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We use the computer every day, how many Watts your PC consumes every day you do. A lot of people think, but not counted. In General, the computer somewhere between 250-400W (desktop). The power consumption of a computer each month: 300Wx per hour drive 10 hours a day x 30 days a month =90KW, SONY VAIO PCG-5G3L Laptop Battery is 90 degrees, this is only a conservative estimate. (Monitor power consumption: 15-inch, 17-inch and 19-inch monitor power consumption 60W, 80W, 100W, respectively).

Computer sleep power consumption is about 7.5W, the XP system into standby power consumption reached 51.48W! Description Board in order to protect the data at this point, still consumes a lot of energy even off the machine, as long as the plug is not drawing, computers still have energy, about 4.81W!

See a great deal of information on the Internet, SONY VAIO PCG-8Z1L Laptop Battery drew the following conclusions: on average a configured computer monitor is about 1 kWh of electricity for more than three hours. No matter how much, saving power is a virtue, I from the start, from the start.

Here are some energy-saving energy-saving recommendations and measures:

1, pause when using computers, if pause time is less than 1 hour is expected, it is recommended that put the computer on standby, if you pause for longer than 1 hour, it is best to completely shut down.

2, usually runs out after the computer shuts down, unplug the power supply plug or turn off the power switch on the power strip, and gradually develop the habit of total power, rather than allow themselves to be in a powered state. (This can also prevent in the event of thunderstorms was destroyed by lightning electric)

3, unused peripherals like printers, speakers and other time off.

4, lower the display brightness. When doing text editing, background to be Dim, energy-saving at the same time can also protect your eyesight, reducing eye fatigue strength.SONY VAIO PCG-5K1L Laptop Battery When playing music, storytelling, stories such as a single audio file, you can completely turn off the monitor.

5, a lot of DIY are keen on overclocking. As a technical test might be a, if not overclocking at all when you can fully meet the performance needs, or is Overclocked as little as possible, both energy-efficient and stable security.

In standby, the device does not cut off the power supply, you are not running a main function, looks like the shutdown, in fact inside the appliance or with small number of circuits and components in the electrical work, electricity consumption is standby power consumption in this State.

Some electrical equipment, such as remote control and smart switches more smoothly at the same time, also gives electric adds an extra energy consumption standby energy consumption

Including cell phone chargers even if your phone is not charging, the charger has been inserted in the power supply power consumption but also has been.

My practice after work, just pull down the gates, all power. That can prevent aging lines and rodent biting caused by Sony VAIO PCG Series Laptop Battery a short circuit caused by an accident, reduce unnecessary losses.

So everyone went to save it, save your money. Everyone saves at one point, then the world does not know how many billion kWh of electricity has been saved.