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Date Submitted Thu. Jun. 13th, 2013 9:24 AM
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FiberStore news, the UK's leading network and application security solutions provider Phoenix Datacom Ltd recently had successfully helped Vtesse Networks to upgrade its ROADM network from 10G to over 100G.

To meet the index growth demand from video transmission, cloud services and applications, tablet computer and intelligent mobile phone for more high-speed bandwidth, Vtesse Networks wants to maintain a competitive advantage by upgrading its ROADM network. Therefore, need to test and verify the network upgrade, the traffic generation situation under all speed ranges, including 100G.

Vtesse Networks service development manager Steve Roberts said:"At present user demand for 10G Ethernet connectivity continues to increase, so the deployment of 100G to meet customers' future needs is a natural process for us; using its high level of technical expertise and capabilities, Phoenix Datacom previously had provided support for us to develop a standard MPLS service verification, we have been impressed its service quality, so this time we naturally choose this company to help us to upgrade ROADM network to 100G".

Phoenix Datacom supplied traffic generation test equipment to Vtesse Networks which is developed by its partners Xena Networks. Xena Networks is a leading L2-L3 Gigabit Ethernet test solution provider, currently one of the few companies be able to provide robust minority 40/100G Ethernet test solutions.

Phoenix Datacom technical director Richard Cull said,"This is an exciting project, we can use perfect three-speed test equipment, which is the only can be used to test 10G/40G/100G currently from Xena Network, to support the 100G commitment of Vtesse Networks. Using this device, Vtesse Networks can MPLS and optical layer can carry out a series of tests on the data transmission between MPLS and fiber layer on each site".

Vtesse's ROADM network has several major advantages, one of which is possible to dramatically reduce development time of new services, from standard 40 days to 15 days, even up to 5 days. From now on, Vtesse users can also enjoy a higher level of high-speed connectivity and high-speed service activation experience.