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Date Submitted Wed. Jun. 12th, 2013 11:26 AM
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In a variety of electronic products, DC-DC power adapter is a lot of use. Such as a laptop inside, CPU requires a 5V power supply, the display needs to 8V power supply, fans need 12V and so on. But the battery can only provide a voltage, such as 12V, therefore, you must use the DC-DC power conversion modules to provide other different voltages, the same sort of situation occurs phones, tablet computers, automotive car chargers and other occasions.

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Simply put, the common DC-DC voltage converter adapter play a major role, as shown below, if the voltage of the power supply system is 12V, and 5V voltage electrical equipment, we need such a DC-DC power adapter.

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But in fact and common DC-DC switching power supply adapter (AC / DC) of the transformation process is basically the same, as shown in the AC-DC switching power supply schematic block diagram is shown. DC / DC is less than the input of the rectifier and filter circuit, the subsequent process is almost the same.

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Thus, strictly speaking, DC-DC power supply must also meet the full performance requirements in order to ensure the quality of power supply. These indicators include:

1 Input voltage, current and power range;
(2) Output voltage, current and power;
3 Output voltage accuracy;
4 input current surge;
5 ripple noise;
6 source / load regulation;
7 conversion efficiency;
8 Output voltage rise time;
9 Input and output on and off delay;
10 Depletion standby power;

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Test DC-DC power supply, typically requires a variety of measurement instruments, including DC power supplies, DC electronic load, oscilloscope, digital multimeter, etc., and in the following diagram to test the connection.

That there is no such a piece of equipment, along with DC power supplies, DC electronic load, oscilloscope, digital voltmeter and ammeter function, can accomplish more than a single instrument all the tests?

Below want to introduce such a station is the industry's most powerful DC Power Analyzer, which is a Observing equipment - Agilent N6705B DC Power Analyzer.

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The following are some of a DC-DC test items measured results:

Through the above test items and reports, we see N6705B built-in power supply, load, oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator function, a single N6705B will be able to conduct a complete DC-DC power supply indicator testing.
Date Submitted Wed. Jun. 12th, 2013 11:16 AM
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Helper aussiegadget
Tags "DC-DC Power" | "laptop adapter"
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We choose DC-DC power supply, it is usually assessed many indicators, such as the output accuracy, source / load regulation, efficiency, etc., but there are several very important but easily overlooked indicators, including:

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1 Dynamic Load Output Capability: We usually use to measure the power load regulation output load capability, such as the output of the work load in half, or full-load conditions output performance. But the load regulation is the work load at a fixed current output performance under changing conditions, a static index, and the actual load current change is often, especially some of the current changes very fast, are dynamic indicators.

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2 Ripple rejection, DC-DC power supply is input to the ripple at the output ripple whether amplification or attenuation capacity usually want the power input of the output current ripple can not.
Power supply ripple noise indicators to assess the DC-DC power at the input completely pure condition, the output ripple and noise size. The source of regulation and load regulation similar assessment is output under static conditions change.

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3 best efficiency operating point range: DC-DC power conversion process, there will be consumed energy, which can not be 100% of the energy input to the output terminal. Usually want efficiency as high as possible, the general power will be given the highest conversion efficiency indicators, but whether this is true in the actual work efficiently to achieve it?
The answer is not necessarily, because it depends on your load operating point, and only in the load operating point (voltage and current) and DC-DC power supply nominal maximum efficiency can be achieved only when consistent with the maximum conversion efficiency.
As shown below, the DC-DC power conversion efficiency of 75.5% was the highest point, about the output current of 150mA (5V, power 0.75W) is reached, and in the range of 70mA to 500mA are higher than 70%.

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