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I have a Dell Inspiron 1546 laptop since a very long time and I never got any problem in its battery backup capability or time. But I know few other people that complain about the poor capacity of Dell Inspiron 1546 battery and they blame Dell for this. But I think they get poor battery backup time from their laptop because they do not use the battery properly. In case, you also have same issue and you want to get better backup from your laptop, then following are few tips that can assist you in it.

Keep it charged: To get the best battery backup from your laptop you need to keep it charged completely. That’s why it is very important that you do not unplug your dell adapter from your laptop unless you really need to do it. This simple precaution will keep your laptop battery charged and you will get the best backup time from it in easy manner.

Reduce brightness: The screen brightness of your laptop consume a huge amount of battery for Dell Inspiron 1546. Therefore, it is a good idea to reduce the brightness of laptop screen so you can get longer backup from battery for Dell Inspiron 1546 laptop. You can also do changes in windows power setting for this to make sure its screen brightness get reduced after you unplug you dell adapter.

Remove USB devices: No matter what kind of USB device is connected with your laptop, it takes operating power from your laptop only. So, when you run your laptop on Dell Inspiron 1546 battery, then make sure you unplug all the non required USB devices from your laptop. This simple act can reduce power consumption in a great manner and it will give you much better battery backup.

Close applications: Dell Battery is directly proportional to hardware use, so it is a good idea to shutdown all the applications that are not useful for you. It will reduce load on processor and that will extend the battery backup time. Along with this you should also turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radio to save the battery for Dell Inspiron 1546. And if you cannot turn off both, then you can turn off one of these two radios to save your battery backup. In addition to this, you can also turn off the sound to save battery because that consumes a good amount of battery from your laptop.

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One thing that is obviously admirable about an original Dell Inspiron battery is the fact that it can power your laptop computer for up to eight hours without necessarily charging it. More often than not, the battery for Dell Inspiron can see you through a whole two hours and thirty minutes watching a YouTube video on your laptop or playing games without going off. The icing of the cake is that even if your battery becomes completely depleted, you can always trust your adapter to quickly and safely charge your laptop battery even without switching it off so as to give it adequate time to charge. This battery goes well with Dell Adapter.

Picking the right sort of Dell Inspiron 1545 AC Adapter is of great imperativeness. Purchasing laptop adapters could turn into somewhat unpredictable matter knowing the way that there are many types of laptop adapters accessible for distinctive models of laptops. By getting to know a couple of critical tips, it would get to be much easier for you to have the capacity to discover the Dell Inspiron 1545, 1546 or 1551 laptop adapter.

Initially, you have to look at your unique Dell Inspiron laptop AC adapter and verify that you purchase one that is like the first one. Adapter producers frequently give an extraordinary code which might be used when searching for a new device. However, you still need to make sure that new adapter is fully compatible with your laptop, as wrong choice could prove to be detrimental for your laptop. Fortunately, there are various sources on the Internet that can help you find an adapter of your choice, depending upon the code given to you.

Properly check the volts before you proceed to buy a Dell Inspiron 1546 AC Adapter for your laptop computer. Since each laptop has different power specifications, different energy levels may be needed to operate them. The amount of volts used by your laptop is normally mentioned at the bottom of the device. To make sure that you have the right details, you can go through the user manual came with the purchase. If you happen to use an adapter of fewer volts than what is originally needed, then there is a strong likelihood that it may not work, or may even get damaged. Moreover, you must also know that there are universal adapters available as well. Most of these adapters are made to work on different types of devices. However, you should opt for an adapter that has full compatibility such as volts, rating, etc.

Different countries have varying power ratings in terms of electricity. So, if you are looking to leave the country for some reason, then it is important for you to make sure that your battery and Dell Inspiron 1570 AC Adapter will work efficiently with the power outlets available in the country you are visiting. Just to be on the safe side, you must know the power ratings of the outlets. Therefore, you should know power ratings of your laptop computer, which can be seen in the specifications section of the manual you received at the time of purchase. With that said, these suggestions will definitely help you get the right adapter.

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このように100% まで充電しても6時間しか使用できなくなります。ACアダプターを接続しての使用が中心の場合でも、この現象は発生します。


* バッテリーの寿命は環境温度、使用状況や使用頻度によって変化します。




Dell Inspiron 1546 用互換バッテリー
Dell Inspiron 1546 バッテリー商品情報:
電 圧:11.1V
重 量:306.55g
容 量:5200mAh
サイズ: 221.00 x 67.49 x 20.30 mm

Dell Latitude E4310 バッテリー交換
Dell Latitude E4310 バッテリー商品情報:
電 圧:11.1V
重 量:285.22 g
容 量:5200mAh
カラー:Metallic Grey
サイズ: 204.00 x 33.30 x 21.98 mm

Dell Latitude E6400 ATG ラップトップバッテリー 交換
Dell Latitude E6400 ATG バッテリー商品情報:
電 圧:11.1V
重 量:450g Kg
容 量:5200mAh
サイズ: 20.83 *7.35 *1.91mm