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Recently, the hype rife on the dual-core processor, resulting in people's understanding of this technology seems to be out of certain facts. AMD and Intel have adopted their own websites on their dual-core processor advantage at these words of praise. Such advocacy action was timely, because most industry observers believe that dual-core processors will be popular in 2006.

However, behind these phenomena, as well as numerous related media coverage, conceals something known and unusual facts. Below, we will tell you about dual-core processors five facts you might not know.

1. Intel and AMD are not the first to launch a dual-core processor manufacturers

It was widely assumed, built around a dual-core processor field of competition has been limited to the PC, and AMD and Intel in the race to be first to market with the manufacturers of such products. This understanding is wrong. In fact, IBM walk in front of the two companies, was launched in 2001 on the dual core Power4 chip, although non-X86 server processor. Power4 chip used in IBM RISC servers. Later, Sun and Hewlett-Packard (HP) has introduced a dual-core architecture-based UltraSPARC and PA-RISC chipsets. Just because these products are based on Unix architecture and high prices, so there is no wide access to universal applications.

Later in 2004, the dual-core AMD and Intel announced their plans and supply dual core products for the first time starting from 2005.

Of course, the two companies continue to introduce dual-core processor was a riot--including AMD released dual-core Athlon 64 and Opteron server chip chips for desktops, as well as launched dual core Pentiums and Intel Xeons ... And AMD and Intel are constantly announcing new dual-core chips, it is dizzying.

In the mobile space, IBM is also the first to market with a dual-core chip manufacturer, its PowerPC 970FX, low power version was released in 2005. However, it is an OEM product is not supplied to ordinary buyers. IBM X86 as well.

In the area of X86, Intel launched Centrino Duo with it in January this year won race mobile dual-core processor. The mobile chips used in popular new iMac--although the iMac is a desktop computer. (Apple iMac computer's design is similar to a large laptop into the back of a flat panel display, as can be seen from the dismantling of its internal analysis). New iMac with Intel dual-core processor is the first Apple computer.

2. power consumption is a problem

Due to technical challenges, a dual-core processor is imposed on the industry, while industry is not prepared in advance.

The real reason Intel and AMD with this technology, not because dual-core is a sign suddenly appeared and a brilliant idea. Indeed, the chip maker could continue to introduce faster single-core processors. However, such an approach is not feasible because the clock speed is faster than 3GHz, single-core processors begin to consume too much power. Indeed, Intel broke down at 2005 4.0GHz planned Tejas processor because the chip's power lenovo ThinkPad R61I 8943 Laptop Battery consumption may exceed 100W.

Along with the rise in power consumption, ultra fast cooling cost the cost of single-core chips have become more sophisticated, it requires a larger heatsink and stronger fan, to keep its operating temperature. Relatively speaking, using dual-core programmes, you can either continue to improve processor performance, you can temporarily bypass power consumption and heat dissipation problems. AMD business solutions Director Margaret Lewis on TechWeb says: "as the processor manufacturer, within the power of this is that we can be sure the only way to improve performance. Ħħ

Of course, rigorous analysis of semiconductor reconciliation reader would expect from this type of chip-on-chip voltage, performance and other technical factors to prove its legitimacy. (These actually make some progress in the areas of low power consumption even more a challenge. )

In addition, some people think that the duo is not a panacea. As the June 2005 Linuxhardware.org articles published on the site of the insight into the dual-core puts it: "from our point of view, a dual-core is not a new thing; it only makeover of the old products (SMP symmetric multi-processing) ... Single processor lenovo Thinkpad X60 Tablet PC 6367 Laptop Battery dual processor system based on performance issues facing remain. Ħħ

However, as a simple explanation, basically sufficient. Lewis added: "the laws of physics have not changed; we just figured out how to further improve the method. Ħħ

3. the clock speed is not the only key words

Duo will not make your computer faster, but it will improve your overall PC performance.

