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Date Submitted Mon. Feb. 23rd, 2015 1:28 PM
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Tags "Opencart Import Products" | Module | Opencart
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Opencart Import Export is one of the most popular modules used for updating the products data in online stores.

By using an Opencart Import Products module you can easily update complete information related to products. Beside products, you can import & export any type of data related to categories, customer groups, attributes groups, orders, options and many more.

Import Options:

- Select the XLS file to import
- Select the language in which you want to import
- Delete the entries before doing the import
- You can import products as new ones

Export Options:

- Apply different filters while exporting data
- Select the desired store
- Select the language in which you want to export
- Omit dynamic data like Attributes, Options, Discounts, etc.

More Details: Opencart Import Products