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1. Set energy-saving options in the BIOS

Most CMOS have a [PowerSavings] option, you can select [MaximumBatteryLife] or [MaximumPerformance] (default). When setting up energy-saving options, mostly set by [1dleMode] (idle) into [StandbyMode] (standby) [StandbyTimeout] and [StandbyMode] into [Suspend Mode] [SuspendTimeout] (hibernation).

dell YW670 Laptop power saving dell YW670 Laptop Battery mode IdleMode, StandbyMode and SuspendMode, which are able to adjust the power consumption, mainly after the computer into a power-saving state, to shut down some systems that do not use the device at the right time. After entering dell YP463 Laptop Battery the sleep state, except turn off the monitor and hard drive, and can also save the contents of memory to the hard disk, the entire computer system to maintain the closed state. Once you activate or restart your computer, your desktop is restored to the State before hibernation correctly.

dell YW670 Laptop PhoenixBIOS majority. Different BIOS power saving settings may be different, you should read carefully the on-screen instructions.

2. Set energy-saving options for Windows

In a Windows Help file [management hardware and software] theme has two energy-saving dell YW670 Laptop-related content: [manage energy consumption] and [dell YW670 Laptop], [managing power on a portable computer]. Before setting Windows power-saving option, you should read them.

Windows [Control Panel], double-click [power management] icon to open the [power management properties].

[Power scheme] is set to [on the portable type/Teng], and rationalize [System standby], [turn off monitor] dell YW670 Laptop Battery and [turn off hard disks] option. Different options that you can select the computer has some differences, features detailed settings based on the computer itself and the Windows Help file.

If you need to completely run out of battery power, without looking for other means of discharging, in [the power scheme] drop-down box, select [always on] option in [System standby] and [turn off monitor] drop-down box, select [never] option. Can also let the computer automatically runs a number of complicated 3D demo program so quickly with the power remaining in the battery.

3. Using third-party software
There are many utilities to monitor battery status. For example power PowerCenter is a monitoring tool, dell YXVK2 Laptop Battery available for free download (http://me MBers.xoom.com/TimothyBug/powercenter/index.htm). PowerCenter in addition to displaying the battery percentage, actual use time displayed in hours and minutes.

PowerCenter resulted in 3 ways.

(1) FullDisplay: detailed information displayed in the window that opens, including uses battery or AC power, the percentage of battery charge remaining and the hours available for use, and so on.

(2) CompactDisplay: in use always appear at the top of the window.

(3) MinimizeDisplay: narrow the PowerCenter to Windows in the taskbar, the information displayed is relatively simple.

PowerCenter is also equipped with a control centre, and up to 6 types of warnings. When the battery-when dropped to a certain level, timely warnings to the user, and save the file you are working with. In order not to waste power and CPU resources, PowerCenter automatically detected battery status changes.