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Date Submitted Tue. Dec. 9th, 2014 8:57 AM
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Helper taktrate
Tags 1000 | Battery | Dell | Laptop | Vostro
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This high quality Dell Vostro 1000 replacement battery will get your laptop up and running the right way at a reduced price.The battery has been precision-engineered and rigorously tested for capacity, voltage ,compatibility and safety to exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications. It's compatible with batteries: Dell Inspiron 6400 ,Dell Inspiron 1501 ,Dell Inspiron E1505 ,Dell 312-0461 ,Dell UD264 ,Dell GD761...
Dell Vostro 1000 Laptop Battery User Tips:
1. How to keep Dell Vostro 1000 battery healthy?
Laptop battery packs should be charged for 12 hours when you first get them. Laptop batteries are completely discharged at the time of purchase, and need a full charge before their first use.
2. How to Extend the Dell Vostro 1000 Laptop Battery Life
According to statistics, a typical laptop battery last long for 500 charges / discharges cycles. If you want your battery for Dell Vostro 1000 to last longer than this number, remove the battery whenever your laptop is plugged into an outlet. If you leave it in, the AC power could cause the battery to overheat and overcharge. Also, keep in mind that keep your laptop and battery in cool, dry, and well - ventilated locations. Hot environment might minimize the Dell Vostro 1000 Battery life.
3. How to deal with Dell Vostro 1000 Laptop batteries when it is not used?
Don't leave your Dell Vostro 1000 battery inactive for extended periods of time. Even if you use AC power most of time, use the battery periodically to keep it in good condition. Unplug your AC adapter when the computer is not in use to prevent overcharging.
4. What should I do for Dell Vostro 1000 battery storage for a long period of time?
Don't store your battery for long periods plugged into or attached to any power source, including AC adapters and laptop security carts plugged into an outlet; Charge batteries before storing. The recommended charging time should not exceed 1 hour.
5. How to maximize my Dell Vostro 1000 laptop battery performance?
To get maximum performance from the battery, fully optimize the notebooks power management features before use. The power management system conserves Dell Vostro 1000 laptop battery power by setting the processor to run at a slower speed, dimming the screen, spinning down the hard drive when it's not in use and causing the machine to go into sleep mode when inactive.
Date Submitted Mon. Feb. 17th, 2014 1:40 AM
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Syntax Master otiscc2013
Tags 1000 | ada | Battery | HP | Mini
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The HP Mini 1000 Battery is a high-quality battery power that requires good maintenance and proper care. For ideal providers, it is eminent that the battery power be kept proper at all times, this includes when in use and not in use.

Below are few helpful tips on how you can prolong the definite life within your battery pack:

The battery for HP Mini 1000 is one that needs extra care, most especially when not in use. For this reason, ensure you take away the battery in your HP when you are not utilizing it. This should be approximately for one week. It helps prevent the memory effect of the battery and makes it effective all the time.

HP Battery for Mini 1000 steadily goes through a loss in its capacity after every charge-discharge series. To avoid this, make sure you do not leave your battery connected to an unpowered PC for a much longer time. Another way to avoid this is by lessening high-end applications such as compiling games and software when charging your battery. This is because the discharging rate gets highly accelerated, draining your battery power at a very high rate.

The HP Mini 1000 Battery, as many other typical laptop batteries, lasts for about 500 charges cycles. One way of optimizing this battery life is by removing your battery when the laptop is plugged in an outlet. Leaving it in could cause your battery to overcharge and overheat, leading to its decrease in discharges and charges cycle.

HP Mini 1000 Battery requires exercise too. Never leave your battery dormant for a long period of time. It is recommended that you use your battery once every two to four weeks. Keeping a battery dormant for a long time, eventually reduces its power capacity. The other most important thing to do is to keep your battery pack clean. Clean all dirty battery contacts using alcohol and cotton swab. This process helps to maintain a perfect connection in between the portable device and your battery.

HP Mini 1000 adapter Charger is one of the main accessories you should also take good care of. Ensure that you unplug it once you are through with using it. Prevent multi-tasking to maximize the exact work period your laptop battery pack has. You should also fully charge HP mini battery twice in every two months. With all this said, it is important that you know how your battery should be stored for all its optimization. Store your HP Mini 1000 Battery in a very clean and dry place far away from heat.

