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This USB boot tool that I use syslinux boot tools, selection tools disk image file and someone else out, and has been used for three years, compatibility is very good, now not met the machine could not be started, interested friends can give it a try.

Made by syslinux boot information, addresses used DOS before starting mobilization of dos4grub and direct grub boot method, some machines cannot boot problems.

Includes tool description:

Depth 1, DOS tool that uses the DOS tool, version PM8.05 DOS and MAXDOS7.1 IMG image files;

2, WINPE using a depth 4.0 USB tool in the image file. Before using old maotao Edition, SATA hard drive is not recognized, want to join SATA drive, see the depth of the recent version has more support for Intel and SIS SATA driver, so just used. Use subject to the following changes:

A, in order to place WinPE boot files to a specific directory, pecmd.ini in the WinPE.ini and in the original image file has been modified.

B, change the image file size is 128M. Because the depth of the original image is 100M, the startup enabled graphic driver, network functionality, image space has been used up, no longer able to load other modules such as input method.

3, Puppy Linux is one of the earliest live Linux, Linux and interested friends can give it a try. Using English + Chinese package, supports Internet access, such as QQ, feature is full.

Starting using two-level menu, the first level of the menu is syslinux menu, under this menu you can start all your tools in order to accelerate the speed of loading the image file, grub boot using syslinux calls, an increase of level two grub menu, contents identical to the first level of the menu.

In order to address some SONY VAIO VGN-Z798Y Laptop Battery of the u-boot files under the root directory is very large, management seems very messy inconvenience, this USB memory stick tool to classify catalog, only three directories under the root directory: under the boot is the boot configuration file and three DOS tools image file; MINIPE is WINPE boot files and image files under the directory; under the puppy is a Puppy Linux. Please do not rename these three directories, or fail to start.

Production process is very simple, you do not need to install additional tools and steps below:

1, according to their needs from the attachment to download the appropriate zip file.

2, if the USB memory stick is already a FAT32/FAT16, you can skip this step, production process does not damage USB data. Otherwise USB data backed up to your hard SONY VAIO VGN-Z26VN Laptop Battery disk first, and then in the my computer window, right-click on the USB select "format", select FAT32 file system, format the USB memory stick.

3, extract the downloaded tarball to a USB memory stick root directory, root directory should have a u-boot, MINIPE, puppy three directories (because these three directories are hidden, you need to set in the folder options to show hidden files)

4, open the USB drive's boot directory, double-click the Makeboot.bat file, commenced production of u disk boot information. Production process simply enter your SONY VAIO VGN-UX280P Laptop Battery USB drive letter correctly, you do not need to enter additional commands. To restart the machine after the completion, choose to boot from a USB memory stick.

Package 1 total: 240M, named USB.part01.rar-USB.part13.rar, which includes the DOS tool, WINPE, PUPPY LINUX, extract to USB drive total amount 248M space, WinPE 110M,puppy Linux 120M.

Package 2 total: 13M named usb_boot.rar, only the DOS tool.

Download new friends can choose to download one from the two Cabinet.