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If you are the type of person who is always on the move, the last thing you would want is to have your electronic devices such as phone, tablet or even laptop off due to lack of charge. It can be a major disaster if your phone goes off just when you are about to receive a very important business call and you cannot access an electrical outlet. Getting a portable phone charger also known as a power bank is the best solution to this. This device ensures that you are always online no matter where you are.

This gadget is essential to everyone who travels a lot and would not like to go offline even if it is just for one minute. It makes it possible to spend long hours in the web, take continuous photos as you travel, play music as well as text without worrying about your battery draining off power. Since it is impossible to charge your electronic devices when on the beach or when on the move, a portable power bank ensures that your batteries are charged at all times.

The fact that you can charge the 5200mAh mobile charger of your electronic devices anytime and anywhere is the major benefit of having a portable power bank. Moreover, most power banks works perfectly with different smart phones brands as well as MP4 and MP# players, iPads and digital cameras. With this in mind, there is no longer the need of buying extra batteries for your devices in order to avoid going offline as you travel.

However, to ensure that the power bank is able to charge all your batteries without being drained, ensure that you buy a power bank with the highest capacity you can afford. The high capacity of 13000mAh battery pack will enable you to charge your devices multiple times before it is drained. You can determine the capacity that will work best for you by adding up the capacity of all the batteries you intend to charge and get a power bank that has double or triple the total capacity. Remember, the bigger the capacity the better.

Also, ensure that you buy the power bank from reputable manufacturers. Avoid cheap deals as most of the cheap power banks are of low quality. They are also made using low quality components, which can damage your devices.

Lastly, check to ensure that the portable phone charger you buy has attached cables to save you the hassle of carrying yours around. A power bank with two ports is more convenient as it allows you to charge more than one device simultaneously.

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A portable USB battery charger is a device that is used to restore energy into a device cell. Take for instance your smart phone; its battery needs to be recharged from time to time, so basically we call it a charger. The type and size of the cell to be charged determines the kind of charger because they are not all the same. Whereas some cells may not withstand high constant voltage, others are able to adapt this kind of situation. Most commonly for this kind of cells are charger using manually controlled power banks that we plug to and from the power source at need, though we have those that are fitted with timers to disconnect power after a given duration. There are batteries that are sensitive to temperature and so they have a trigger mechanism after reaching a given point that enables them disconnect power automatically.

Phone battery pack charge specifications

What you need to clearly understand, is that though they all share the same name, there is a difference in rating and this is referred to as charge rate. Charge rate may be abbreviated as C-rate or simply C. Choosing the wrong C-rate power bank comes with its challenges as some cells may not be compatible while others may not charge to desired standard levels.

There is a general perception that some people have in regard to the power bank, confusing phone adapters to be chargers. Majority of what we have in the market are simply adapters where a fixed rating is coupled with a customized cable connector to suit a particular device.

Mostly power adapters are used for the following fields and purposes;

Vehicle battery chargers
Charge stations
Electric vehicle
For vehicles, the purposes are; starter battery recharge for ignition and recharging a battery pack that is used to run an electric vehicle.

Charge stations undertake 13000mAh external battery charging activities in mass where it¡¯s a business.

NewNow Bamboo V 13000mAh Portable Double-USB Port External Battery

A series charger is inbuilt in electric vehicles and this is another major user of power adapters.

Things to consider while buying a portable power bank are;


Safety should be a key consideration because lack of it may result to injury or even fatalities.


It should be from a reliable manufacture who is keen on standards and safety measures.

Service after sales

It is important to look out for a supplier who offers support even after selling to you the product as this is a kind gesture and exerts confidence.


The product design should be appealing and acceptable to the buyer.

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I always stay on the road for my work related requirements and that¡¯s why I get very less time to charge my mobile devices. But my work does not allows me to go out with non working phone and that the reason I always keep at least on portable USB battery charger with me. But if I am travelling with multiple devices then I keep few other external charging options as well with me and I am sharing these details with you in this article.

