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The external battery power bank from NewNow works as a protection case as well as extended battery set and comes in a sleek ultra-thin design in black and white colors. It is an ideal and convenient accessory for travel and hours spent away from the office, house or when camping out or other outdoor activities that may take a considerable length of time. It also extends the life of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery as it keeps it away from the wall socket which has been known to affect the time a battery keeps its power over time. All you have to do is charge the external battery power bank case for about 7 hours to fill it to maximum capacity then fix it on your phone like a regular case. When you want to charge your phone you simply press the power button on the case and your phone can fill up in the safety of your pocket or rather its case.

Description of the Power Bank

The NewNow 3800mAh Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cum protective flip case has a number of features that make it an excellent buy including

Perfect dimensions presented in an ultra-thin design
360o powerful protection
Lightweight and convenience of carrying
Stand support and clip cover
The specifications on it include:

An input and output voltage of 5V
An input and output current of 0.5 amp
4 LED indicators designed for power balance
A polymer lithium battery with a 3800mAh capacity
An approximate charging time of 5 hours

Vanity Details

It has an aesthetic appeal along with its functionality in that it is

Fashionable in sleek white and black
Has a kickstand for ease of reading or watching
Has a fingerprint resist and easy access for all ports
Superior quality and high strength

Increasing Memory

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with two storage options, 32 and 64 GB internal memory which can be expanded to yet another 64 GB in external storage using micro SD cards. These memory cards use flash memory for general storage as well as transfer of data between phones and offers fast access times for reading of data on the mobile phone. Installing a 32 GB flash memory drive in the form of the micro SD card will allow you to store music, games and movies in your phone as well as software and apps that may take up a significant amount of space. The NewNow 3800mAh power bank and the 32 GB flash memory drive are both handy accessories for maximum convenience and for enhancing the capabilities of the Samsung galaxy note 3 which is already a great phone by its own.

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