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flexible printed circuit cable,
0.3 mm pitch flexible printed circuit,
cables for connectors

Now we can see this FPC connector which has been the most suitable to the internal connection for electrical instruments requiring downsizing and multi-functions, such as Laptop PC, PDA, DSC, DVC, digital audio players and other similar products. The main part numbers are 0.3mm pitch, vertical, ZIF type featuring the slide lock, and 3.6mm high and 2.95mm width, 2.8mm wide of the terminal, achieved low profile and space saving. This is how this FPC connector gets so delicate and useful.

Moreover, check the basic features as the following main points. The main part numbers as point one can be read as the ZIF, vertical, and SMT type with dimensions of 0.3mm pitch, 3.6mm high and 2.95mm width. The FPC comes out from the top of the connector is subjected to less constraint in laying due to the vertical type with space-saving design, which enables to use the space more efficiently on the board. With the structure to hold the FPC temporary, the FPC is held with the slider opened and the slider can be locked by operation with a finger, which is highly efficient for the assembling work. Staggered leads on the bottom of the insulator are buried in the insulator itself, which prevents the solder bridge and flux from wicking in the reflow process. Furthermore, the contact material is copper alloy whilst the insulator material is heat resistant plastic.

With the design giving high retention forces and allowing for curved routing, the FPC connector is comprised of 0.3 mm pitch flexible printed circuit connectors that are available from 9®C51 positions and characterisic for 0.9 mm mounted profile. Back flip style actuator utilizes dual-sided FPC for the maximum. In the near future, there are greater possibilities for FPC development.

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