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Date Submitted Thu. Aug. 14th, 2014 2:04 AM
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If you have old Acer laptop and its adapter or battery is not working any more, then I would recommend you to buy a compatible adapter and battery for your old laptop. When you will buy a compatible Acer AS10D31 Battery or adapter, then you will have so many advantages from it and some of those benefits are listed below s well.

Cost saving: I need not to prove that a compatible adapter or battery for Acer AS10D31 will always be cheaper than its branded counterpart. So, we can say that with this purchase you will get a chance to save a lot of money in it that too without doing any kind of extra efforts in it. Also, you get it easily from any seller so you can do some negotiation as well which is not possible with branded battery or adapter.

Equal services: it is true that you need to pay less money for your compatible adapter or Acer battery for AS10D31, but then also you get equal quality and services from your adapter and battery. In fact, many service provider or compatible product seller give you warranty and guarantee as well that extend longer than branded companies. That means you get better services as well with them

Easy availability: You do not get old branded adapter or battery easily and sometime you might need to wait for days or weeks to get it. However, you don¡¯t have to face this issue with compatible adapter or battery for Acer AS10D31 because you can easily get it various sellers. That means if you want it now you can get it now without any delay and you can use it without any issue.

No duplication: Many people make duplicate copies of branded products and then they sell it as original product. If you will purchase any similar material, then neither you will get any quality from it nor you will get any warranty. But with compatible product you will not have this issue as no one will make a duplicate copy of Acer adapter for AS10D31 or battery. So, you will always get good quality product without any issue of bogus material.

In addition to these popular benefits you get so many other benefits as well that help you in your purchase. Therefore, I always encourage people to buy compatible battery and adapter for their old laptop so they can get maximum benefit form it.

ACER AS10D31 Battery

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Date Submitted Thu. Aug. 14th, 2014 1:49 AM
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Every laptop comes with its own charger and it ideally last the lifetime of the computer. However, this is not often the case, the charger may get lost, or damaged or even stolen. Since a laptop charger is a very essential computer accessory, you will be required to look for a replacement one. You can buy a laptop charger from many places such as a computer accessory store near you and online store. Here are some of the things that you should avoid when buying an Acer TravelMate 4060 AC adapter:

Avoid buying a universal laptop charger

There is nothing wrong with using a universal laptop charger but the problem is the fact that it is designed to be compatible with almost all laptop models and its components are usually short of the specifics that some laptop models require. Though a universal charger is cheaper than an OEM one, it displays problems in its fit, power tips and the delivered voltage. Using a universal charger may eventually damage the circuitry of your laptop.

However, if you still wish to purchase one, ensure that you buy from a reliable and reputable manufacturer.

Avoid buying solar Acer TravelMate 4060 charger

Laptop chargers that are powered by solar energy are a green and efficient way to charge your device. The charges from this type of charger are different from the OEM model and they have many great design qualities. They are claimed to be safe with all laptop models but their compatibility with a specific laptop make is not determined.

Avoid buying cheap laptop chargers

Most cheap laptop charges are made using low quality components that can damage the laptop. Also, cheap chargers are prone to overheating the laptop due to the inconsistent flow of power. Do not let the price be a determinant of the type of charger you will purchase, look for a quality charger no matter the price.

Do not choose an Acer TravelMate 4060 power supply of different brand

If you purchase a laptop charger of different brand from that of your laptop, it is likely that it will be incompatible with your laptop. It may also not fit and if it does, it may lead to problems with the circuitry since its voltage is different from that of the original charger. Each charger is designed for a specific laptop.

It is your best interest to only choose a laptop charger that is fully compatible with your machine so as not to damage its circuitry.

For more information about Acer charger,please go to
Date Submitted Mon. Aug. 11th, 2014 2:31 AM
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When you get a new laptop for your day to day use, then it is a good idea that you follow few basic rules while using it. When you will use your Acer laptop in a proper manner, then you will get much better result from life your Acer Aspire 5732zg Battery[], adapter and its processor along with your laptop. But if you don¡¯t know how to use it smartly, then following are few tips to help you in it.

Battery caring tips: To make sure you do not get any kind of problem in your battery for Acer Aspire 5732zg it is a good idea that you never drop your battery or laptop on any hard surface. If you will drop your laptop or battery and then you will not get longer life from it as it will get damaged. Also, try to use your battery wisely so you can have the best and longer life battery from it.

