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After having served you without fail for quite some time, there will be a point that the wear and tear will start kicking in. Normally, the first casualties of this are the HP Envy 14 battery and the adapter. If you are unfortunate enough, they two may get problems at the same time. At this point most owner start looking around for new laptops and even start weighing their options. This is because of the advice that they could have gotten from a person that tried to replace their battery or adapter or if they have not gone through the ordeal themselves. If you follow these tips when buying these replacement parts, you will have a different story to tell.

If your HP battery is the issue, then replacing it should not be complex. First find a very reliable and reputable dealership. Once you have spotted one that you can buy the battery for HP Envy 14 from then get the make and model of your laptop. This is very essential since most manufacturers have a varying battery designs for different makes and at times the models of the computers.

In case you want to have extra time on your battery for HP Envy 14, you can also note the number of cells in your original battery. Buying a battery that has more cells will mean that it can store charge for longer. However, it is good to cross check if this technique can work on your particular model.

If you ascertain the problem to be your HP Envy 14 adapter Charger then there are two things that you should look at. The first is the pin that goes into the charging port of your laptop. Make sure that it is compatible both shape wise and also in the inner part of the pin. If this checks out, you will also need to note the number of volts that are noted on the adapter (the small black box). Remember that to save yourself and the technician from going through a lot of adapters, you need to know the make and model of your laptop as well in this case.

If you get a compatible adapter but it is does not have the exact value of voltage as on your original adapter worry not. It does not hurt of you deviate slightly from the original value. However, you should make sure that you do not deviate too far from the original value as it may strain the computer and the HP battery. Additionally, you could make sure that you take your laptop with you. This will make things easier and also you will be sure that everything is working just fine by the time you leave.

HP Envy 14 Laptop Battery

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If you have a Hewlett-Packard laptop, it is very important that you have a spare HP Envy 14 battery. This will be very important especially when your battery runs out of power and you are unable to charge it. Also, should your battery die out, the spare one can be of great help. In short, a spare battery is inevitable. Having known that, the next thing is how to purchase the spare battery. This is not always a straightforward thing. You will need to consider several things first.


This is the first thing that you ought to consider when purchasing battery for HP Envy 14. Many people make the mistake of choosing a battery based entirely on the price especially if it is very cheap. However, there are dangers of buying cheap HP batteries. At the very least, the battery could cause damage to your machine. At the end of it, you will realize that you have in fact spent more money. But this is not to say that you should only opt for batteries that cost higher prices. The trick is to check with the manufacturer to know roughly what the particular brand you have chosen should be retailing at.


Before buying HP Envy adapter, you also need to consider its environment-friendliness. Avoid batteries that utilize lead or mercury in their components. Make sure that the particular brand of HP battery you are buying meets the guidelines by as set by Restriction of Hazardous Substances. By insisting on a quality laptop battery that is not harmful to the environment, you will be helping to protect the environment.

The merchant

The retailer who sells you the battery for HP Envy 14 is another factor that comes into play when buying a battery. Before any transaction, ensure that the merchant you are dealing with is a reputable one. This is easy to verify. Just check if they are affiliated to authority bodies like better business bureau or BuySafe. Should you want to buy the laptop battery online, make sure you have read the reviews and known what people think about this retailer. Consider also if your retailer offers security to protect you from online fraudsters.

Knowledgeable customer service staff

Still on the merchant, you need to consider if he or she offers fair policies such as money back guarantee or free refunds before HP Envy 14 adapter. The return procedure should be a relatively smooth one, coupled with a warranty lasting not less than 12 months. Customer support team is also crucial. You want knowledgeable people who can help you make a better choice based on their technical ability.

