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The VAG COM 11.11 is a Microsoft windows based software which is fundamentally used for diagnostics and other car adjustments though it is commonly used in Volkswagen motor vehicle group. This software was developed in the early 2000 by the Ross-tech company. This software is very compatible with windows 7 and 8 64 bit and hence this versatility enhances the its compatibility. The software can be used in various functions such as diesel ignition timing, automatic door unlocking and coding a replacement for vehicle¡¯s electronic control unit. VAG COM 11.11 can either be used as a package as distributed by the manufacturer or building an interface and then using it with the available public shareware version of the software. It has a very unique feature with a large database which measures block text which allows the user to view, log and even graph the measuring blocks at ago.

The VAG COM 11.11.3 is the newest version of VAG tools and has the ability of reading and erasing diagnostic trouble codes for easier identification and fixing all faults in VAG vehicles. Furthermore, the software has a very special feature that resets the service indicators after taking the readings. This version also supports gearbox, airbags engine besides its full compatibility with VW, Audi, Skoda and other models that use direct CAN diagnostic connections.

VAG HEX CAN USB Interface allows direct connection of the laptop with the VAG system including connecting those desktops that require CAN BUS direct connection. The interface can perfectly be plugged in all latest computer models. The interface is fully compatible with Windows 2000, Windows vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit systems.


¡¤ It has improved screen readiness with additional information.

¡¤ Fully support of 64 bit systems.

¡¤ Over 14000 fault codes and measuring value texts.

¡¤ Improved documentation of older and newer files and models.

¡¤ Supports basic settings by using UDS protocol.

¡¤ It has a built in VAG saver functionality for instant alerts in case of shortening.

¡¤ It has a bi colour red or green LED


¡¤ It reads and clears all faults

¡¤It resets all service indicators

¡¤ It has the ability to retract the late model handbrake for pad change.

¡¤ It has the ability to cover all modules like central locking, airbags, engine and gearbox

VCDS 11.11.3 is a complete package comprising of a diagnostic interface, a CD software and a software screenshot for better performance and functionality.

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VAG COM 11.11.3 is a well known USB interface cable that that give you amazing support for diagnosis of various control and modules of your car under UDS, ODX and SM protocol. With the help of this cable you can connect your laptop or pc and you can use this diagnostic tool to find the problems of your bigger car like Skoda, Audi, Volkswagen and other bigger cars and you can use it for other smaller cars as well.That means it is a best solution for almost every car owner for problem resolution.

If we talk about VAG COM 11.11.3 advantages it has so many advantages including support to most of the addresses for new cars that can range from year 1991 to year 2011. Due to this amazing support of so many cars not only do it yourself car repairer, but many expert technicians and garages also use VAG HEX CAN USB Interface for diagnosis of these problems and they use it to resolve the problems. The greatest thing about this particular diagnosis cable and tool is that it has more than 14,000 fault codes that can help you to diagnose almost every possible problem and can give you its solution as well.

Other than this VAG HEX CAN USB Interface software has updated label file as well that not only provide you much better and improved documentation for all the new models and existing models, but it also offer you much more than many other similar tool. Other than this you can also easily get support from their support team and internet for its support, so if you are stuck at some place you can get the help for it and you will be able to resolve the problem by yourself without any problem.

Talking about the major functionality of VCDS 11.11.3 it can help you to service your indicator, it can read all the fault code and can tell you the fault code for resolution of problem. Additionally, it can also read the problem of central locking, gearbox, airbag, engine, hand break, throttle and many other functions that you might need for resolution of your car problem. Since this tool work easily with latest operating system of windows so you can easily connect with your laptop regardless of your windows operating system type of version. Whether you run a 32 bit OS or 64 bit, it will work with that and its software is compatible with windows XP, Vista and 7 as well.
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VAG COM 11.11 is the newest OBD2 repair car diagnostic interface that uses the new 7-Digit PIN/SKC codes to match new keys in all immobilizer equipped Audi/Skoda/VW/Seat 2012 models, including compatibility with models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics.

The VAG COM 11.11.3 package comprises 1PC x VAG COM 11.11.3 cable and 1PC x CD driver (version VAG COM 11.11.3). Its PC requirements include a computer running Ms Windows. However, a laptop, tablet or Netbook is best. A desktop PC can also be used too. VAG COM 11.11 diagnostic cable works perfectly with Windows XP, 2000, 32-bit, 64-bit and Vista.

