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The Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery is one of the high performance batteries in the market. This means that when the battery is fully charged, it can last a number of hours. It mostly lasts between three to five hours. The amount of running time of the laptop battery depends on the programs that are being run on the laptop. Some programs consume too much power compared to others. This means that these programs will drain the battery faster compared to other programs. The Dell Inspiron 1300Battery is able to support these high power processes.

The battery has a long life. It is durable and can last for a considerable length of time if good care is taken of it. In order to ensure the battery for Dell Inspiron 1300 lasts long enough, there are important tips that should be followed. The battery should not be charged too frequently. Most of the times, it should be allowed to drain to almost empty before it is recharged. This increases its life span. It is also important that the batteries are not exposed in direct sunlight. This is because the light has an adverse effect on the battery life. Also when charging the battery, the right Dell Inspiron 1300 adapter should be used. This is so that only the recommended power voltage reaches the battery.

The Dell battery comes with a number of important features. It is made of lithium ion, the latest technology in the market that has enhanced its performance greatly. Apart from the Dell Inspiron 1300, it is also compatible with the Dell i1300, the B120 and the B130. It is of black color and has different compatible part numbers such as XD187, KD186 and HD438. Most shops provide a one year warranty on the product. It provides 11.10v to the laptop and has a capacity of 4400mAh.

The battery for Dell Inspiron 1300 can be depended on. It has the right features and it is able to work comfortably in the compatible devices. It provides one of the best ever life accessible for the laptop. In order to get the best out of the battery and Dell Inspiron 1300 adapter, the laptop must be used appropriately. Conditioning of the battery must be done at least once in a week. The battery is affordable and provides the best possible value for money. It is guaranteed not to disappoint as many of the users have rated it very highly.

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Tags 1300 | Battery | Dell | Inspiron | Laptop
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This replacement Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery is 100% compatible and will meet or exceed the specifications of the original. With this battery for your laptop you can get long hours of battery life without having to frequently plug-in to recharge. All replacement batteries supplied by have passed strict quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards such as CE, UL Listed. The Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop Battery comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year free replacement warranty. - See more at:
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