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Date Submitted Thu. Jan. 11th, 2007 9:12 AM
Revision 1
Scripter Casper42
Tags ActiveDirectory | AD | ADAM | vbs
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I wrote this script to ease installation of LDIF files into ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode). Some .NET portal vendors choose a hybrid of SQL and ADAM for their applications, ours did just that. When developing portlets, they must be registered in ADAM to be made available to the portal.

In the course or portlet development it was a pain to locate the directory the LDIF file (description file) lived and then to execute the LDIF installer - so I made it easy - a generic LDIF installer script. It uses the common OpenDialog to allow for searching for the file and then installing it once the file is selected - a real time-saver.

I will have more AD type goodies for you soon...(LDIFs are also used for creating or manipulating User and Computer accounts in AD)