Adapter caring tips: Just like your laptop battery, you need to take good care of your Acer Aspire 5732zg adapter[] as well. That means you need to make sure that you never drop the adapter on any hard surface in any situation so you can get the best and longer life from it. Also, it is a good idea that you try not to connect your laptop adapter with a power supply that is not giving stable power supply to you.

Laptop carrying tips: In addition to battery and laptop adapter you need to take good care of your laptop as well. In this process you need to always use a good laptop for carrying your laptop and you also need to use it properly. Also it is a good idea that you never give your laptop to anyone else for using or handling because they may not have same kind of concern for your laptop and battery for Acer Aspire 5732zg and they might not do the same care for your laptop.

So, if you want to make sure that you get longer laptop battery life from your laptop and you do not get any kind of trouble in its adapter as well, then it is a good idea that you use it wisely. And if you will follow the above tips then this is a guarantee that you will never have any issue in your laptop unless you use it for a very long time.

ACER Aspire 5732ZG Laptop Battery

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Date Submitted Thu. Aug. 7th, 2014 2:25 AM
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With time, especially if you are doing a lot of work with your laptop, your current charger for Acer Aspire 5310 may wear out and you may need an ultimate replacement. Before replacing your charger, you may need to know various features and specs it has to be sure of that you are going for the right charger. A reputable Acer Aspire adapter or charger can power your notebook for longer periods without getting overheated.

When choosing the right adapter for this type of laptop, there are some few features and specs you must check to ensure that you are purchasing the right charger for continuous and uninterrupted power supply. Some of the key technical details and features that this charger possesses to give you an assurance of its quality and usability are highlighted below.


The Acer Aspire 5310 AC adapter is quite compatible with various series of Acer Aspire laptops. This gives you an upper hand regardless of the Aspire model you own. Unlike other replacement power supply adapters, they have been engineered to ensure that it¡¯s compatible with all Acer Aspire laptops out there.

Actually, the Acer Aspire 5310 charger works well with all OEM devices making it suitable even for the latest released laptops.


Depending on the type of your laptop model and battery, you can surely select an Acer adapter that matches the voltage requirements of your battery.


The length of the Acer Aspire 5310 charger enables you to connect to the sockets at a fair distance from where you operate. This promotes flexibility and fosters maneuverability within your operation room without necessarily unplugging the charger from the socket.


ThisAcer Aspire 5310 adapter comes with a one year full warranty plus 30 day full money back guarantee. You therefore, don¡¯t have to worry much if your adapter unfortunately malfunctions within the first year of purchase.

Taking Care of Your New Adapter/Charger

To foster longevity of your newly bought adapter, consider the following tips.

Don¡¯t leave the charger in the socket when you aren¡¯t charging your notebook.
Ensure that you always store it in a cool and dry place free from moisture and heat.
Plug in and unplug the adapter carefully to prevent short-circuiting.
Don¡¯t try to use your adapter with incompatible devices.
When your Acer Aspire 5310 power supply system is compromised, before going for another a replacement charger, it is good to verify that it is actually the adapter, which is faulty, and not the battery or the laptop. You can do this by testing the adapter with a different laptop but of the same model.

For more information about Acer charger,please go to
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Le chargeur Acer Iconia Tab A700 a ¨¦t¨¦ conçu pour ¨ºtre branch¨¦ ¨¤ un ordinateur portable Acer Iconia Tab A700, L'alimentation Acer Iconia Tab A700 a une tension de sortie de 12V. Le chargeur vous assure une compatibilit¨¦ avec le Pc portable Iconia Tab A700. Il b¨¦n¨¦ficie d'un poids r¨¦duit et d'une dimension optimale. Chargeur Iconia Tab A700 - Haute Qualit¨¦, Respecte int¨¦gralement les sp¨¦cifications du constructeur d'origine.Les sp¨¦cifications de ce Chargeur r¨¦pondent en tous points aux normes du constructeur d'origine, avec en prime un rapport qualit¨¦ / prix imbattable. Les meilleurs prix de France sont assur¨¦. La compatibilit¨¦ avec votre ancien Chargeur pour pc portable est 100% assur¨¦e.
Date Submitted Fri. Aug. 1st, 2014 7:56 AM
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Le chargeur Acer ADP-65DB a ¨¦t¨¦ conçu pour ¨ºtre branch¨¦ ¨¤ un ordinateur portable Acer ADP-65DB, L'alimentation Acer ADP-65DB a une tension de sortie de 19V. Le chargeur vous assure une compatibilit¨¦ avec le Pc portable ADP-65DB. Il b¨¦n¨¦ficie d'un poids r¨¦duit et d'une dimension optimale. Chargeur ADP-65DB - Haute Qualit¨¦, Respecte int¨¦gralement les sp¨¦cifications du constructeur d'origine.Conservez toujours ¨¤ port¨¦e de main un chargeur compatible acer et profitez sans limite des performances de votre ordinateur portable acer. Avec un chargeur pour PC acer suppl¨¦mentaire vous ¨¦vite de devoir la transporter en permanence ! Un chargeur acer au bureau et un autre ¨¤ la maison, pratique
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When looking for the perfect Acer Aspire 5542 Battery or adapter, there are many factors that you have to consider if you want to find the perfect ones. Otherwise, you might end buying something that is nothing close to what you had in mind. When buying these laptop accessories, it¡¯s not just about their functionality. You also need an accessory that can serve you for sometime without any problems, right? The accessory should also be safe to use to ensure that it does not hurt anyone. If you want to find the best, here are some things that you should always keep in mind:

