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(a) the failure reasons of hp Pavilion dv9000 Series Battery
hp Pavilion dv9000 Series Battery time is long, often with electricity, even shows the battery is damaged, the manifestation is the internal resistance, on both ends of charging voltage rise faster. Such as have been full of easy to control charging circuitry, capacity and the natural decline. Because the battery internal resistance is large, large discharge when the voltage drop, high speed, so it can easily be mistaken for voltage is not enough, the battery is low. When find battery working time is shorter, the corresponding measures should be taken.
(2) battery refresh program to restore the battery discharge time
The refresh program brand notebook computers have a battery, the Battery to make use of it we can repair. For example: a hp Pavilion dv9000 Series Battery the distributio n pool for nickel metal hydride (Ni Mh battery, due to improper charge and discharge at ordinary times, lead to the battery discharge time is more and more short, only less than 5 minutes, if the laptop to go out to work, is very inconvenient, what method can restore the battery discharge time?
According to the above situation, we can use the HP launched by the battery to refresh program to refresh battery, to restore its discharge time, concrete method is as follows.
(1) the use of alternating current (ac) to power a laptop, first of all to ftp://fip.pc.ibm.com/pub/pccbbs/mobiles/ isbr01ww. Exe download TP390 provided by the IBM / 390 e / 390 x series laptop battery refresh program.
(2) restart your computer, press F8 key to enter boot menu, and select the security DOS mode.
(3) to just download a file directory, execute the battery to refresh program isbr0lww, exe, read the warning message, insert a floppy disk as required, and then press the enter key perform self-extracting operations.
(4) using this guide computer floppy disk, and screen appears StartingPC - DOS... hint information.
(5) remove the hp Pavilion dv9000 Series AC power according to directions, the program will automatically to Ni Mh battery discharge, the discharge is completed, the system will automatically shut down.
(6) because the battery temperature is higher, should not be turned on immediately and allow the battery to cool for a while after the plug in the ac power.
(7) using the floppy disk boot the computer, the Autoexec. Bat file run automatically refresh program, and ask the user whether to proceed with. Select yes, press the return key.
(8) at this point, the refresh program began to refresh battery, its process soon, when back to the DOS prompt A: >, refresh the process is complete.
(9) turn off the computer, and the batteries are charging, until the lights turn green.
(10) above is repeated three times to get the best effect.
In addition, a lot of lithium battery failure is a section of battery pack failure caused by batteries, this phenomenon is inevitable. Because each section of the battery cell properties can't completely consistent, with long after the beginning of some quality is a bit poor aging, and destroyed the whole (series) after discharge curve. Interest and ability of readers can try to open the battery pack, with the help of the multimeter, can quickly find the damaged batteries (voltage). If the condition allows, the root nonconforming product according to the corresponding parameter to replace batteries.