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Date Submitted Thu. Jun. 20th, 2013 1:31 AM
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I feel your 7 inch tablet cases frustration with the custom roms and such... My N7 has been crapping out a little...but I just flashed the factory image on it about a week ago, and it's been running just fine ever since.  I'm stock too...and since my fresh install haven't seen very much lag... I mean it's not the fastest tablet in the world having only 1GB RAM...but I'm not seeing terrible lag at least, lol! Mine is still very much usable. I do have that LagFix app scheduled to do it's TRIM thing daily and reboot it daily...but other than that... it's not much different from when I got it, lol!

Well in retrospect... I use both iOS and Android devices (Nexus4/7 vs iPhone4/iPad2 combos)... I do like the stability of iOS its nowhere near as productive in terms of what you can do on one versus the other. My iPad stays home...and my iPhone I mainly use for text and calls, LoL!...but apps crash on my iPhone and it lags too, LoL!