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Buying a new branded HP Elitebook 8440P Battery is not recommended for an old laptop because it will cost a lot of money for you. However, if you need it for your old laptop then you can buy a compatible battery for their laptop that too in a very cost effective manner. Also, if they found that their laptop adapter is not working any more than you can buy compatible HP Elitebook 8440P adapter as well and you will be able to get it for saving a lot of money from it.

The positive thing about buying a compatible battery for HP Elitebook 8440P is that you can get the battery at almost half price and you can get all the great benefits from it that you get with branded battery. If you will buy it wisely from a good seller and manufacturer you will not only get the battery but you will get warranty and good quality as well. That means you can confidently use a compatible HP Elitebook 8440P Battery with your old laptop and you will need not to worry about its performance or life time.

Similarly, if you got any problem in HP Elitebook 8440P power adapter, then you can buy compatible adapter as well and you will be able to use it with your old laptop. If you will buy it with a genuine compatible adapter manufacturer than just like compatible HP Elitebook 8440P Battery you will get good warranty and quality on this adapter as well and it will not create any problem to your laptop or battery. Also, you will be able to save a lot of money as well and it will make your old laptop good enough to work again for another few years.

However, it is also very important that at the time of purchasing compatible adapter or HP battery, make sure you buy it only after evaluating the seller and product via different sources. For this you can check userí»s reviews about that seller and most of the time you can trust on these buyers reviews because people post their candid opinion about the seller. Also, check for the voltage rating of adapter and battery and buy it only when you find that voltage rating are identical on compatible adapter or battery and on your old adapter or battery. If this is not identical prefer not to buy it from that seller and search for some other good seller for this.

HP EliteBook 8440p Laptop Battery

Article Source: For more information about laptop Charger or HP Elitebook 8440P Battery, please go to http://www.notebookbatteries.co.nz/hp-batteries-7837/hp-elitebook-8440p-battery.html
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This Replacement laptop battery for HP EliteBook 8440p was specifically designed for your HP notebook computer and built to meet or exceed OEM's specification. It is engineered to be thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory floor, 100% compatible with your original laptop.
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HP EliteBook 8440P is the thinnest Ultra-book from the company. It promises to fulfil the basic need of battery life with open arms. This lightweight HP EliteBook 8440P battery has a work time of up to 21 hrs. Keep working with additional swap up time. The HP EliteBook 8440P comes with an 8 cell primary battery, HP extended 8-cell battery and a 12 cell Ultra-capacity battery. The first one stays for 4 h 45min, the second one for 8 hours 30 min and the last one for 10 hrs 45 min. The batteries differ with the models of the HP series. Every battery is subjected to decline in performance over a period of time.

The HP EliteBook 8440P battery is of lithium ion material with 4400 mAh capacity. It comes with a size of 268.50 X 53.40 X 20.20 mm and is about 14.4 V. If in case the replaced battery given by the company is not working due to any reason and it is difficult to get the company extendable battery, you have a choice to replace it with battery numbers of 484788-001, 501114-001, 458274-421, 493976-001, HSTNN-OB60, HSTNN-LB60, KU533AA, 501114-001, 458274-421, 493976-001, HSTNN-OB60, HSTNN-LB60, KU533AA and HSTNN-XB60. You may check other options of AGPTEK for HP EliteBook. This has a comfortable compatibility with 8440P priced at $30.99. The HP laptop batteries HSTNN-OB60 and HSTNN-XB60 are the new introductions into the market priced at $29.99. These have a capacity of about 5200 mAh with 8 numbers of cells, with voltage of up to 14.4 and weighing 465 grams.

The battery for HP EliteBook 8440P is marketed by many companies for a nominal price. Getting an original battery for HP EliteBook 8440P can be a daunting task. Instead you may prefer other companies based inAmericasuch as, silicon electronics, Screen aid, Hi-PC, Your-laptop-solutions and many more. They offer at prices ranging from $25.99 to $80 on the net. The HP extended life battery MFG#AJ359AA is priced at $159.00. This gives an extended life of 6 hours. It is designed well to counter the extra weight. This is a perfect solution to work for long hours without excuse. You also have the option to increase the working time to 10 hours by replacing the 8-cell battery with HP 12-cell Ultra-capacity battery. The special feature of this battery for HP EliteBook 8440P enables you to charge it with an integrated connector. The special feature of this battery enables you to charge it with an integrated connector. It can be attached externally to the notebook. This is compatible to HP laptops, workstations, notebooks and tablets. The Ultra-capacity AT486AA is priced at $209.00.

