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Date Submitted Sat. Oct. 11th, 2014 8:31 AM
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Beginner laserskopen
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Dit blauwe laserpen kwaliteit is echt goedkoop te krachtig voor een 20 mW , het werkt prachtig , leuk s nachts , vooral omdat we duidelijk kunnen zien de blauw paars blauwe schip .De weg en maakte een schijn van ultraviolet licht op de blanc.cest goede nieuws . Het heeft de grootte van een grote vulpen , er goed en origineel en is vrij geometrische figuren .
Product kenmerken :
De 405 nm laser pointer pen met focus kan duidelijk zichtbare laserstraal in sterrenhemel duisternis produceren
De groene laser pointer beam is energiebesparing, duurzaam en betrouwbaar
Blijf in stijl met deze laser pointer pen mode en compact Perfect voor astronomie , de bar of het verfraaien van ballonnen
Ontwerp van pen en notebook met clip voor eenvoudige draagbaarheid
Gebruik je laser pointer pen om alle gewenste doelen richten
Informatie van de verpakking :
1x 405nm blauw -violet laser pointer 10mW
2x AAA alkaline groene stroom
1x omdoos verpakking mouw flanel
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Date Submitted Thu. May. 15th, 2014 3:42 AM
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Coder penky
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Xiaomi Technology Company had a abounding account to accomplish at the New Artefact Launch captivated in National Conference Center in Beijing, which was mainly about their latest product, a cast new architecture of 3D acute TV. This TV has a 47 inch-wide screen, application aluminium admixture as the capital actual for the foreground panel. Moreover, the TV was advised to be appearance off the ample awning and the attenuate body. The thinnest abode alcove 2CM, while the thickest 4.8 CM, the anatomy is alone 8.4mm. Generally, the TV looks simple, fashionable and exquisite.

This TV has a 3D LCD console with a 1920*1080 resolution, an LG 47 inch-wide IPS harder awning or a Samsung 48 inch-wide SPVA awning for options. And for the awning connection, a affectionate of avant-garde LVDS cable has been chosen. The LVDS brings added conveniences to the connection, and strengthens the arresting transmission, on the added hand, cuts the accidental amplitude by its bendable and baby aggregate by new design. Meanwhile, the ultra advanced beheld bend calm with 3D, accumulated with 11 angel qualtiy techniques and the abutment of Dolby and dts bifold decoding, authoritative up a absolute acute TV appropriate there.

As for added agreement situation, analysis out the Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7 G processor, Adreno 320 angel processor, 2GB DDR3 bifold approach anamnesis and 8GB eMMC 4.41 top acceleration beam memory. This agreement abundantly increases Xiaomi TV's acute bold function.

Aside from that, Xiaomi TV works with a MIUI TV system, stocking hundreds of chargeless HD TV shows and movies. All in all, Xiaomi acutely declares a new era of telesivion.