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Date Submitted Sun. Jun. 30th, 2013 4:32 AM
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Tags "samsung galaxy tab 7" | "tablets"
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LOVE my Protective Cases with Stand for Galaxy Tab 7 had a nook colour with CM7 on it and havent touched it in months, also have an HP touchpad and while it feels smoother and just better because of WebOS goodness, it's still lagging behind on free apps that are worth anything..

For me the nook tablet is all I need. I also need the extra space and the sd slot of the nook over the fire because I have around 6 gigs in books which took all night to transfer into Calibre for when I go get my nook sometime in the next week or so. All I need from a tablet is a ereader and light web browsing and movie player. If i need to type I will just get onto my desktop for that where it is a much better experience for typing and documents. that the diff between Fire/Nook versus things like the iPad is that the former are content consuming devices, and tablets are content producing devices.

I like both for different reasons, and use them in different contexts - but I am also the kind of guy who stays away from multi-purpose tools, so there!

Good review as usual, though. i think the nook is a little more tablet than you give it credit for...it's not full blown, it's an e-reader with benefits to be sure, but i can do all my e-mail, all my web surfing, take a look at docs and xls sheets via drop box or google pages with the help of a small office app...as well as watch most flash driven video sites and stuff...so it won't replace a more robust tablet, but I do give it a little more credit than just being an entertainment device.