About the HP EliteBook adapter: This is a smart AC adapter weighing around 0.69 kg with power cord of 0.13 kg. The size is 16.9 x 6.5 x 3.8 cm with voltage of 240 V and 120W. HP offers a warranty of 3 years of its parts with separate one year warranty for the battery. You may find another HP EliteBook 8440P adapter marketed through other companies. These adapters show variations inWatts. Some of them have 90W and some 135W. They are available for a price as low as $8. Check the HP EliteBook 8440P adapter at saleadapter.com priced at $29.99 with an input of 240V, output 19V and power of 90 W. This adapter is compatible with all laptops worldwide. The new car powered HP adapter is still to come.

Article Source:best cheap HP Pavilion dv4000 Battery for most of the top brands of notebooks on http://www.batteriesshop.com.au
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 Battery For HP >>Replacement HP EliteBook 8440p Battery and charger
Compatible HP EliteBook 8440p Battery

Capacity: 4400mAh
Weight : 310 g
Voltage: 10.80 V
Size: 203.90 x 53.40 x 20.40 mm
Stock: In stock

HP EliteBook 8440p Battery

Capacity: 7200mAh
Weight : 310 g
Voltage: 10.80 V
Size: 203.90 x 53.40 x 20.40 mm
Stock: In stock

Battery HP 8440p 7800mAh

Capacity: 7800mAh
Weight : 310 g
Voltage: 10.80 V
Size: 203.90 x 53.40 x 20.40 mm
Stock: In stock

Adapter/Charger for HP EliteBook 8440p
Stock: In stock
Warranty: 2 years
Model: HP
Attachment: Power cord
condition : brand new

Compatible battery models:

HP EliteBook 6930p
HP EliteBook 8440p
HP EliteBook 8440w
HP ProBook 6440b
HP ProBook 6445b
HP ProBook 6450b
HP ProBook 6540b
HP ProBook 6545b
HP ProBook 6550b
HP ProBook 6555b
HP Compaq Business Notebook 6530b
HP Compaq Business Notebook 6535b
HP Compaq Business Notebook 6730b
HP Compaq Business Notebook 6735b

The battery fits the models:

HP 458640-542
HP 482962-001
HP 484786-001

Attention when use your new HP EliteBook 8440p battery pack

Do you want your laptop run well at any mobile place ? The Follow suggestions will help you protect your HP EliteBook 8440p replacement battery life.Here's How:

1.Before using the new battery, Please read the HP EliteBook 8440p battery maintain parts of the user manual carefully.

2. When charge your battery first time, Please fully charge 12 hours. The new battery need three times charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.

3. If a long time (three weeks or longer) without using a laptop or find the battery charge/discharge time become shorter than before, You should fully discharg the battery before charging next time. 

4. When charge the compatible HP EliteBook 8440p battery, Please keep the laptop power off. Don't unplugged the power on the battery charge half-way. It is best time to use your laptop after full charged 30 minz later.

5. Don't put battery exposure, damp and erosion some chemical liquids. Avoid contact with metal stuff to make battery short-circuit and so on.
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Migliori prestazioni usando una batteria di ricambio per il tuo HP EliteBook 8440p.CompatibilitÓ al 100% con caratteristiche tecniche equivalenti o superiori a quelle originali.Batteria HP EliteBook 8440p ,100% compatibile con le batterie originali, in stock.
--CapacitÓ: 4400mAh--Voltaggio: 10.80 V --Colori: Black --Chimica: Li-ion --Dimensioni: 203.90 x 53.40 x 20.40 mm --Peso: 310 g --Lunga durata , Bassi costi --Pagamento sicuro Si prega di confermare che il prodotto ordinato Ŕ compatibile con la marca, il numero di modello e parte del dispositivo.
batteria HP COMPAQ 6735b http://www.batterietutti.com/hp-compaq-business-notebook-6735b.html
batteria COMPAQ 610 http://www.batterietutti.com/compaq-610.html
batteria Compaq Presario F700 http://www.batterietutti.com/compaq-presario-f700.html
batteria HP Mini 1103 http://www.batterietutti.com/hp-mini-1103-series.html
batteria HP HDX18 http://www.batterietutti.com/hp-hdx18.html
batteria HP Compaq nx6110 http://www.batterietutti.com/hp-compaq-business-notebook-nx6110.html
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batteria HP Pavilion tx1000 http://www.batterietutti.com/hp-pavilion-tx1000-series.html
batteria HP COMPAQ 6720s http://www.batterietutti.com/hp-compaq-business-notebook-6720s.html
batteria HP COMPAQ 8710w http://www.batterietutti.com/hp-compaq-notebook-8710w.html
batteria HP EliteBook 8440p http://www.batterietutti.com/hp-elitebook-8440p.html
batteria Compaq Mini 700 http://www.batterietutti.com/compaq-mini-700.html
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batteria HP Pavilion dv4000 http://www.batterietutti.com/hp-pavilion-dv4000.html
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