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Date Submitted Thu. Apr. 14th, 2016 11:31 AM
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Helper codingforever99
Tags "Spaces" | "Tab"
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Tab key in the keyboard is just one char which is number 9 in ASCII code, and stored in the memory as one char, but our applications software turn that code into a number of spaces at the screen for arrange data or text in a tabular, or table, form.
that number of spaces is not constant or fixed, every application has its own settings.
So the answer of how many spaces is a tab? is not the same for all applications, each text management software treats different from others, some of them count 4 spaces for next start position while others count 8, one of my editors count 8 spaces for text files and count 4 for php files ,I could build my own text editor and make tab key count 5 characters for every next start position.