1. What is the reputation of the shop you are buying from?

The reputation of the shop that you want to buy battery for Acer Aspire 5542 or adapter from is a major factor to consider if you want to find good accessories. You have to buy from a shop that has good reputation. A shop with a good reputation obviously built its good name by providing high quality goods and services to its customers. When you buy from such a shop, it is highly likely that you will get high quality laptop accessories. A shop with a bad reputation on the hand most likely offers substandard or low quality goods to its customers. You should never buy from a shop with bad reputation.

2. Are you being offered the goods at a fair price?

You have to check if the price of the Acer Aspire 5542 adapter or battery is fair before you decide to buy. The best way to tell if the price being charge is fair is by comparing it with the price of the same product in other shops. This way, you will know whether you are being overcharged or not. However, when shopping for laptop accessories, do not be lured by the lowest price. Instead, just look for a fair price. When you think that accessories are fair priced, you should now consider other factors such as reputation before buying.

3. What do other people who have bought from a giving shop before you say?

It is very important to consider what other people who have bought the Acer battery or other similar products from a shop say before you decide to make payments. This will help you have an idea of what to expect when you buy from that shop. You can know what others say by reading reviews. When they say mostly negative things, then you should reconsider buying from the shop. If they are praising the shop, then you should continue with he buying process.

ACER Aspire 5542ANWXMi Laptop Battery

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The charger for Acer TravelMate 4050 is manufactured with high grade cells as well as tier 1 materials which ensure that it provides long battery life. The internal battery pack has been equipped with smart chips that regulate and also maintain voltage across all battery cells. It also has built-in safety features that prevent short circuit, incorrect voltage as well as internal overheating. The charger has a durable case that is sealed for protection against moisture and high dampness. It is also built with safety capability that avoids voltage spikes, fluctuations as well as surges.

If the adapter for your Acer machine stops working, you¡¯d better get yourself an Acer TravelMate 4050 AC Adapter that lasts longer. It is also quite affordable. It is manufactured using the best components and parts and the manufacturer is always dedicated to providing the perfect replacement for the Acer laptop AC adapters. The adapter is stringently tested all the way through the production and assembly process, so you can be sure that it is going to provide the best performance. It comes with a 2 year warranty for supplier defects.

The Acer TravelMate 4050 adapter has a universal power input. This implies that you can use the AC adapter anywhere around the world as long as you are using the appropriate plug-in Acer TravelMate 4050 power supply for whatever region you are traveling to. You will not have problems carrying it around because it is lightweight. When purchasing it however, it is important to note that the output voltage, current as well as the connector size of the original AC adapter is the same as this AC adaptor to be assured of receiving the best service as well as value for your money.

For the Acer TravelMate 4050 charger to last for long, you will need to make sure that you follow good maintenance practices when using it. For instance, when the laptop is not in use, the charger should be unplugged from the electrical outlet to avoid wastage of electricity and also deterioration of the quality of the battery. It is also advisable to detach the Acer charger from the laptop when the battery is fully charged. When you purchase the adapter, always check to make sure that it is an original model and it is not defective. If you purchase the adapter and realize that it is not working properly later on, be sure to contact the Acer service and support for further assistance to make use of the warranty it comes with.

