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This class allows the developer to change the current impersonated user. This is not my code originally, so I cannot take credit for it. I thought it may be useful to someone so I am posting it here.
Three little functions to return the Windows Identity, The Envoronment Identoty and the Environment Domain.
Date Submitted Sun. Sep. 24th, 2006 5:23 PM
Revision 1
Helper kahotep
Tags "authentication" | "ldap" | "mysql" | "php"
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The following program was written for my company's time keeping system which utilizes an LDAP database for authentication and a MySQL database for time-keeping, account access control, etc.

If a user has >= 5 unsuccessful logins, it locks the account for 5 minutes. Once a successful LDAP bind has occured, the $_SESSION vars are set and the authorization process is bypassed until the user logs out or the session expires.