HP Mini 1000 Laptop Battery

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Date Submitted Tue. Jan. 21st, 2014 9:37 AM
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Syntax Master Memole
Tags 1000 | ac | adapter | Battery | HP | Mini
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HP Mini 1000: What about its battery and adapter

Contrary to the belief of many that they are two different devices, the HP Mini 1000 AC adapter and HP Mini 1000 charger is a single device that is being used to charge the battery of the netbook, which in this article is the HP Mini 1000, while you are using it (though you can charge the battery of the laptop while it¡¯s not in use) and sometime, for simplicity, people just call it HP Mini 1000 adapter. Now, let us talk about the model of the charger or adapter (it will be called charger all throughout the article for simplicity), how to take good care of it and other stuffs that concerns about it.

HP Mini 1000 charger converts the power from electricity outlets into 30- watt AC power. Some of the people are misled that number of watt that is required depends on the device. Yes yet no. All units of HP Mini 1000 require the same number of watt and use chargers with pre- set watt- power converter unless you have a universal charger. But for your safety and your netbook, use only the charger that is approved by the manufacturer. Also, to lengthen the working life of your charger, avoid it to fall to the ground or to any hard object from a high place. Some of the delicate parts inside may crack and will result into charger malfunction.

If you have a charger, obviously, you have something to charge on. And since we are talking about HP Mini 1000, we will also talk about its battery.

The HP mini 1000 battery varies. There is 3- cell battery that provides your netbook power for about 3 hours or so depending on the software you are using. This battery usually the one that comes with the netbook. But if you need a longer power supply, you can avail a separate 6- cell battery which in return, supplies you 6 hours or so of power depending, again, on the software you are using. Another advantage of buying the 6- cell battery of HP Mini 1000 is that is has some sort of bottom extension. This raises you netbook comfortably when the battery is installed. However, this battery is thicker and thus, heavier than that of 3- cell. Whatever the type of battery you choose for your HP Mini 1000, the cell type is Li- ion, short for Lithium- Ion. This kind of battery is more lightweight and eco- friendly than other cell types like nickel- metal hybrid and lead- acid.

HP Mini 1000 AC adapter£º
Date Submitted Tue. Dec. 17th, 2013 6:01 AM
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Syntax Master whiteyoung
Tags 1000 | adapter | Battery | HP | Mini | power
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HP Mini 1000 battery is one of the essential components of a laptop that you should not miss. The battery can be charged in a short time as 10 minutes and have excellent thermal power. This is a clear indication that it has reduced need for cooling. It¡¯s also made with nano-based lithium titanate, which will ensure a long life for the battery. The battery has an operating environment 0f zero degrees to forty degrees but technicians recommend it should be stored at a temperature of -40 degrees centigrade all the way to 85 degrees centigrade. Observing these precautions is fundamental because it will help to prolong the life of the battery as well as the laptop. The battery is made with ultra-high performance light weight for travelling purposes.

After a full charge, battery for HP Mini 1000 can take at least one hour and twenty minutes to be fully discharged. Computer technicians say this cannot be a good product and is detrimental for the manufacturer and his products. The battery as well as HP Mini 1000 adapter comes with a minimum of one year warranty to give customers and users assurance. It is therefore recommended that HP batteries should be replaced from HP retail shops or other credible dealers as they give an efficient replacement of the originals.

It is also beneficial to observe sound HP Mini 1000 power adapter and battery etiquette in order to boost power supply. For example, it is only sensible to unplug it from the power supply once it is fully charged. Leaving it on charge to continue charging will only serve to damage the battery in the long run. You should also not leave the battery in your HP bag for months on end if fully charged. Make sure to use it once every so often to keep it active. You should store it when the power level is at around 40%. It is also worth noting that you should not allow the battery to die completely. Always charge the battery when its power level comes just below 10%.