Battery case: I always use a battery case with my Smartphone because this case works as extra phone battery pack for me. The best thing about external battery case is that I can charge it just like I charge my phone and I can put it on my phone just like any protection casing for phone. Also, when I see that my phone battery pack is almost at the end, then I simply press a charge button on my battery case and it start charging my phone without any problem. So, in other words I can say I never go out without a battery case for my phone.

USB charger: If I am going out at a place where I know that I won¡¯t be able to stay at any place for charging my devices, then I always carry one portable USB battery charger with me. This USB charger or battery allows me to charge my devices at any time. And for charging my devices or phone I just need to connect that USB cable in USB battery and in my mobile device and it start charging my devices without any delay and I stay connected with my work and with my family as well.

Big Battery banks: When I go out with multiple devices such as tablet, phone and other simile things, then I always carry one 13000mAh external battery with me. This huge capacity battery allows me to charge my all the devices at once and I also get enough juice in this battery to charge my devices for multiple time. The best thing about this type of battery bank is that I always remain online and even if I am at a very remote location, then I turn off my all other devices and I charge only one mobile phone again and again using this battery bank so I can stay online and can do my work without any problem.

For more information about NewNow battery pack,please go to http://www.newnow.com/
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Those days are long gone when you had to sit at your desk for charging your phone or any other devices. Now you can easily get so many battery packs and mobile charging option that can allow you to charge your devices while on the go. In case you have no clue about portable phone charger or battery packs, then this article might give some very useful information to you for the external batter in easy manner.

Battery case: If you want to charge your mobile phone on the go that too without connecting it with your mobile charger, then you can easily do that with the help of a battery case. In order to do this, you just need to find battery case that is compatible with your mobile phone and then you need to use your phone with it. After doing this, you can easily charge your mobile phone anywhere just by pressing one charge button on the battery case.

Battery packs: Now days¡¯ so many people prefer more than one phone and other multiple devices as well with them. If you are one of those people then a 13000mAh battery pack can be a great solution for you. By using this battery pack you can charge multiple devices together and you can charge it for multiple times as well. That means you will get the liberty to use the battery of your devices as you want that too without worrying about going out of battery.

Single mobile charger: In case you just carry one phone with you, but you feel that you need to charge it at least twice, then 5200mAh Mobile charger can be one of the best solutions for you. The best thing about this type of external charger is that you can charge any phone at least twice with it and it comes in small size as well. So, you do not need to worry about its carrying problems as well and you can easily keep it in your pocket or in your bag, without any problem.

In addition to all these benefits, a good mobile charger also give you extra features like flash light and other options that can come very handy when you are in an emergency situation. So, in short I can say that if you these charging options can become a lifesaver for every individual in a best possible manner at any remote place for people.

NewNow Bamboo V 13000mAh Ultra-High Dual USB External Battery Charger-4.jpg

For more information about NewNow Phone Charger,please go to http://www.newnow.com/
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A high capacity NewNow Bamboo VI 15600mAh External Battery is now available, this is the NewNow Bamboo VI 15600mAh External Battery, NewNow Bamboo V 13000mAh External Battery. It is simply a charger or a backup battery with a USB output. The Bamboo external batteries are easy to use and will be the ultimate solution to solve power for your device.


What you will find exceptional with this external battery is that it is slim, light weight and that it comes with a fashionable design. The Bamboo VI 15600mAh capacity and the Bamboo 1300 mAh capacity ensure several full charges for your device. Its strong built in Li-ion battery will ensure that your external battery has an increased lifespan.

NewNow Bamboo VI 15600mAh Ultra-Huge Capacity External Battery Charger-13.jpg

Convenience of the external battery

The NewNow Bamboo V 13000mAh External Battery has been modernized with an easy to use technology. Three LED indicators show you the energy state of your external battery; you will not be worried about overcharging your device. Convenience with this device is further realized with the availability of dual ports to charge 2 gadgets at the same time.

It slim size ensures that it easily fits your bag, you can now charge your device anywhere at any time. This battery will be great especially for those that are frequently on the road. Furthermore, it is great for power outages and emergencies where you really need to have your device with you.

