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Date Submitted Thu. Mar. 6th, 2014 5:04 PM
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Windows 7 is good, but small problems. From Beta version to date, many of my friends occasionally encountered SONY VGN-FZ91HS Laptop Battery the most serious problem is that the resource manager or freezes a lot, although it is not a question of what non-reload, but every now and then on the PC card for some time, who feel very upset. What Windows 7 appears under what conditions such a problem, how to solve this is to examine the issue.

Scenario one: power on the suspended animation

After turned on suspended animation in General is to get to the desktop, the mouse becomes circles, has been busy and will continue for a long period of time, to finish only the forced shutdown.

This problem occurs because a relatively large number, judging from several perspectives. First, it is best to not install Windows 7 to streamline, optimized versions of the so-called. According to author of personally using, as long as hardware is primary double nuclear processor and 1GB memory above, SONY VAIO VGN-UX72 Laptop Battery installed original system Basic does not appeared game system bloated brings of problem, so fundamental no necessary to streamlined and optimization; second, using optimization software to moderate, recommends with optimization software to on some system auxiliary features for set, like cleanup right key menu, and enhanced sent to features wait, and system core set not easily to change; last, overclocking also has may led to appeared such of problem, If you experience this problem was discovered when overclocking, try lower FSB and memory frequency and overclocking or not to see if you can solve the problem.

Scenario II: irregular somehow suspended animation

Irregular crash performance as suspended animation is sometimes used for a long time there is no problem, and sometimes issues, which as one of the most annoying, because none of the specific operation is causing the error, and must be considered from the aspects of.

First is updated the hardware drivers, mainly video card, motherboard and network card drivers, beta drivers used sparingly, it is installed by Microsoft's WHQL certified driver. SONY VAIO VGP-BPL24 Laptop Battery The cause of this problem may be the power management settings for the plan, the system has three default power management plan: energy-efficient, balanced, high-performance, in which hard disks are set to have a certain amount of time off. Down time is set to 0, on the line.

Scenario three: open a folder that contains a large number of thumbnails to crash

Often encountered when opening a contains many pictures or video files Explorer crashed. Reasons for this situation may be due to the need to establish a large number of thumbnails, if less PCs, is vulnerable to this issue.

To solve this problem is very simple, open any file, right corner "views" is changed to "small icons". Then click on "organize", choose "folder and search options" in the "view" setting to "always show icons and never display thumbnails" check in front of you.

Scenario four: right click on the partition the drive stops responding

This situation is relatively common, fault was in Explorer, right click on any of the partitions, the mouse pointer is round ring "run" twice and click on the Explorer window in the upper-right corner to close "x" button to prompt Explorer "not responding" causes Explorer to restart after the shut down, and then back to normal.

This type of problem occurs because Explorer default to a single partition. Solution is relatively simple, shift + right-click on "Resource Manager", right-click menu "Properties", and then type in the shortcut-target%windir%Explorer.exe is repositioned to the system default "library" to solve the problem.

Scene five: when you copy a file crashes

In Explorer, the symptom of the problem is it's easy to copy, move, change the file name to crash, sometimes Explorer to automatically restart, and more often is to stop responding.

Causes of such failures have more first, you can close the file after the thumbnails then copy it to and, second, can also take some shortcuts added to the start menu, and then removed to shortcuts in the start menu, then copy and paste it, might solve the problem.

Apart from several of the above, there is more the fault of collapse is caused by using a variety of software, such as Thunder, QQ, input methods, etc. Although most of the software claims to have full support for Windows 7, but on some details, such as QQ video, switch input methods very easy in his skin caused Explorer to crash, this problem only waiting for software vendors to address, it is recommended that you use the latest versions of the software