With proper care and maintenance of your HP laptop, you are assured of lengthened power and standby time for the HP battery. You should pay close care when handling or cleaning the battery¡¯s metal contacts. These contacts should be cleaned at least four to five times a year, using a cloth laced with rubbing alcohol. This is theoretically said to aid the efficiency of the transfer of power to the laptop from the battery.

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Date Submitted Sat. Dec. 7th, 2013 2:39 AM
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Syntax Master otiscc2013
Tags 1000 | Battery | for | HP | Mini
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An original battery for HP Mini 1000 is a Li-polymer battery that comes with a voltage of 11.1V, a capacity of 23000mAh and has a net weight of 198g. The battery measures 142.7 by 87.4 by 9.75mm. he HP Mini 1000 battery fits machine models: HP Mini 1000, Compaq Mini 700, HP Mini 10.2 all series, HP Mini 1014, HP Mini 1050, HP Mini 1001, HP Mini 1035 NR, and HP Mini 1010NR laptops. All the HP Mini batteries have a 1 year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee if purchased from legitimate an offline or online store. The batteries have high power transmission capability and low internal resistance.

The HP Mini 1000 battery has a double IC PBC Protector and over 500 complete discharge & charge times/cycles. The internal circuit board has chips which allow it to directly communicate with the machine to monitor its performance, temperature and output voltage. The battery is designed to give the HP Mini laptop a more accurate and complete fuel gauge capability that helps in determining the number of battery run-time is left prior to the next re-charge is required. The HP Mini 1000 battery compatible part number include: HP 493529-371, HP HSRNN-157C and HP HSTNN-OB80.

How can you extend the life of your Li-polymer HP Mini 1000 laptop battery?

The HP battery requires frequent calibration where you are supposed to periodically carry out a full discharge after every 30 full charges, so as to enhance meter accuracy. Battery calibration is very important, but it should only be done based on the results shown in HP Support Manual. Under normal usage, it is recommended that you calibrate the battery at least once every 2-3 months. But if your battery is rarely discharged, then the calibration ought to be done once a month instead.

Refrain from leaving your HP Mini 110 battery plugged into an electric power source long after you have completed using your laptop. This is because doing so frequently maintains an air of electricity (a condition normally referred to as ¡°drought¡±) which has serious consequences like causing damage to the interior components of the HP charger rendering it useless.

If the rechargeable battery fails to charge, then it could be as a result of the HP Mini 1000 adapter failure, a battery failure or a system board failure. This will force you to troubleshoot the power supply, the system board and the battery in order to correct the failure. The failure may also be as a result of excessive heat ¨C an enemy of the all HP Mini battery models. Remember that it is very possible for the temperature in a car to rise to 50F in just one hour, in fact in some cases in may reach 140F.

Keep the battery clean by cleaning it with a soft cloth, a pencil eraser or rubbing it with alcohol.