Safety and maintenance tips

After acquiring the NewNow Bamboo VI 15600mAh External Battery, you would like to enhance its lifespan. Correct charging of the battery is one important care tip; simply charge your battery for about 10 hours before using. Do not overcharge or undercharge it. Its three LED indicators will show the state of your external battery. A full charge will be shown when the three indicators light.

Clean your device appropriately in order to increase its lifespan. Use the correct detergents to increase its lifespan. Be careful not to use water when cleaning the poles of the battery as it may cause various reactions such as rust within the poles.

After using this well designed NewNow Bamboo V 13000mAh External Battery you will find its quality is superb. It has two outputs with different current values, this affects the rate at which your device charges. iPad and tablets charge at higher currents while other gadgets charge at lower currents, this means that you can charge these devices at the same time. Whether it is an iPad, tablet, iPhone, smart phone or any other device you can charge them using this power bank.

For more information,please go to http://www.newnow.com/
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Don¡¯t you just hate it when your phone runs out of juice and you are miles away from home? The situation is worse if you are going to meet someone and then the device just decides shutdown. Luckily, there are companies such as NewNow. This is where you will get the newest¡¯ power solutions now¡¯. It is all in the name.

Constant power supply all the time

If you are looking for a very effective and affordable power bank, then NewNow is the place to go. The NewNow-Bamboo VI 15600mAh external battery is one of the best yet. This device will compensate for the poor battery backup that comes with most Smartphones, tablets and laptops today. The issue of excessive battery consumption is to be found in just about all devices but the NewNow external battery is a solution for all of them.

NewNow Bamboo VI 15600mAh Ultra-Huge Capacity External Battery Charger-10.jpg

Affordable power solutions

A few years ago, power banks were extremely expensive. This is because only a handful of manufacturers existed. However, the power solutions that are offered now by companies such as NewNow are nothing short of affordable. For instance you will not have to pay half the national debt in order to afford the Bamboo VI external battery. If you find this one to be too expensive, there is the NewNow Bamboo V 13000mAh external battery which is slightly cheaper.

Both power banks have effective functioning. You will not have to recharge the device every single time so as to use it on your phone or tablet. They have a large capacity to ensure that you do not have to keep recharging every short while.

It is compatible with just about all devices. Whether you own an android, iPhone, iPod Touch, MP3/MP4 player, iPad- all of them can be charged using the power banks from NewNow. As long as the device has a mini USB slot you should not find a problem charging it with this power bank.

NewNow Bamboo V 13000mAh Ultra-High Dual USB External Battery Charger-8.jpg


The most important thing you should know about the maintenance of the external batteries from NewNow is about charging. Proper charging of the device is necessary to get the most out of it and also to prevent damage. For most NewNow power banks, at least 10 hours. Apart from that, you will have an easy time with these products:

They are affordable
User-friendly- you might not need the manual
compatible with all devices from all manufacturers
easy to maintain
Durable and will serve you for a long time
has an LED flashlight
Two- USB ports which means you can charge as many as two devices at a go
For more information,please go to http://www.newnow.com/
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We need to know that many buyer across the world often lack the basic tips, which they can use to take good care of their NewNow Bamboo VII 13000mAh External Battery after buying them from the computer outlets. Here is a simple guide that they should know;

It is important that they know how to read the instructions of the manufacturer as one of the first steps when taking good care of their NewNow Bamboo External Battery if they want to enhance the lifespan of their battery in the best way possible. This will give the buyers an overview of the dos and don¡¯ts that they should know when enhancing the lifespan of their battery. With the above simple care steps, you will be in a position to know what you should do if you do want to enhance the lifespan of your battery. If you do not understand the rules, then you ask them on the tips, which you need to use if you were to increase the lifespan of the battery you have just bought from them.

Correct charging of your battery is also another important best care tip that you must know when enhancing the lifespan of your NewNow Bamboo VII 13000mAh External Battery. You must charge your battery at least 10 hours before using it. Never overcharge or undercharge your battery since this has a higher likelihood of reducing its life. You also need to read a guide on how to charge it as way of making sure that you to do it right without making a mistake when charging it.