Unlike the older versions, VCDS 11.11.3 adds the following improvements:

- Added text box to disable the aggressive and frustrating fault reading mode we have often used under UDS.

- It has separated routines by protocols

- Revised and expanded Label Files and a new version of LCode

- Larger area of the Readiness Screen to display more info for Basic Settings

- Added data types OD, OF, OB to Generic OBD2 Mode 9.

- Enhanced interpretation of status byte for DTCs in UDS modules

- New USB Drivers which are compatible with the latest PCs which employ the use of Fresco Logic USB3 chipsets.

- Re-factored DTC routines which are capable of giving enhanced interpretation of the DTC data.

- Completely revised and enhanced ROD (ODX) data that also includes a larger coverage for additional updated control modules.

- A new and more universal airbag coding assistant.

The VAG COM 11.11.3 version also comprises a database of more than 14000 fault-codes and measuring-block texts, and allows you to have a clearer view, log, and graph 3 groups of Measuring Blocks concurrently. In addition, it can access all control modules and display critical timing information on TDI engines in graphic form.

The VAG HEX CAN USB interface supports output tests, measuring values and adaptations on control modules that use the new 2010 ODX/UDS/ASAM protocol. It adds new UDS addresses as well as updated ODX data for all the latest car models (from 1991 to 2011). Being an intelligent connector with on-board microprocessor, the USB acts as a ¡°dongle¡± when used with this interface, thereby, enabling it to establish sessions to individual control modules much more quickly that a ¡°dumb¡± interface.

The VAG HEX CAN USB Interface measures and uses the exact baud rate, exactly the same one a control module wants. It also reads and clears all fault codes, covers all the modules including ABS, airbag, gearbox, engine, central locking among others, and also retracts all the late model handbrakes for pad changes. In fact, the new firmware for HEX interface has enhanced compatibility with the 6J Ibiza Updated Label files which has resulted into better documentation for new and existing models.

The cable on the VAG HEX CAN USB interface is about 6 feet long; just right enough for most laptops. However, most USB standards do not allow for passive extension cords. This means that if you really need an extension, then the best thing to do is to try an Active USB extension.
Product URL: http://www.obd2cart.com/vag-com-1111-vag-com-11113-vcds-hex-can-usb-interface-for-vw-audi-p-377.html.
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Car Diagnostic Cable for Volkswagen / Seat / Skoda / Audi like VAG COM 11.11. A device communicates with your vehicle¡¯s system for easy reporting of concerns and self-testing your car. The tools provide a repair technician or the owner access to the performance information of the different vehicle sub-systems. This technology has been in use since 1996. However, the technology became widely used by different manufacturers in 1990s. Any vehicle that is equipped with the OBD tools is said to have the 16-pin connector under the dash. This is necessary to allow connection of a scan tool. These tools are now essential for effective automobile repair.

One of the common scan tools is VAG COM 11.11.3. It is compatible with both windows 7 and 8. The tool is easy to install and can be used with different car models. The cable can be used easily to check the fault codes. However, the virus may make it give wrong indications.

These manifestations can help easily be detected by the VAG COM 11.11.3 Car Diagnostic Cable for Volkswagen / Seat / Skoda / Audi. A car engine is usually affected by various problems. One is by dimming and blinking of engine light. Such problems need to be detected early to avoid unnecessary breakdowns. When engine light steadily glows, this is also another indication that there is a problem with your car engine. This can be associated with either an emission problem or an oxygen sensor.

It is possible you have heard other tools such as VAG HEX CAN USB Interface that can be plugged into your car¡¯s OBD ports. The tool can be used to scan your car to detect any issues and can be used for large vehicles. The process of detecting problems in your car is simple. You are required to plug your car OBD scanner and it will find out the problem with your vehicle. You need a laptop, where data will be stored. It is possible to determine the problem. Getting the right OBD tools is a nightmare. This is so because; there are so many tools on the market. Therefore getting the appropriate one is hard, unless you have adequate information.