This is a difference subtle technical features. Compared with the single-core processor, dual-core does not mean that speed must be faster. If you're just raw clock speed, you should buy the fastest processor you can find. Speed is the fastest single core processor 3.8GHz Intel Pentium 4 model 3.6GHz Pentium 4 model 660 and 670. Currently the fastest dual-core processor 3.2GHz Pentium d 840. (A 3.6GHz dual-core Pentium d 960 was launched in the second quarter of 2006. )

AMD single-core/dual-core processor's maximum speed can be comparable to each other. Single-core Athlon 64 3400+ at 2.4GHz. Dual-Core Athlon 64 X2 4600+ speed 2.4GHz. However, the same is 2.4GHz speed is clearly higher than the single core dual-core performance. Even two nuclear operating speed are slightly lower than the 2.4 GHz, dual-core processor speed slightly faster throughput than a single core processor.

But perhaps surprising is that dual-core processor performance are double (this is due to the drag on the share resources between two nuclear). AMD's Lewis said: "we see is a dual-core processor performance to achieve single-core-1.4-1.8 times times, reality will depend on the specific application. Ħħ

"When you times the number of cores increases 1 time, maintain the same power, but almost 1 time times the throughput increases. "Intel researcher Shekhar Borkar said so in an interview in 2004. (He was apparently not too stressed the performance loss caused by the shared resource. )

Many technical people to warn against performance problems, they point out, the "multi-core processors requires operating system support and resources in order to optimize the use of the second calculation. Ħħ

Simply put, this means that the thread is the key to good performance. Multithreaded emerges in a solo environment the last few years, but people are against the double lenovo Thinkpad X100e 2876 Laptop Battery check it for more positive development. "Every day you are a powerful multi-threaded applications running on the computer, it is known as an operating system (OS). "AMD's Lewis said," the past always have a multi-threaded environment. (Dual-core) makes this a multi-threaded environment run more efficiently. Ħħ

4. a large number of users on a dual-core unsure of

Intel is also multithreaded supporters. The chip giant stressed that its dual-core products supporting Hyper-Threading technology, and to more efficient use of resources may be idle, "being able to process four software threads simultaneously. "For a man well versed in dual-core and would like to give a piece of advice here. To date, multithreading and the attainment of the conditions in existing operating systems and applications that take advantage of dual-core processors, there is a great deal of controversy. (In terms of operating system, Linux supports dual-core and taken into account in designing Windows Vista will be Microsoft's first operating system to dual-core. )

All PC users, nearly half still knew nothing about dual-core.

Recent survey conducted by the market research company Harris Interactive showed that AMD Opteron plan announced nearly three years later, 48% PC users for what duo was still unsure. (Of course, within the industry is another situation. Data Center Manager and CIO is about dual-core computing capabilities to the organization. )

In the survey of households, 42% of the PC owners said they knew something about dual-core, early adopters claim is well aware of the 10% duo. Both of the above (52%) respondents, whether it is dual-core half is pretty understanding, only 12% of them already have a dual-core system.

This proportion is likely to increase soon. Market research firm Frost and Sullivan forecast that dual-core processors will be at an annual rate on releases in the areas of desktop computers, laptops and servers to replace single-core chips. Intel might want this rate sooner--it plans the shipments in 2006 to 60 million dual-core processor.

5. dual-core, quad-core ... ... Increasing number of kernel

In order to let consumers know more about dual-core processors, Intel and AMD draws on practice in Hollywood. Intel has recently had one named "Intel Indies Film Contest", to what it considered to be the best digital video creator awarded ViiV PC equipment. AMD video game named "The 64 Second Film Contest". AMD said it contest organized by display, Athlon 64 X2 processor "is working on content creation and multimedia performance to a new level." Although the winners of these two games have done well, but apart from these works other than is possible on the PC for editing, on the surface traces of invisible computing. Dual-core is not the most recent achievements in the field of advanced computing.

A few years later, dual-core may become obsolete. Intel is preparing quad-core server processor, plans to launch in 2007; its rival AMD quad-core chip is also developing.

Farther away, Intel is preparing a code-named "Yorkfield" eight-core chip plans to launch in 2008. AMD's situation is less clear, saying in 2007 rose to the kernel more. In the area of non-x86, Sun is already serving an eight-core server processor, the UltraSparc T1 (formerly "Niagara").

Indeed, the multi-core processor looks set to be the future direction of development. Co-Design Automation Inc., founder of Simon Davidmann has said: "all the chips are multi-core processors, we must learn how to give their programming. Ħħ