You should also clean your NewNow Bamboo VII 15600mAh External Battery appropriately as another way of increasing its lifespan. Know the correct detergents that you must use if you were planning of enhancing the lifespan of your battery. NEVER use water when cleaning the poles of your battery since this may cause reactions such as rust in the poles that may affect the lifespan of your battery after sometimes.

Never forget that you need to ask a qualified computer expert about the basic maintenance tips that you need to use if you do want to increase the lifespan of your NewNow Bamboo VII 156000mAh External Battery when you need in a perfect way possible. These tips will help you enhance the lifespan of your NewNow External Battery while saving the huge costs of purchasing a new one from the market.

For more information about NewNow External Battery,please go to http://www.newnow.com/
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Whether you are going at a remote location where you will have no power source to charge your mobile or you use multiple mobile devices that get out of juice after few hours of use, simple 13000mAh power bank can help you in this situation. With the help of this power bank you can charge so many of your devices and few of its main features are listed below.

Can charge almost any USB device: No matter what kind of device you have, if it support USB charging you can use this power bank to charge your devices. So, if you have an iPhone or iPad device with you or you have a tablet or smart phone mobile from any other company, you can charge that using this external battery. Other than this, you can also charge a digital camera, PSP games, MP3 or MP4 players and much more using this battery bank.

Easy to carry: You can easily carry this battery in your laptop bag, backpack or any other pouch because it is just 340grams in its weight and its size is also not very big. Also, it has smooth finishing and well maintained design that will make sure you don¡¯t feel bad while carrying it.

Easy to use: This battery bank has a small LED screen that shows you the remaining battery percentage so you know how much backup you have in this external battery from laptopbatteriesmart. Also, you just need to plug the USB cables in its USB socket and you need to connect that cable with USB charger for charging your devices. You also get 2 LED flashlights in this battery so you can use it as an emergency flashlight as well in night.

Dual charging: Another great feature of this power bank is that you can charge two devices simultaneously using 2 different USB ports. So, if you have one table and one mobile phone that are running out of juice, then you can charge them both together and you can get battery in both of your devices again to use it for next few hours.

High capacity: This Bamboo V 13000mAh power bank comes with huge battery backup that allows you to charge your devices for many times. You can understand its backup capacity with this simple fact that if you fully charge this battery once, then you can charge your iPhone 5 for up to 10 times. So, it doesn¡¯t matter what kind of device you have with you, you can charge that multiple time using this battery bank.
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We all know that many battery shoppers often have problems whenever they are purchasing the best NewNow Bamboo V 13000mAh External Battery. The following are some of the tips that you need to know when buying this battery.

First, you need to ensure that you know the price of this battery that you intend to buy. Why is this important? You should never pay more if you know that a place may be offering a better deal that will enable you have huge savings from your purchase. How do you do this? You must always ensure that you do your market research on the market whenever you are thinking about making the best decision. This will always help you make the best choice that you need whenever you are coming up with this idea that you need when purchasing the battery.

You should know that your research would help you make the best choice that you need as you buy the NewNow Bamboo VI 15600mAh External Battery that you need when using it. This means that you need to consult the experts on the best decisions that you should do when looking for the best battery. This should help you make that choice you want to make whenever you are looking for these options available for you.

The reputation of the company selling this NewNow Bamboo VI 15600mAh External Battery is also another factor that you need to consider if you do want to make the best choice of buying. You must always ensure that you do your research on the market on the reputation of the company whenever you are thinking about making the best decision of buying this NewNow battery from the many options that are available for you.

For the people who have problems buying the battery, you may need the help of computer experts. With their experience and skills, they will give you a guidance that you need when buying. You will definitely make the best choice when looking for quality batteries. With their expertise, they will always give the ideas that you need when making the best choice given that many batteries are available for buyers.

The above tips should assist you through the process of making the best choice when selecting quality NewNow Bamboo VI 15600mAh External Batterywhile getting the best deals. You will also avoid being a victim of the marketers whose aim is always to exploit money from you unfairly when buying from them.

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