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Date Submitted Wed. Jul. 30th, 2014 2:15 AM
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Now a days most of the laptops come with a 3 cell or 4 cell battery and gives you enough backup as well. But if you are looking for a replacement Laptop Battery for Dell Inspiron 1420, then I would strongly recommend you to buy only a 9 cell battery instead of 6 cell battery. With 9 cell battery you get lots of benefits and some of these benefits are listed below that can help you make your decision in a wiser manner.

Longer battery backup: With a 9 battery, you can get almost double battery backup for your laptop. That means if you are going out only for a few hours, then you may leave your Dell Inspiron 1420 adapter at your home and you can use your battery backup to use your laptop. Also, if you are in a long meeting, then also you don¡¯t have to worry about connecting it with a power source because your 9cell battery will last for a longer time.

You can charge other devices: Now days you can charge almost every phone with your laptop. But if you are at a remote location and you want to charge your phone with your laptop battery, then you need a bigger laptop battery and a 9cell Dell Inspiron 1420 battery can easily do that for you. With your bigger laptop battery backup you can easily charge your other devices and you can get extra backup from it.

Work well, even when it is old: If you will get a 6 cell battery and you get 3 hours backup from it, then after a few years it will give you less backup that may last only for a few minute. But if you will get a 9 cell battery for Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop, then this is an assurance that it will give you longer battery backup even if it get old. That means you will be able to use your laptop battery for a longer time.

Cost effective: Another great thing about a 9 cell Dell Inspiron 1420 battery is that it is highly cost effective for your use. The cost of a 6 cell and 9 cell Dell battery will be very much similar to each other and you will see only a small difference in the cost. That also means that you can get a better battery at almost same cost and on a long run it will surely give you so many other financial benefits. That makes is a highly cost effective solution as well.

DELL Inspiron 1420 Laptop Battery

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Date Submitted Mon. Jan. 6th, 2014 3:35 AM
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Everyone shopping for a laptop charger expects that it will serve them for a long time and that is exactly what the Dell Inspiron 1420 AC adapter will do. Truth of the matter is, not all laptop chargers are durable. You will be surprised how easily they get damaged. Majority of laptop chargers are durable but there are some people who unfortunately land on the rare bad ones. This calls for replacement which can be a dreadfully exhausting endeavor.

The Dell Inspiron 1420 AC adapter is protected from electrical faults and thus it is perfect for your device. It comes with short circuit protection. This is a relatively new addition to laptop chargers which improves their durability. However, the major cause of damage to laptops and their chargers is overloading. This Dell charger comes with overload protection thus protecting both charger and laptop. One of the most portable laptop chargers is the Dell Inspiron 1420 charger. It is because of its efficiency and this portability that it comes highly recommended for the very busy people who are constantly on the move. It is not one of those bulky chargers that require an extra bag to carry them around whenever you need to carry your laptop with you. It is however advised that you refrain from folding the cables too much. They can prove to be rather too delicate.

Replacing a Dell Inspiron 1420 charger would have been a frustrating activity some few years ago but the internet came to the rescue. If you want to purchase a laptop charger with ease, why not take advantage of the many online stores that sell these devices. Generally the charger would go for something close to ten dollars at your local electronic store. However, when you buy it online the prices are considerably lower but not by much anyway.

If you urgently need a new Dell Inspiron 1420 adapter you will find shopping from your local store to be more convenient. This AC adapter is just perfect for those people who require long hours of power supply. Any other charger will overheat, a phenomenon which is usually annoying, for some people. This is however not the case with the charger. It is a very efficient device as well as durable.

In as much as shopping for the Dell Inspiron 1420 power supply online is convenient and easier, you should take time to find out which online stores are authentic. You will not believe the number of con artists posing as sellers.

Dell Inspiron 1420 AC adapter:
Date Submitted Thu. Nov. 21st, 2013 4:08 AM
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Some of the integral components of a Dell Inspiron laptop happen to be the Dell Inspiron 1420 battery that is otherwise known as the battery, along with the indispensable adapter. These devices have over the years enabled this amazing notebook to revolutionize the way most individuals carry out their day to day affairs, and naturally, offer an unmatched user experience, coupled with the convenience of working from any environment you might be in.

The Dell Inspiron 1420 battery and the adapter are manufactured in the strictest compliance to this notebook¡¯s distinct specifications. Ultimately ensure that your laptop exhibits a reliable and consistent performance, most especially when it comes to offering prolonged usage, and sufficient standby time. This guarantees that you will always be a step ahead when working in areas without access to power, without compromising your productivity.

The Dell battery for Inspiron 1420, or if you like the battery for Dell Inspiron 1420, and the Dell Inspiron 1420 adapter are also designed to facilitate effective and speedy charging, and are also known to enhance the service life of your Dell notebook, which can ultimately make a huge difference in its overall performance.

Additionally, the Dell Inspiron 1420 battery together with the 1420 adapter are also noted for being totally environmentally friendly, and are thus, devoid of the toxic components that can be found on alternative products, such as lead, mercury, cadmium and others. Ensure a safe and clean environment for posterity¡¯s sake. This can invariably take off a huge weight over individuals that might be environmentally conscious, and looking for appropriate green products.

What¡¯s more, the Dell battery along with the Dell Inspiron 1420 adapter also integrate advanced protection for your notebook by effectively dealing with overcharge, discharge or even short circuiting, which if left unchecked can significantly damage your laptop. While at the same time, also establish the right balancing of the charge and discharge rates of each individual battery cell, which will no doubt enhance and optimize the performance of your Dell Inspiron 1420 notebook. This can go a long way in ensuring that you can always depend on your laptop whenever you need it, and access the right replacement battery should the original begin to malfunction over time.

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Date Submitted Sun. May. 5th, 2013 9:23 AM
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Tags 1420 | Battery | Dell | Inspiron | Laptop
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Capacity : 4400mAh
voltage: 11.1V
Li-ion: Li-ion OEM Battery
Color : black
Availability: In Stock
Warranty: 1 Year

*Item: 4400mAh Dell Inspiron 1420 battery
*Fast Shipping worldwide( Delivery Complete in 3-10 business days)
*100% quality control assurance.
*It is safe and pass certification
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