HP Envy 14 Laptop Battery

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Dell XPS 14 laptop replacement battery is rated at 11.1V, 4400mAh, 6-Cell. This replacement battery for Dell XPS 14 is 100% compatible and will meet or exceeds original specification. This XPS 14 replacement battery has been tested for safety and designed for high performance.
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Laptops are essential in our daily activities. They are compact and fancy. These laptops can be taken anywhere in a backpack, they hold less space compared to a normal PC. A laptop is better in all means possible compared to a personal computer. Laptops consume very little energy relatively, and they are accessible since a person can work on a laptop during the journey to work. The only one that a laptop possesses can be its Dell Inspiron 14 Battery. The amount of heat exposed from the battery can be hazardous since medically it has been proved to make a person infertile. Proper maintenance should be provided with laptops since they hold productive scope.

Care should be taken especially for the battery. The battery provides the power required for the laptop to be operated. So if the battery does not work properly then the laptop cannot be accessed appropriately. There are some instances where the battery needs to be replaced and there are some situations where the adapter needs to be replaced. All these cases are discussed in this article. In the latter part of this article's advice is given to the users on how to choose a laptop battery.

When to change a battery for Dell Inspiron 14?

1) Usually even if the laptop battery is properly working it is advised to change the battery for every two years to four years. Over this time the laptop's capacity to hold the charge would be depreciated. Further usage of this battery will not be energy efficient.

2) If your battery is not holding the charge for a period of time then the battery should be replaced because it is necessary that the battery charge be held on a laptop for at least six hours during standby.

3) Overheating in a battery may cause potency in human beings, in case your battery is overheating don't hesitate to change the battery.

When to change the Dell Inspiron 14 adapter?

1) If the power cords charge only when it is held at a particular direction or if it automatically charges for some time and disconnects it and does the same over and over again.

2) Short circuits are caused due to damage of the laptop. The damage can be physical. The power cord's LED light will not glow after inserting it into the laptop. The user is advised to claim for a warranty.

How to maintain the proper working of a laptop battery?

If liquid is spilled over the laptop, then invert the laptop and shut it down as soon as you can; disassemble all parts, the keyboard, battery etc. Dry them up, clean the laptop and again assemble the laptop. Charge the battery only when necessary. Don't work on the laptop as it is being charged; this will cause the battery to be charged and discharged at the same time and hence causes overheating. Excess heat will have an adverse effect on key parts of the laptop.

How to select the right Dell battery?

Laptop batteries are available in different capacities depending upon the specification of the laptop I.e. the processor, RAM etc. Quality laptop batteries should be selected from various vendors. Dell battery is most prominent. The Inspiron 14 battery is available with the adapter. Batteries for Dell Inspiron are leading the market.

If someone is searching for a certified and high quality battery just like a Dell 1545 Battery, then is the best place for them. As one of the largest distributor of replacement laptop batteries inAustralia, consumers are guaranteed of 60-Day Money Back Policy and a 2-Year Warranty.
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If you own an HP laptop, purchasing a spare battery is more than ideal. The battery may help if your original one loses all its charges and you cannot recharge it for any reason. The battery may also help in case your original one dies. Hence, a spare HP Envy 14 battery is ideal for virtually all owners of this particular laptop. Purchasing an HP battery is not as straightforward as most persons may think. There are several factors you must consider if you desire to purchase this laptop.

The first factor is the cost. Seeking the battery that costs the least is not ideal. The battery might have several issues with it that might arise as you use it. In extreme cases, the battery may damage your HP adapter for Envy 14 or even your entire laptop. This will cause numerous additional costs that are substantially higher than simply purchasing an expensive but genuine laptop battery. However, discounts are ideal if they emanate from reputable sellers like Amazon. The second factor to consider is the environment-friendliness of the battery. An ideal HP laptop battery does not utilize mercury or lead within its components. The battery is entirely compatible with directives from the Restriction of Hazardous Substances. We may aid the environment by purchasing a laptop battery that does not damage the environment.

