thing is fine cuisine , but also able to cope with the soul -level feeling of space . The perfect combination of visual and taste , so that customers shopping experience beyond his expectations.

Yesterday by chance into the day room -style fast food meal , just entered the front door to be attracted decorative wall , extended to the second floor from the first floor , creative lamps with red hair like bamboo quiet .

Go to the second floor to the left of the wood frame wall + translucent lighting applications , becomes more quiet , let you forget this is just a fast-food restaurant , there is no trace of noisy , eliminating the top lighting, more clean and tidy. ( Picture did not shoot well, illumination is appropriate )

The opposite wall is a decorative bamboo walls, a combination of the gap between the pillars and T5 lamps , played the role of decoration and lighting .

The main dining area , zero space lighting designers by combining design and landscape outdoor lighting , printing of books and really combine plants did not feel depressed, no different to make you feel like fast-food restaurant .

Half a pack of space design , Japanese-style full.
Cons: no lights and dark stairs , up and down to be very careful..

led strips
led strip light led tape flexible led strip
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Helper ljakopovic
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biblioteka polja
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Datoteka zaglavlja u kojoj se nalazi implementacija stoga pomocu polja