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Date Submitted Fri. Jul. 11th, 2014 7:00 AM
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I use a lot of gadgets including mobile phone, tablet and some other handheld devices. My problem is that I keep on using these devices around the clock and thatí»s why I need to recharge it again and again for using it continuously. If I am staying at any one place, then I can easily charge my devices using an electric board, but this is not the case with me and thatí»s why I always carry at least one or more than one NewNow Power bank with me to charge my devices.

In case you are wondering how these power banks help me in charging my gadgets, then following are some details that can explain it to you.

Power bank for multiple devices: When I need to charge my multiple devices such as tablet, Smartphone and other gadgets that I can charge with USB connectivity, then I prefer to carry a high capacity NewNow power bank with me. With the help of this high capacity power bank I charge multiple devices and it offer multiple connectivity as well, so I get liberty to charge multiple devices together as well. And for charging my devices I just plug the device with its USB connector and it starts charging my devices.

Power bank case for mobile phone: When I go out only with my Samsung Galaxy S4, then I prefer to use Samsung galaxy S4 19500 power bank case for charging my mobile phone. With the help of this case, I can charge my phone at any place just by pressing one button. Another good thing about this power bank case is that I can fit perfectly on my phone and it can work as a casing for my phone. That means, when I am using a power bank case, then I do not need to carry anything extra to charge my phone.

Small external battery: If I am going out for camping or some place where I cannot take a heavy load with me, but I want to have a way to charge my mobile phone, then I always carry a small battery from NewNow. With the help of this small battery I get the liberty to charge my phone whenever I need to charge it. Other than this, small external batteries from NewNow also come with an inbuilt flash light. So, this flashlight gives me an extra source of light as well when I need it.

For more information about NewNow power bank,please go to