The third factor is the merchant from whom you will purchase the HP laptop battery. The merchant must be trustworthy and reputable. You may verify this through the affiliations that the merchant has with organizations like BuySafe or the Better Business Bureau. If you will purchase the laptop battery online, it is also ideal to check on the merchant's testimonials and rankings from users along with neutral sources like online review websites. The retailer must offer a considerable measure of encryption and security. Additionally, the merchant must offer open and fair policies like hassle free refunds, a money back guarantee, a warranty lasting 12 months or more and a relatively smooth return procedure. Some merchants may penalize you for returning a faulty or wrong battery. You must also seek a merchant with a customer support team that is considerably knowledgeable and is also friendly. They may offer essential assistance in helping you to pick the ideal HP Envy battery for your laptop when it comes to capacity, model number compatibility and voltage. Ensure to call the merchant's authorized phone lines if you have doubts while searching through their website. However, avoid merchants who do not list phone numbers and the only manner of reaching them is via email. With these merchants, your order processing might receive delays, you might receive an incorrect laptop battery and they may discourage returns through penalties. Reputable merchants must also offer several viable payment methods. This includes PayPal, Google Checkout and credit cards. These retailers help to ease transactions. If the merchants include their own accounts which accept credit cards, they are considerably trustworthy since they must undergo a rigorous verification process.

These are the most crucial things to know when you purchase the HP Envy 14 battery.
We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. We boast brand new replacement laptop batteries for most of the top brands of notebooks, such as Toshiba Batteries. We own more than 400 various models or laptop batteries in stock and offer the perfect service to our overseas customers. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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Batterij voor HP Envy 14
Het Type van batterij : Li-ion
hoedanigheid : 3800mAh
gewicht : 334G
spanning : 14.8V
kleur : Black
afmeting : 142.40 x 87.10 x 9.41 mm
€ 51.26
HP Envy 14 Laptop accu Beschrijving is een Jong en dynamisch bedrijf met een grote expertise op het gebied van laptop
accu's. Een Laptop heeft een gemiddelde levensduur van vijf tot zeven jaar, dit terwijl een laptopaccu
gemiddeld slechts twee jaar mee gaat. Er komt dus voor iedere laptopgebruiker een moment waarop men
beslist een dure nieuwe laptop te kopen, of de laptop te voorzien van een nieuwe accu. biedt inmiddels laptop accu's voor meer dan 6000 verschillende laptopmodellen.
Nieuwe laptopmodellen worden razendsnel ontwikkeld en op de markt gebracht, wekelijks komen er nieuwe
modellen op de markt en zo ook nieuwe accu's in de accu-markt shop. Als ondanks ons grote
productassortiment uw accu niet wordt weergegeven in de webshop, dan kunt u dat aangeven in de
webshop. Er wordt dan direct een passende accu voor u gezocht in ons systeem. En omdat u ons daarmee
helpt de website verder uit te breiden bieden wij deze accu eenmalig aan tegen een uiterst concurrerende
Compatibel batterij modellen

batteria HP Envy 14

De batterij past de modellen

batteria HP 592910-351
batteria HP 592910-541
batteria HP 593548-001
batteria HP HSTNN-I80C
batteria HP HSTNN-OB1K
batteria HP HSTNN-XB1S
batteria HP HSTNN-XB1K
batteria HP RM08
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This is a high quality dell replacement 90w dell Inspiron 14 adapter for Inspiron 1410 ,Inspiron 1420 Inspiron 1464 ,Inspiron 15 , etc Notebooks. The Ultra dell inspiron 14 ac adapter power supply is a portable, lightweight power supply for high-power notebooks and other mobile devices. This inspiron 14 battery charger uses state-of-the art technology and is manufactured to the highest standards to of workmanship and quality control to ensure years of trouble free performance. 100% compatible..q
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Brand new Dell Inspiron 14 Battery, the inspiron 14 battery with 4400mAh 11.1V for sale. Li-ion replacement dell battery.
The 6-cell Dell laptop replacement battery is rated at 11.1V, 4400mAh. Don¡¯t settle for an inferior replacement battery for your notebook, keep this replacement brand new battery on hand wherever you go. Dell Inspiron 14 battery from UK and US shop.
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All our discount Hp envy 14 batteries are brand new, high capacity, li-ion, rechargeable and made with high quality cells. This Hp envy 14 battery replacement is designed to be 100% manufacturer compatible with Hp part numbers or models.
Replacement for hp envy 14 battery shop: