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Date Submitted Sat. Dec. 7th, 2013 8:04 AM
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Scripter notebookbatteryca
Tags "Dell battery" | 6400 | Battery | Dell | Inspiron
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Laptops have batteries which are the important component many brands like let us consider the Dell Inspiron 6400 battery which is very essential in the Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop model. Without a battery a system is very similar to desktop because it works only when we directly connect the system to the power supply. Laptops are very much preferred by students, employees and other people because of its portability and scalability to be able to use it anywhere and at any moment we wish or need. But this sole feature of the laptop cannot be accomplished if it has no quality battery; so the battery comes to be concluded as the prior necessity of the Dell Inspiron model.

Dell 6400 Battery is the battery of the Dell Inspiron model which gives the model its attractiveness and quality service that the laptops of the Dell brands assures due to which customers opt for Dell laptops as compared to other laptop brands available in the market. This model of Dell systems have unique features which are more or less dependent on the battery standby character of the laptops because if the battery is strong then it gives longer standby time which helps user to use the system without hesitation for any duration and perform all kinds of work that the user wants to complete.

As compared with other available brands, Dell laptop battery is most accepted by software engineers, students and other employees of various other industry or fields. This is because the battery has the features that it promises to give irrespective of other features that it embeds within the battery. The most promising feature of a laptop battery is that how much battery backup it can provide for the system with the system in state of complete execution of all types of applications and other necessary documents. Necessarily while giving power back up it should not bring degradation to other quality characters and compromises. Laptops are truly favoured by learners, workers and other individuals as a result of its conveyability and adaptability to have the ability to utilize it anyplace and at any minute we wish or require. Yet this sole characteristic of the laptops canĄ¯t be fulfilled in the event that it has no quality electric supply; so the Dell battery comes to be finished up as the earlier need of the Dell Inspiron model. This criteria is well established by the brand and so it is very popular in the market with its various different types of models.

DELL Inspiron 6400 Laptop Battery

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Date Submitted Tue. Sep. 24th, 2013 1:56 AM
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Syntax Master otiscc2013
Tags 6400 | ada | Battery | Dell | Inspiron
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When you buy a new Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery, one fact you must content with is that it will not last forever. Either because of continued wear and tear or breakdown, the battery will at some point become unusable. In case the battery breaks down not a very long period after purchase, here is a detailed account of what you should do.

Check whether warrant guarantee is expired

Every battery for Dell Inspiron 6400 comes with specific warrants that guarantees you free replacements in case of breakages within a specific period of time. You should therefore check whether the warranty is expired. If it is not expired, look for the hotline of Dell Company and inform the management about your problem. You will be required to send the battery back to the manufacturer or drop it to the nearest authorized dealer for problem review and replacement.

Look for a replacement immediately

If the Dell Inspiron 6400 adapter warrant has expired, you will have to replace it from the seller. Make sure to identify the best seller as a guarantee of purchasing the most appropriate replacement for your battery. The number of sellers in the market selling batteries has continued to increase making it difficult to identify the legit models. Consider only buying the replacement from authorized sellers.

When looking for Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery replacement, make sure to identify the right model that fits and operates in your laptop. Consider visiting Dell Inspiron website and specify the details of your laptop in order to get the right description appropriate battery for Dell Inspiron 6400. This can be very helpful if you will be procuring the battery online. It is also advisable to take the battery to the seller for easier comparison.

Dispose it in an electronic recycling center

When the battery for Dell Inspiron 6400 breaks down, it no longer holds any value to you and should be disposed. It is however critical that you dispose the battery effectively to avoid pollution to the environment. You should identify the nearest electronic recycling facility and take it there. If there is none, you can also ask the manufacturer to take it away instead of disposing in the nearby dumpsite.

Once you get a new Dell battery, take special care of it in order to increase its lifespan. Read reviews on how to care for the battery in order to get higher value for your money. If you follow the above tips, you are assured of taking the best course of action to have your laptop running more efficiently.

DELL Inspiron 6400 Laptop Battery

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Date Submitted Tue. Sep. 17th, 2013 3:05 AM
Revision 1
Syntax Master whiteyoung
Tags 6400 | ada | Battery | Dell | Inspiron
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A laptop battery is literally the lifeline of the gadget. A poor battery usually alters the working of the laptop and more often than not inconveniences the user. This is primarily why every laptop needs an impeccable battery to ensure a seamless use. A number of laptops use distinct batteries while others can use standard batteries that can also be used in other types of laptops.

Lithium ion is the primary Dell Inspiron 6400 battery major composition. Being a standard form battery, other laptops use the same battery. The Dell Inspiron 6400 battery can be either 6-Cell Lithium-ion or a 9-cell lithium-ion.

When looking for the ideal battery for Dell Inspiron 6400, a user ought to:

• Consider keenly whether the battery is compatible the Dell Inspiron 6400.

Indeed the first thing to consider when buying an up-to-the-minute laptop battery is its compatibility with your laptop computer. A good number of laptop batteries available in the market currently are designed to work with definite computer models. Such models have that information listed in the product description. The knowledge of the make and the model of your computer dictate the battery that is compatible with your laptop.

• Secondly the owner should consider the materials used to make the battery for Dell Inspiron 6400.

As opposed to NiCad batteries that are largely obsolete, Lion and Li-Poly made batteries are the best choice, on condition that they're compatible with your laptop. Lion batteries are light, last longer, and charge a little more quickly and additionally they are more environmentally friendly.

• Thirdly, itĄ¯s advisable to rate the power rating as well as the service life of the battery.

The longer the battery lasts the more the user is going to save in replacement cost in a specified period of time. The above factors usually impact on the performance as well as the lifespan of the battery.

• Similarly important and often considered by bargain hunters all over the globe is the brand name of the Dell battery.

In this case a shopper can consider a generic brand or a replacement of the original brand. New batteries are a better choice in comparison to refurbished one. However the cost of new batteries is way too high for some people to afford. As such they should consider refurbished batteries of a high quality.

• Whatever the line of thought might be, there should a warranty of any kind.

Refurbished batteries generally have a shorter warranty in comparison to new batteries. Either way the warranty offered should conform to the safety needed.

The 90-Watt 3 Adapter is the standard as well as the best Dell Inspiron 6400 adapter.

With the above information in mind, a user will be able to choose the best Dell Inspiron 6400 battery and adapter for their laptop computer.

Article Source: For more information about Laptop Battery, please go to
Date Submitted Sun. Jul. 14th, 2013 4:13 AM
Revision 1
Syntax Master batteryshops518
Tags 6400 | Battery | Dell | Inspiron
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This Replacement laptop battery for Dell Inspiron 6400 was specifically designed for your Dell notebook computer and built to meet or exceed OEM's specification. It is engineered to be thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory floor, 100% compatible with your original laptop.
Date Submitted Sat. Jul. 6th, 2013 3:19 AM
Revision 1
Syntax Master whiteyoung
Tags 6 | 6400 | Battery | Dell | Inspiron | Replacement
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When it comes to knowing how to extend Dell Inspiron 6400 battery Replacement life, there are plenty of important aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Install your new battery in your laptop and charge it to 100 percent. Once you have charged it to its full, then discharge it completely. Recharge it all over again to its full capacity to make the laptop remember how much charge it can hold. From that point on, you will never have to completely discharge your Dell battery. However, you should always make sure that you charge it to 100 percent every time.

Disk defragmentation could be highly beneficial, because it optimizes the way data has been placed on the drive so that it can be found fairly easily. Reduce the hard drive activity to lower down the frequency your hard drive has to spin to get access to the required data.

A few experts claim that Dell Inspiron 6400 adapter must be connected whenever it is possible. Moreover, the battery should be kept cool, as high temperature could prove to be detrimental for the well being of the battery in the long run.

When windows start, the start-up applications load into memory that makes other applications to spill over into virtual memory and increases the CPU load. You may disable the start-up options by logging into the associated programs and changing the settings of the preferences menu. These items can be removed from the startup folder by opening the command prompt window, entering C: MSCONFIG, and then clicking OK. Choose the start-up tab and check any unnecessary background items that may be putting an unnecessary burden on the CPU.

It is important for you to know the fact that the external devices continue to use your battery for Dell Inspiron 6400, even when you are not using them. Remove them. Even a memory card reader in PC-MCIA slot consumes power. This varies based on the type of devices you are using, but even a few minutes here and there may add up massively. Therefore, a number of new notebooks an On/Off switch for Wi-Fi radio for this particular reason. Other than that, you can go to the control panel, select system/hardware/device manager. And then disable infrared transceiver, Bluetooth radio, and Ethernet adapter. Even though it is designed for mobile devices, but getting Bluetooth enabled can eat up a lot of power.

Another vital consideration to extend Dell battery power is to try to reduce the power display while the laptop is not in use. Moreover, reducing the screen resolution and color depth can decrease the load on your CPU, thereby extending the battery run time over all.

Avoid multi-tasking, as it could lead to a significant amount of power consumption. You need to limit the number of applications you are running at a time on your laptop. The more programs you run at the same time, the more memory gets used up. Therefore, you need to close any additional and unnecessary applications you are not using. With that said, follow these considerations to extend your battery life.

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Date Submitted Fri. May. 24th, 2013 2:10 AM
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Syntax Master batteryshops518
Tags 6400 | Battery | Dell | Inspiron
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Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery Pack Specifications
Type: Li-ion Battery
Voltage: 11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Color: Black

Brand new high quality 4400mAh Dell Inspiron 6400 battery Black. We offer a complete line of replacement Dell batteries and compatible replacements for almost all laptop models. All of our replacement Dell laptop batteries are made with high quality safe parts and are guaranteed to meet or even exceed the original manufacturers specifications.
Date Submitted Tue. Apr. 23rd, 2013 9:33 AM
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Coder happyadapter
Tags 6400 | Battery | Dell | Inspiron
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Coder happyadapter
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1 brightness / contrast

Liquid crystal display candles in square meters (cd/m2) or nits (LM) as a unit, liquid crystal display because the number of the backlight on display more than a notebook computer, so the brightness seems obvious than a laptop computer to bright. Its brightness is common in the 150nits to 500nits. Brightness value high is that their products with high performance.

But the point is, there exist some low-end liquid crystal display brightness is seriously uneven phenomenon, the difference in brightness brightness and the rims of the central region is relatively large. Uniformity so everyone in the purchase of a liquid crystal display value should be more brightness, also is the product display both the screen center or four requirements brightness uniformity, no obvious dark sides of the phenomenon, this for everyone to buy a liquid crystal display need special attention.

And the contrast is the direct embodiment of the liquid crystal display parameters can reflect the rich color, the higher the contrast, reduction of screen layering is better, even in the watch very high brightness in the photo, the dark parts of the details can be clearly reflected, the contrast of the liquid crystal display on the market generally in 150:1 to 350:1, high-end LCD display also higher. The price is almost the case you should first consider the choice of high contrast product.Dell Latitude D620 Adapter
Dell Inspiron E1505 AC Adapter
Dell Inspiron 1501 AC Adapter
Dell Inspiron 6400 AC Adapter
Date Submitted Thu. Jan. 10th, 2013 3:31 AM
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Scripter pcbatterie
Tags 6400 | Battery | Dell | Inspiron
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Replacement Laptop Battery for Dell Inspiron 6400,7200mAh, 11.1V High Quality Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery

Battery Type: Dell
Battery Chemical: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 11.1V
Battery Capacity: 7200mAh
Battery Cells: 9
Warranty: One year

Dell Inspiron 6400 battery description

This high quality Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop battery pack is a, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery which is fully compatible with Dell laptop computer.This original Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop battery pack can act as a spare Dell battery.
1.Premium quality cells, top quality guarantee for Dell Inspiron 6400 battery!
2.A brand new Dell Inspiron 6400 battery,never refurbished,recycled or used.
3.100% OEM compatibility; Best Dell Inspiron 6400 replacement battery.
4.Includes one year quality warranty and 30-day money back guarantee,best price Dell Inspiron 6400 battery.
Date Submitted Mon. Dec. 31st, 2012 5:41 AM
Revision 1
Syntax Master jjanedan
Tags 6400 | Battery | Dell | Inspiron
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Buy 4400mAh Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery 6 cells now! We accept orders from all over the world! Factory price, fast shipping, full 1-year warranty and 30-day money back!

Product ID:HD6400
Battery Type: Li-ion Replacement Battery
Battery Voltage:11.1V
Battery Capacity:4400mAh
Warranty:One year

Warranty Policy
Brand new in box, Never used, OEM equivalent replacement part. 100% original manufacturer compatibleand run longer time!!
Standard Warranty:
Full One Year Manufacturer Warranty & 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!
No memory effect. Chargeable even if it has not been used up yet
Highest quality battery cells are used in our Dell Inspiron 6400 Batteries.
Most Acer notebook batteries are pre-charged before shipping
Replacement batteries which are as good or often better than the originals
Manufactured By Hi-Capacity power products.
This replacement Dell Inspiron 6400 battery will fit your dell laptop perfectly.
Order your brand new Inspiron 6400 battery before 2:30 PM we will usually ship the same day
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