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GBIC(gigabit interface converter), it is just a media conversion device between Gigabit Ethernet and fiber optic networks, using the GBIC transceiver, Gigabit network equipment can directly hook up to copper wires, single mode fiber ports or multimode fiber ports employed to transform between electric signals and optical fiber signals.

GBIC has its multi sources agreement as the industrial standard, this help manufacturers save cost to produce their each own standard and solve the situation of compatibility, GBIC transceivers may possibly also profit the users, for the reason that equipment support GBIC can fit to utilize different kinds of GBIC transceivers from different suppliers, what is more, GBIC is hot pluggable, this enable users to alter the connections as they need - just alter the GBIC transceivers to be they need.

Cisco GBIC fiber transceiver is surely an international acknowledged standard as explained by SFF Committee in document SFF-8053. Common Cisco GBIC fiber optic transceivers use dual SC optical fiber interface. It might fit to the GBIC slot about the switches or routers, Cisco GBIC transceiver is fully hot swappable equipment.

GBIC can be classified as outlined by its range, wavelength, transfer rate, and optical power. You will find kinds of GBIC transceivers available in the market nowadays to accommodate the specifications essential for the network with the system.Fiberstore use a array of Cisco GBIC modules, like WS G5483, WS G5484, WS G5486, and WS G5487 are of 1000base gbic transceivers. The freedom could be the advantage of GBIC over others just like the fixed physical interface configurations.Now,to comprehend the Cisco WS G5483 info.

The Cisco WS G5483 works with 1000Base-T GBIC product. It really is using a standard RJ-45 interface with Category 5 wiring that reaches the gap of 100 meters. WS G5484 runs on legacy MMF optic link with the gap of 550 meters. The WS G5486 can run up to 10 kilometers over SMF while 550 meters for MMF. And, WS G5487 creates SMF optic link that will reach 70 kilometers in case your premium SMF is used the product range will reach up to 100 kilometers. The range of link is determined by factors such as the quality of fiber, connectors, and amount of splices.

Remarks of GBIC modules: When install the GBIC modules, you should be aware in the alignment groove beside the transceiver, and ensure it fit for your Ethernet interface slot and attempt the insertion, sometimes you may must change it 180 degree to adjust to for your interface. Although GBIC fiber optic transceiver modules are plug and play, we recommend you disconnect all the fiber optic patch cords associated with it prior to deciding to install or eliminate it.

Are you experiencing any queries about GBIC transceiver,thanks for visiting www.fiberstore.com find you answer or via sales@fiberstore.com e-mail us.The whole Cisco GBIC optical transceivers are tested in-house ahead of shipment to guarantee that they'll arrive in perfect physical and dealing condition. Buy confidently.