Before purchasing Car Diagnostic Cable for Volkswagen / Seat / Skoda / Audi such as VCDS 11.11.3, you should take into account the compatibility issues. Although most of these tools are standardized, there exists varying hardware communications established by different tools. Universal tools may be used for different cars but there are also specific tools made for a particular vehicle model. Therefore, research is mandatory before making a purchase.
Article Source£ºhttp://www.obd2cart.com/blog/what-you-should-know-about-vag-com-11-11-cable-to-keep-your-car-fit/
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VAG COM 11.11 is another product that is well-known for its diagnostic cable support of when measuring values especially on the adaptations control modules when using the new 2010 UDS/ODX/ASAM protocol. It's also available in the new UDS addresses as well as an updated ODX data for the models. Recently, it was improved through the VAG-COM, which a powerful PC laptop is based on the diagnostic tool for the SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi cars as well as light.

VAG COM 11.11.3 has several advantages when using. Some of them include its ability to support the new addresses for the new cars that ranges from the year 1991 to 2011. This remarkable feature has made it have the best features for many people. Its new code files have also more than the 14,000 fault codes when measuring value texts. It has also improved Readiness Screens that contain additional information. This means that it will function much better than probably what the market offers. Never forget that the product also has updated a label file that is an improved documentation for the new as well as the existing models.

VAG HEX CAN USB Interface has also several advantages. First, it enables you to service indicators that include the latest 2010 as well as Audi and VW. It will also read at the same time clear the entire fault coded. It also covers all modules that range from engine, central locking, airbag, gearbox etc. It will also retract the latest model hand-brake for the pad change and finally has throttle body adapts.

VCDS 11.11.3 supports the basic settings especially on the control modules when using new UDS/ODX/ASAM protocol. It can also add the new UDS addresses as well as updated ODX data especially for the 2010 models. It also supports the new addresses especially for the latest cars. This means that it has an Improved Readiness Screens that has additional information. VCDS 11.11.3 also has a full 64-bit support especially on the systems that can use it. The codes are also now over 14,000 fault when measuring value texts. It also works with the latest operating systems ranging from the Windows 2000, Vista, both32-bit and 64-bit speeds and XP. You can also use it on a notebook, Tablet, laptop, among many other latest devices. This will also protect you from the dealers expensive scan tools whenever you need the services.

Article source: http://www.obd2cart.com/blog/a-review-of-vag-com-11-11-for-your-vehicle-vw-audi/
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The MaxiScan MS309 Code Scanner Reader can be efficiently used to detect fault codes in your car. This tool provides easy access to various Trouble Codes and also has definitions for them. The scanner is OBD2 compatible and can be connected with most of the modern cars available in the current market. The scanner is used to read, both manufacture specific codes and generic codes. It is possible to retrieve generic codes of type P0, P2, P3 and U0, manufacture specific P1, P3, U1 codes and also pending codes. It is easy and simple to use. The scanner needs to be connected with the OBD port of the car and the device automatically scan for the protocol that the car uses and display the fault codes which it has found.

The ELM 327 USB OBD2 can be connected with your car's computer to monitor the status of the car. It can be used in the monitoring of various data such as Exact Throttle Position, Rate of the Air Flow, Load Value Calculation, Temperature of the coolant, RPM of the Engine, Fuel Pressure, Intake Air Temperature, Pressure Intake, Short Term as well as Long term Fuel Trim, Sensor Voltages and the associated fuel trims, Timing Advance and Vehicle Speed. The device uses high performance CAN interface for connection and hence very high speed can be achieved. It is easy to use the device and it operates at 12 V.

The ELM327 V1.5 Diagnostic Scan Tool is used to detect data in car such as RPM rate of the Engine, temperature of the coolant, speed of the vehicle, fuel pressure, air pressure rate etc. The test is performed with the Scan tool to detect errors in any of the above mentioned data. The main advantage of the scan tool is that, it is wireless and works with the help of Bluetooth support. The device has also got built in USB to serial converter. It is possible to read both manufacture specific as well as generic trouble codes with the help of this device. There are more than 3000 generic code words already added to the database. The device comes with a software CD which could be installed in your system to monitor the data provided by the device.

VAG COM 11.11.3 is a diagnostic cable which is used for measuring various values and control modules with the help of the advanced UDS protocol. The main advantage of using this cable is that, it can match airbags whereas the earlier versions can only read and erase coding. The device also supports protocols such as TP1.6, which speeds up the device modules on other models. The cable can also read the mileage stored in EDC16 ECU's. The new design has got over 13,000 fault codes and can measure value texts. It works well with both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista and 2000. It provides supports in three languages, English, Russian and Czech. The cable is easy to use and comes with a software CD, which could be installed in the system for better access.