HP Mini 1000 Laptop Battery

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Date Submitted Wed. Sep. 11th, 2013 8:19 AM
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Scripter aupcbattery
Tags 1000 | Dell | Vostro
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Dell Vostro 1000 battery quality and battery life is when you buy notebook particular concern, in fact, how to make good use of laptop battery, how to extend their use of time and the use of life and other issues, no doubt troubled by the majority of laptop users is a problem, and notebook battery there are many methods and techniques, which requires us to pay more in peacetime use of learning and application. The next comparison would be a brief four kinds of maintenance methods. We want to help.
1 First, the user wants to make the books of theDell Vostro 1000 battery longevity, it needs to have a good start, when we buy a notebook, the battery should be some remaining capacity, which is to allow users to use the testing machine (if you find that the battery battery is full, then the proof of this machine being used), at this time, you should not use external power, the battery inside the power exhausted, until the shutdown, then use the external power supply charge.
2 Do not charge the Dell Vostro 1000 battery to the laptop in the rain: Rainy often thunder and lightning caused by the transient current impact in terms of the battery is extremely unfavorable. In addition, the process of using the laptop battery stable voltage is also particularly important. Users should avoid the notebook's power adapter and power appliances (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines) connected to the same power outlet.
3, regular battery maintenance: If you can not guarantee every time thoroughly clean and recharge the battery used, then at least a month to carry out a standard charge and discharge (which is full, put a clean refill), or regularly BIOS built-in battery calibration function for maintenance, so that prolong the Dell Vostro 1000 battery life is very good.
4 If some users usethe battery for Dell Vostro 1000 for long periods, you need to charge a battery to power more than 50% during storage, it is a good battery subsequent use. In addition, the storage process must pay attention to indoor temperature, high or low temperature impact on the battery is relatively large, the best storage temperature is around 20 degrees.
Date Submitted Thu. May. 16th, 2013 3:27 AM
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Syntax Master wang2013
Tags 1000 | adapter | HP | Mini
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HP Mini 1000 adapter is rated at 19V/1.58A, 30W. Replacement hp mini 1000 charger is 100% Compatible, Meets or Exceeds Original Specification.High performance, lightweight HP Mini 1000 Adapter for your hp laptop for traveling.
Date Submitted Fri. Apr. 19th, 2013 8:58 AM
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Tags 1000 | Battery | HP | Laptop | Mini
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Look no further than to find the best 2450mAh 3 cell 11.1V HP Mini 1000 Battery Replacement at unbeatable price, then you can be rest assured that you are receiving the best value and service for your money. All HP Mini 1000 Batteries have an internal circuit board and chips with smart fuel gauge capability to determine battery performance and optimization. We guarantee all the products here to be brand new and fresh from our factory.
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Tags 1000 | adapter | Battery | HP | lap | Mini
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There are a number of features that need to be discussed when it comes to HP Mini 1000 battery. One of the major aspects of battery for HP Mini 1000 is that it is unique from the other typical notebook batteries. That is why it is very important for you to ensure that you take care of it. When you buy a new laptop battery, you need to know that it must be broken down first before you use it for the first time. They require the first charge of about 12-14 hours. And the charger needs to be an HP Mini 1000 adapter rather than a car charger or any other type. No matter what indicator says, make sure to charge it to its full capacity. It is highly recommended that you charge and recharge your battery 2 to 4 times in order to reach maximum capacity.

When you are using your laptop as a desktop replacement, you need to make sure that you do not leave it for an extended period of time. What it does is that it over time discharges the battery for HP Mini 1000. Remove the battery while making sure that it is charged to at least half of its capacity. Make sure that it is protected and nothing will drop on it.

The HP Mini 1000 battery needs to be recharged after a period of every 3 to 4 weeks and then made to fully discharge. If you leave your battery in storage for longer than this, it will make your battery to get fully discharged as the circuitry of the HP laptop it consumes a lot of power. Keeping the laptop battery in your laptop and connecting it to the electrical outlet for longer period of time, will damage the life of your laptop battery in the long run. This is because of the fact that it keeps your battery in a constant cycle of charging up and discharging, thereby reducing your battery life.

These types of HP laptop batteries tend to drop their independence due to a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is the normal aging period of the chemicals used in batteries. No matter how hard you try to keep your battery well-maintained, the battery will undergo wear and tear as the time passes. As a matter of fact the entire battery life of a laptop ranges from 2-3 years. For some, it can hardly survive for a couple of years.

You need to understand that just a few simple steps could help you bring positive change in how long the HP Mini 1000 battery will last. If you want to see your laptop battery lasting for a longer time span, you need to undertake measures to keep it safe from severe weather conditions. The best temperature to keep your battery and HP Mini 1000 adapter safe is about 15 Celsius. If you are planning on not using the laptop for a long time, remember to remove it from the system and place it in a dry, cool place. With that said, make sure to act upon above suggestions if you want to extend laptop battery life.

Article Source:best cheap laptop adapter for most of the top brands of notebooks on
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Tags 1000 | asus | Battery | Eee | Laptop | PC
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30% Off Eee PC 1000 Laptop Battery, 1 Year Warranty, Buy Cheap Replacement Asus Eee PC 1000 Battery? We offer high quality Asus Eee PC 1000 battery at the lowest price in Australia.

Product Specification
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 6600mAh
Size: 139.08 x 54.88 x 38.18mm
Weight: 413.91g
Color: Black
Condition: Brand New, 30 Days Money Back, 1 Year Warranty
Original Price: AU $68.97
Sale Price: AU $53.05
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