For more information about Acer charger,please go to
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If you are looking for a new Acer Aspire 5741 Battery, you should get one with a longer life and the most affordable one in the market. The Aspire 5741G Laptop Battery is a Li-ion battery with a capacity of 4400mAh, a voltage of 11.10v, weight of 330g, 6 cells and it is black in color. It guarantees 100 per cent compatibility with the original system and it has inbuilt over-voltage, short-circuit, over-charge and over-current protection. This battery is also OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) satisfied. However, it is important to take care of this battery after purchasing it to ensure that it lasts longer.

Here are the basic care tips of the laptop battery for Acer Aspire 5741

With time, all laptop batteries will die but if proper care is taken, their durability can be increased. Here is how you can keep the battery of your laptop working for a longer period:

Do not run the battery to empty

Using every charge out of the li-ion battery weakens and strains it. Doing this once will not kill it but frequently draining the charge out of the battery will reduce its lifespan.

Keep the battery Cool

Excess heat shortens the life of a laptop battery; it also breaks down the battery cells. When using the laptop, ensure that you do not block the vents. Avoid working with your laptop when you have placed it on cushions or pillows. The best place to use it is on a raised table to allow airflow.

Also, clean the vents occasionally with compressed air to remove dust and other debris.

Give the Acer Aspire 5741 Battery a rest

If you are planning to work for a long time when connected to the power outlet, ensure that you remove the battery otherwise; you will be wearing it out due to the constant charging and recharging.

Also, if you do not plan to use the computer for a long period, disconnect the battery from the machine. The battery should be at least half way charged as a un used battery loses power with time and you should not drain the battery completely.


Do not disconnect the battery from the computer when it is either on standby mode or on, this will crash the hardware or even the whole system. First, ensure that the computer is off before connecting or disconnecting the battery.

Follow the above Acer battery care tips to ensure that your Acer Aspire 5741 Battery lasts longer.

ACER Aspire 5741 Laptop Battery

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4 Important Things to Remember When Buying Your Acer TravelMate 4010 AC Adapter Replacement

Anyone who relies on a laptop for their work knows the agony that replacing an Acer TravelMate 4010 AC Adapter can cause. It is not always possible to get the exact same replacement adapter that your laptop had. So that means you have to shop around ¨C usually online - to find one that is the closest match to what you had and which ¨C you hope ¨C will work just as well or better than the one you had. There are four important things that one should look out for when buying a replacement adapter to make sure you get the right component.

Clearly detailed specifications. When buying the adapter the most important thing is to get the correct specifications. These include the output voltage which should ideally be within range of the original product. Thus a 19V battery charger can be replaced with an 18.5V or a 19.5V one. The output current, which must be either the same or greater than the original one that you had. The laptop is able to draw the correct amperage of current that it needs. If the Acer TravelMate 4010 adapter you get doesn¡¯t have enough amperage it may not have enough power to run the laptop. Thus if your original AC power adapter had an output of 3.16Amps then a replacement one should have at least a minimum of the same Amperage. Whatever you buy must at the very least include these specifications.

Good packaging. The way your adapter package arrives is a clear indicator of the quality of what you have been supplied with. You need to especially watch out for the following:

1. Poor packaging that does not protect the adapter from the elements during travel

2. Packaging that is torn damaged or poor quality

3. No clear instructions for the use of the adapter or generally poorly written documentation

4. Lack of clear address, name and telephone/email contact for the manufacturer or supplier of the adapter

It must include all Acer TravelMate 4010 charger components. A replacement adapter should ideally replace all the adapter components, from the AC plug to the adapter itself and the connector plug. This is because one can never be too sure what caused the original adapter to cease working. It could have been caused by a fault or a short circuit in any of those three components. It therefore makes sense to replace all three with new ones just to be on the safe side. Also components made by different manufacturers may not always work well together. So replace all the components of the adapter and not just parts of it.

Warranty. A good manufacturer stands by the quality of whatever equipment they have produced. The longer the length of warranty period ¨C and in most cases, a money-back guarantee ¨C then the more confident you can be that the equipment you are buying will perform as it should. So if a manufacturer does not indicate any warranty period for their Acer TravelMate 4010 power supply or if it is sounds ridiculously short then that is a supplier you should steer clear of. A typical replacement adapter comes with a one year warranty.

For more information about Acer adapter,please go to
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